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Sea Hunt - Beginning and End
Sea Hunt was a television show produced by Ivan Tors and starring Lloyd Bridges. Underwater adventure at its finest! 156 episodes that ran from 1958 to 1961 with countless reruns to follow.
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Circus Boy Television Show - Beginning and End - Mickey Braddock (Micky Dolenz)
Circus Boy began its journey on NBC in the fall of 1956 and ended its journey on ABC in 1958. The star of the show was child star Mickey Braddock who played Corky. Also on the show was Noah Beery Jr., as Joey the Clown, and Robert Lowery as Big Tim Champion. Bimbo was Corky's pet elephant.
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Gunsmoke Television Show - Beginning and End (1960)
Gunsmoke was the longest running western television series. The show ran from 1955 to 1975. Note the different end credit music used in this season (from October 8, 1960). I don't remember this piece of music. Does anyone know who produced and recorded it? Jerry Goldsmith maybe?
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Highway Patrol Television Show - Beginning and End - Broderick Crawford
Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Matthews, initially ran on television from 1955 to 1959 (156 episodes). Art Gilmore was the narrator. The show was rerun on countless tv stations across the country.
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The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin Opening & Closing Plus Name Rusty's Horse Contest
The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin was part of the Saturday Morning Line Up of kid shows during the 1960's. Rin Tin Tin first came to television in October 1954. It initially ran on the ABC network, produced by Screen Gems, the television subsidiary of Columbia. There were 166 episodes filmed from 1954 to 1959. CBS picked up the syndicated package and began including the show in its Saturday morning line up in 1959 until they pulled it in 1964.
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The Texan Television Show - Beginning and End - with Viceroy Sponsor Commercials & Endorsement
The Texan, starring Rory Calhoun, ran on the CBS network from 1958 to 1960. Rory played Bill Longley, a wandering cowboy who confronted problems with his trusty six gun. Looking back on this show, I liked the theme song, and for a while, Longley's gun was the loudest gun in the history of television westerns. It sounded like a cannon going off! LOL ABC picked up the show and ran the reruns on weekdays as well as Saturday mornings during the 1960-1962 time frame. Viceroy was the sponsor for the first season, I believe. Allstate was another sponsor, if memory serves me right. The cigarette commercials in this offering are not an endorsement for smoking. Smoking is bad, mmm-kay? Hope you enjoy this look back at a far away time in television history.
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Fury Pt. 1
Fury was a Saturday morning kiddie favorite on many stations across the country. There were 116 episodes filmed. Stars of the show were Fury (Highland Dale), Cast included Peter Graves as Jim Newton, Robert Diamond as Joey, William Fawcett as Pete, and Ann Robinson as Joey's school teacher Helen Watkins. This is the first episode Joey Finds A Friend, first broadcast on October 15, 1955. This episode has Lane Bradford as the bad guy. He was in many early western tv shows such as The Lone Ranger, The Roy Rogers Show, and Sky King. It is believed that this is in the public domain.
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The Roy Rogers Show Beginning and Ending - Television Dale Evans
I missed The Roy Rogers Show during its initial run on television (it ran from 1951 to 1957 on NBC), but with CBS picking it up for their Saturday morning lineup of kiddie shows in the 1960s, there was hardly a Saturday morning I didn't watch the show. Pat Brady was also featured on the show, along with his jeep, Nellybelle. Trigger was Roy's horse. Buttermilk was Dale's, and you can't forget Roy's wonder dog, Bullet.
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Fury Pt. 2
See description in Part 1.
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Black and White Countdown - Film, Television
Your typical countdown as it used to be seen on television in the 1950s and 1960s
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Fury Pt. 3
See description in part 1.
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