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Saber Supra MK2 Umbrella System
The new and improved Saber Supra MK2 Brolly system has had a revamp and now feature a compact space saving 8 rib design to give maximum space inside the 60” frame. By repositioning the standard position of how a brolly sits on the ground we have allowed one of the frames ribs to sit center to the extended peak of the brolly creating a run of for any rain water stopping the brolly gathering rain water on top of the front of the brolly as what would happen with traditional brollys. Key Features Features, Compact tensioning rib system Zip off front panel Two way door zip Heavy duty pegging points Front rain diverters attached to peak 2 rod retaining straps Comes complete with mozzy mesh door and clear pvc window ground sheet and heavy duty bivvy pegs plus 4 extending storm poles and caps Manufactured using highest quality 210D Polyester 5000mm for more info visit www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tackle Catch M8 Self Take Smart Phone System
Catch•M8 is a simple and practical way to take perfect angling trophy shots with your smartphone. Catch•M8 is perfect if you fish on your own and don’t want to carry heavy camera equipment. The system pairs a mini wireless Bluetooth remote shutter release with a lightweight tripod complete with a smartphone bracket. and LED Flash Unit.
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Saber S4 Wireless Alarm Set
Bite alarm features Adjustable volume and tone Wireless function Ultra bright LED Drop back LED High quality cone speaker Power output Removable snag ears Receiver features Adjustable volume Wireless function Ultra bright LED 4 way receiver Excellent operating range Compact design Includes protective carry case https://sabertackle.com/bite-alarms/73-saber-s4-wireless-31-bite-alarm-set.html
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Saber Tackle Lopro Rod Pod
The Saber LowPro Pod delivers sturdy, dependable support to your three rod set-up... Anywhere! The LowPro is fully adjustable and will adapt to all terrains via the easy-to-use cam lock levers. Plus, adjustable length means you can get your butt rings behind your buzzers while snag fishing etc. The LowPro Pod’s light yet strong Sleek, matt black aluminium frame folds down into a compact size that’s easy to carry in your quiver or rucksack. Plus, the bank stick adapters will accept any 16mm bank sticks. Central folding bar 4 adjustable bank sticks Front and back 3-rod buzzer bars Carry case Light yet durable aluminium construction Sleek, matt black finish https://sabertackle.com/pods-and-supports/83-saber-low-pro-pod.html
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Saber Tackle Litesaber Bivvy Light
The LITESABER is a bivvy light and power pack in one, sleek unit. The lithium battery delivers long life, 6 hours PLUS on full 400 lumen light mode and enough power to charge a typical smart phone, yet it weights a fraction of the weight of standard battery lights and power packs. The ABS and aluminum body delivers a durable yet featherweight unit with the magnetic, hook or cord hanging options. USB output 5V0.7A for phone charging Featherweight ABS & aluminium construction for durability 2 light levels plus emergency flash mode Super bright LED with no glare lens Built in 3.7/2600 mAh lithium battery gives 6 hours plus light Charging indicator light Smart driver to protect from over charging Concealed hanging hook / magnetic and cord sling hanging options Size 32 x 32 x 220mm" https://sabertackle.com/shelters/84-litesaber.html
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Saber Supra Carp Fishing Bivvy SS1
The Saber Supra Bivvy is the complete all year round bivvy system packed with features for the modern day carp angler. It is possible to fully zip-off the infill panels, allowing for the bivvy to be used as a shelter for warmer months or left on for complete cover in extreme weather conditions. Window panels and rear vents roll back fully to allow viewing from behind and the mossy mesh and allows ventilation in warmer conditions. All these feature makes the Supra Bivvy System the most versatile bivvy on the market. Key Features •Mozzy door and window panels •3 rib system •2 break pole system •Full removable infill panel •Rear mozzy vent •Heavy duty groundsheet •Clear window •Heavy duty carry bag and tension bars supplied •Dimensions: W 2450cm x D 2250cm x H 1400cm. •Weight: Bivvy - 5kg, infill panels - 1.5kg, groundsheet - 2.5kg, bag/frame supports - 1kg, total weight - 10kg. http://sabertackle.com/products/shelters/saber-supra-bivvy.html
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New Saber Tackle All Track Multi Wheel Barrow 4 Carp Fishing
http://sabertackle.com/products/barrows/saber-all-track-multi-wheel-barrow.html £124.99
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Saber Supra Carp Fishing Recliner Chair SC4
Designed using a unique 5 stage reclining mechanism that allows you to recline easily and quickly without leaving the comfort of your chair. Folds flat for easy transportation and has 4 fully extendable and swivel mode feet. A super soft padded head rest and seat mattress makes this chair one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. •Seat Width: 50cm, Seat Height: 45cm, Back Rest Height: 70cm, Overall Height 1.04m. http://sabertackle.com/products/beds-chairs/saber-supra-recliner-chair.html
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Saber Tackle DPM Everlevel Carp Crib
Manufactured using super soft PVC waterproof materiel and a super strong fish friendly mesh for quick drainage the Saber Ever level carp crib supports and protects your catch and keeps it extra safe during unhooking and photography. Adjustable legs keep your catch level and easily accessible and a protection cover keeps your catch safe during those moments when you have to get the forceps ect, Plus, the Crib features a light yet incredibly durable folding frame so it folds away compact and flat for easy transportation. Finished in Saber’s fish-friendly, waterproof PVC DPM Armour Fully padded Adjustable legs Folding mud feet Super light and strong folding aluminium frame Velcro fish protection flap Mesh panels for quick drainage Dimensions: 62 x 102 x 35cm (folding to 62 x 51 x 15cm) https://sabertackle.com/fish-care/120-saber-dpm-evalevel-carp-crib.html
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Saber DPM 12ft 3 Rod Sleeve
The compact yet spacious DPM 3 Rod Sleeve Holdall provides protection and total rod management with its three padded dividers. It houses 3 rods with big pit reels, landing net and pole, bank sticks etc and an external pouch and straps secure umbrellas or day session shelters. A full length zip brings easy access to the main compartment. Features inc, Sumptuous padding DPM Camo Pattern Padded shoulder strap
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Saber Sensorbeam Head Torch
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Saber Turbo Stove
Tough and sturdy frame with low gravity compact foldaway design and ultra wide flame. Key Features •Size 174 x 69.5mm •Weight 246g •Power 3000W •Boil time of 1 litre 3.50m •piezoelectricity starting system http://sabertackle.com/accessories/saber-turbo-stove.html £24.99
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Saber Supra Rig & Tackle Bag SL12
The Saber Supra rig and tackle bag is a alternative to conventional tackle boxes to keep all rig and terminal accessories safe and will store neat and tidy in all carryalls and rucksacks. Comes Complete with, 1 x Protective stiff rig box 4 x Assorted terminal tackle filp top boxes Size 35cm x 7cm x 12cm
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Saber Tackle 2 piece 42" landing net
A strong yet light 6 ft 2-piece compact handle gives superb versatility and ease of transport. The handle is adorned with abbreviated Japanese shrink wrap, tipped whippings and a robust, composite spreader block. The 42” arms will swallow anything that swims and the soft, olive green mesh will protect it. Complete with drawstring stink/carry bag. 6 ft two-piece compact landing net handle 42” arms split Japanese shrink wrap handle
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Saber Supra Med Carryall (Carp Fishing)
For more info on this product and all other Saber products visit www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tackle DPM Compact Rucksack
Perfect for short-sessions, overnighters and roving anglers, the ‘Compact’ swallows all the gear you need in it’s 30 x 33 x 26cm main compartment. 3 external pockets accommodate further gear such as scales, tackle and rig boxes. The top straps are perfect for clothing or small unhooking mats; elasticated bankstick loops take care of your banksticks and a zipped ‘wallet’ pocket takes your permits, wallet etc. All in a free-standing design with a well thought out, comfortable shoulder strap that’s adjustable to fit your posture. Perfect! https://sabertackle.com/luggage/112-saber-dpm-compact-rucksack.html
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Saber Supra LITE Brolly
Saber Supra LITE Brolly a Light weight and quick to erect brolly giving total flexibility. Key Features 60" frame Rod retention strap Supplied with 2 x 26" storm poles and 2 x storm caps and carry bag
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Saber Tackle Quick mat
The Saber Quick Mat delivers total, walled carp protection in that packs away into a small, flat unit that’s easy to carry. The Quick Mat is easy to set-up. Simply pull the frame from the carry bag (supplied) and it will pop-up by itself to form the ‘walls’ and base of the Quick mat. Then simply insert the 2” padded mat into the base of the frame and your Quick Mat is ready to use. To disassemble your Quick Mat, first take out the mat. Then with a hand holding either end of the frame, twist it into a figure of eight shape, then bring both ends together and pack away. Simple! Fast set-up and pack-down Pop-up construction Soft, fish-friendly 2” padded mat Included inside: Durable pop-up frame 2” padded, sculpted mat Carry case 2 storm pegs 56cm x 110cm x 30cm https://sabertackle.com/fish-care/100-saber-quick-mat.html
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New Saber Supra LITE Carp Fishing Bivvy
http://sabertackle.com/products/shelters/saber-supra-lite-bivvy.html £129.99
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Saber Black Edition Metal ware
Saber Black Edition Metal ware range https://sabertackle.com/69-pods-and-supports
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Saber DPM 90Ltr Rucksack
Designed with space saving and ease-of-use in mind. A large zipped front compartment opens the front of the Rucksack to make access and managing gear simple and a zipped ‘lid’ gives you access when stood upright. Six large, deep external pockets feature mesh stash pockets. Three Neoprene carry handles make transporting the rucksack easy when fully loaded. Plus, a built-in PVC cover protects the Rucksack’s fully adjustable padded Neoprene chest and waist harness when used flat as a ‘barrow bag’. https://sabertackle.com/luggage/118-saber-dpm-90ltr-rucksack.html
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Saber Tackle 8 PCS Wind Shield
Compact Design integrated spike to ensure shield stays securely into ground. Supplied in cloth carry case.Weigh: 225g www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Flowcast Reel
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Saber All Track Multi Wheel Barrow
http://sabertackle.com/products/barrows/saber-all-track-multi-wheel-barrow.html £124.99
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Saber DPM 12ft 6 Rod Holdall
Our 6 Rod Holdall affords great protection to 3 made-up rods and 3 rods without reels, with added provision for 50mm butt rings and ‘hard-case’ protection for your valuable big pit reels. Featuring sumptuous padding, internal divider sleeve and 2 pockets for landing nets, storm poles and banksticks, a quality zip for dependable use and a padded shoulder strap.
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New Saber Tackle Carp Crib
Designed for total fish protection Manufactured using super soft PVC waterproof material Soft and super strong fish friendly rubber mesh in bottom for quick water drainage Constructed with strong and light weight aluminium frame.
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Saber Supra Carp Fishing Brolly Shelter System SS2
Versatility and speed were the key elements when designing the Saber Supra Brolly System. It is possible to fully zip-off the infill panel which allows for the brolly to be used as a shelter for warmer months or left on for complete cover in extreme weather conditions. Built on a 60" frame with an extended peak for extra cover the Supra Brolly System is a brolly for all seasons. Key Features •Two way zip door •Rod retaining straps •Mozzy door and window panels •Full removable infill panel • Heavy duty groundsheet •Clear window •4 x storm caps •4 x storm poles •Dimensions: W 2600cm x D 1850cm x H 1400cm •Weight: Brolly - 3.7kg, Infill •Panel - 1kg, Groundsheet - 2kg, Bag/Storm poles - 3kg, total weight - 9.7kg. http://sabertackle.com/products/shelters/saber-supra-brolly-system.html
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Saber Bigboy Mk2 Bedchair
Designed with complete comfort in mind and manufactured to last. The Big Boy MK2 bedchair is wide enough for the largest of anglers and with a extra thick detachable mattress ensure a good night’s sleep. The removable bedchair mattress is lined with a new super soft touch fleece material that is perfect when used with just a sleeping bag cover in warmer months and gives extra warmth in the coldest of winter nights. When the padded mattress is removed from the bedchair the soft fleece liner can be removed and washed via a zip on the mattress allowing for the cover to be kept clean. https://sabertackle.com/beds-and-chairs/68-saber-big-boy-8-leg-bed-chair-mkii.html
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Saber Tackle Surpa Rod Pro
The Saber Supra Pod delivers sturdy, dependable support to your three rod set-up...Anywhere! The Pod is fully adjustable and will adapt to all terrains via the easy-to-use cam lock levers. Plus, it’s extended length means you can get your butt rings behind your buzzers, even with 13’ rods. The Supra Pod’s light yet strong Sleek, matt black aluminium frame folds down into a compact size that’s easy to carry in your quiver or rucksack. Plus, the bank stick adapters will accept any 16mm bank sticks. Complete with: Central folding bar 4 adjustable bank sticks Front and back 3-rod buzzer bars Carry case Light yet durable aluminium construction Sleek, matt black finish https://sabertackle.com/pods-and-supports/82-saber-supra-pod.html
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Saber Bankside Bivvy Bin
Help us keep the banks clean with the new Saber Bankside Bivvy Bin. Finally the days of putting all your rubbish in a carrier bag and having it chewed up by rats and mice are gone. A simple yet essential piece of kit used to store all general waste keeping your bivvy smell free and keeping out unwanted rodents. Supplied with a removable PVC liner so make easy to clean and incorporates a zip compartment to house swing bin liners, Also compresses flat to save space. http://sabertackle.com/products/luggage/saber-bivvy-bucket-bin.html
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Saber Lock Tight Tuff Kettle 30% more efficient than other kettles
The new Saber lock tight tuff kettle is an industry first in bankside cookware efficiency. The add heat sink to the bottom of the kettle makes the kettle 30% more efficient than othr kettles on the market and the eat sink also allows the kettle to be locked on a stove proventing movement and spilages. for more info clik link http://sabertackle.com/accessories/saber-lock-tight-tuff-kettle.html
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Saber 3 Piece Folding Cutlery Set
Made from stainless steel and incorporates space saving folding design. Key Features •Space saving folding design •Comes with free pouch for more info visit www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tackle DPM Medium Carryall
A versatile carryall with a complete zip-open top making access to the volumous main compartment easier. The free-standing Medium Carryall is fully padded, offering generous protection to your gear and deeper than average external pockets give easy access to any tackle boxes etc. A hard wearing, ridged, reinforced base unit is incorporated into this carryall to withstand the most rugged terrain. And, of course, the base is waterproof. DPM Camo Pattern Reinforced base Hard wearing material Padded shoulder strap https://sabertackle.com/luggage/114-saber-dpm-medium-carryall.html
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Saber Flowcast FS Free spool Carp Fishing Reel
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Saber Tackle Tuff Kettle
Made from light weight aluminium with a easy clean non stick fire resistant anodized coating and Incorporating a fold flat handle. Key Features •Size: 153 x 67mm •Capacity: 0.9L •Weight: 150g •Space saving fold flat handle http://sabertackle.com/accessories/saber-tuff-kettle.html £11.99
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Saber Tackle 3 Piece Cook Set
Constructed from lightweight aluminium incorporating easy clean non stick anodized coating. Includes a free mesh bag. Set consists of 1 x Frying Pan 1 x Coldron 1x Kettle Key Features •Space saving folding handles •Made from non stick material www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tackle Turbo Lite Stove
Tough and sturdy frame with a ultra wide flame compact foldaway design made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction incorporating a piezoelectricity starting system. Key Features •Size 140 x 88mm •Weight 132g •Power 3000W •Piezoelectricity starting system http://sabertackle.com/accessories/saber-turbo-lite-stove.html £16.99
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Saber Tackle DPM Bucket Seat Carryall
Bait storage, tackle storage and a seat all-in-one, perfect for roving anglers or long stay anglers to house their bait, ancillary items, stalking gear and their guests! Just add an 18ltr bucket to transform the carryall with its padded lid into a comfortable seat. An external tackle box pocket and mesh pouches accommodate all the gear you’ll ever need. https://sabertackle.com/luggage/117-saber-dpm-bucket-seat-carryall.html
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Saber Supra Wireless Bite Alarm Set
Saber Supra 3+1 Wireless Bite Alarm Set Bite alarm features Push Button Technology controlling ON/OFF, volume, Tone and sensitivity Wireless function Waterproof all weather rubber finish No slip rod rest pads for rods Ultra bright LED Drop back LED Choice of  4 level of sensitivity  Choice of5 levels of volume including mute Choice of 6 levels of tone Operates using single 9v battery Receiver Features Waterproof all weather rubber finish Wireless function Ultra bright LED Push Button Technology 4 way receiver Push button volume tone and sensitivity  Sound vibrate or mute modes Complete with functional belt holder  Operates using single 9v battery For more info vist www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tackle Tablet Holder
Available at www.sabertackle.com
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Saber Tuff Pot
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Supra FS 6000 Reel
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