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Top 10 Sexiest Ladies in Fanime
please dont take this video seriously most of these are serious but. you know
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My Tri-color Magic! - Episode 3 (Part 1)
Hiroshi accidentally discovers that Yumiko, Rei, and Sakura are off to go looking for the second Tri-Stone in Kawa Cave. However, there are nasty rumors surrounding the forest surrounding the cave, and the only way to get there is through that forest. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!!!! im sooo glad i was able to finish this in time for halloween. since witches are halloween-y, i thought that it'd be cool to post (at least the first part of) the witch episode on the day :'D !
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this is idiotic ...and was also made at, like, 2 am.
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My Tri-color Magic! - Episode 1 (Part 1)
EDIT 8/3/2015: English subtitles are now available to those who need it. 15-year-old Hiroshi Nakahara finds himself in a jam after boarding a raft with two of the new girls in his class. What secrets do they hold? I'm finally done with episode 1 part 1 of my FANIME! Part 2 coming soon. I worked very hard on this so comment like and subscribe kudasai!! Also I made a mistake in the credits it should say "Fork Lifter Prologue" not "Fork Lifter" Gomenasai ^_^
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My Tri-color Magic! OP 2
I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR THE PAST MONTH AND ITS FINALLY DONE IM GOING TO LITERALLY DIE NOW soo yaaaaa this is the new op. Im gonna use it in the show now. the song is shining line from aikatsu
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Hiroshi to Naoko no Kaimono Carol
this makes no sense whatsoever naoko isnt even relevant yet but whatever it's christmastime and i can do whatever i want song is Daisuke to Ken no Kaimono Carol from some Digimon 02 christmas album Lemme tell ya pal this song is a masterpiece
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My Tri-color Magic! - Official Opening
This is the official opening theme of my new anime "My Tri-color Magic!" It is about magical girls who can take on three forms, mermaid, witch, and fairy. I'm finished drawing episode 1 except i need voices so I am working on it. No mean comments please. Thank you.
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My Tri-color Magic! - Episode 2
Hiroshi is nervous about looking for the first Tri-stones with the girls, which causes the mysterious boy in his class, Naoko, to become concerned. Atop the mountain where the stone is located, however, Hiroshi and the girls run into some trouble.
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Cardcaptors: Another Story - Episode 1
warning: this is a bad troll fanime i started last year. it isn't funny.
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Pac is Back - Episode 2
boy do i love chicken strips SHOOT i forgot to credit one of the songs. the first song is "fir trees" from the shiki ost. srry bout that also another reminder to never watch gakuen heaven its awful
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Sleeping With Naoko [48-Hour Fanime Challenge]
Follow Naoko's bedtime routine in this fully animated and thrilling adventure. (that's rei. not naoko's mom) did i achieve my goal of being the longest 48 hour challenge video
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Pac is Back - Episode 1
Brand new fanime episode about Pac Man. He goes on a little journey
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Cardcaptors: Another Story OFFICIAL OPENING!
Konichiwa ^_^ Here is the openin for my brand new series, Cardcaptors: Another Story! It is about if my OCs were in Cardcaptors ^__^ My onee-chan is taking over My tri-color magic so i can do this :3 Arigato for viewin I work very hard on this!!
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MEPHISTO - Official Opening
A brand new series by Peggy Whynowhy and SparkleHime58 about the adventures of Mephisto, Nathaniel, and Doug from Lolirock. They live in the same apartment and sitcom shenanigans ensue. Also Jerome is there and so are oven mitts.
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cool emo adventures: official ending credits theme
song is crawling by linkin park comment like subscribe for more edge
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My Tri-color Magic! - Episode 1 (Part 2)
After finding a mysterious cellphone that allows him to manipulate the powers of the two new girls in his class, Hiroshi finds himself spectating a fierce battle between good and evil magical girls.
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cool emo adventures: official theme song opening theme
This is the theme song to a brand new show coming to You Tube made by me and my friends. It s about an emo named Mark what will happen no hate comments please
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