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Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere 210 Pic Montage
song montage using 210 different pictures a picture for every place and then some feel free to hit the like button or post a comment.... sorry people the owner of this song is an ass and will not allow it to play on moble devices. that being said I hope you enjoy the video
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fatal crash caught on dashcam
fatal car crash caught on Highway Patrol dashcam
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People of Walmart zoom zoom
This is why you should not do drugs because people can tell when you're using /// this is the first uploaded video everyone else is well u know
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Fatal motorcycle crash at high speed
motorcycle vs car
Views: 92309 danny davenport
Spider playing dead
Seen a spider on the wall when I walked over by him he fell to the ground and played dead
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assassins creed hardest king Richard flag explained PS3
This video will explaine how to get the hardest king Richard flag in the game
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2 girls get beat after attacking McDonald employee
McDonalds employee working nightshift was given $50 bill. Checked if it was legit according to policy. Two ghetto girls didn't like that and yelled at him, called him a pussy and spit on him and punch
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Fatal big rig crash in Texas
fatal crash on S.H. 161 underneath I-30 in Grand Prairie Texas . The driver was killed in the fiery crash and pronounced dead at the scene. Police say the rig was westbound on I-30 when it veered off the right shoulder and slammed through a guardrail and retaining wall. The rig fell onto the turnpike below and burst into flames
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F5 tornado may 20th 2013 Moore Oklahoma
May 20th 2013 tornado grows in size to a 2 mile wide F5 as it ripped through Moore Oklahoma (filmed from helicopter) http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/20/us/oklahoma-tornado-developments
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Confederate flag secret easter egg location GTA 5
The Confederate flag is located at the pot farm on GTA 5 online and offline
Views: 4419 danny davenport
Fatal skydiving accident plane hits skydiver
A skydiver is hit by the plane he jumped out of
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My baby snapping turtle feeding time.3gp
this little turtle loves his minnows. the turtle has not been in this tank for over a year I will no longer reply to comments posted about this subject except to reefer to the description of the video. link to a video filmed a few days after this 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRBLfxNJ2s0
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girls making out
2 of my sexy girlfriends just having a little fun they both gave me permission to post this video
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Fallout 4 DLC NUKA WORLD Safari Adventures Welcome Center WALL GLITCH
Safari adventures welcome center WALL Glitch Fallout 4 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02557_00
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360 car accident caught on camera
car gets T boned
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shrinking potato chip bag with microwave
(do not try this at home could possibly damage your microwave) that being said it's almost impossible not to try this at home. this works with potato chip bags that have a silver lining inside the bag just put it in the microwave for around 3 seconds d and watch the magic happen
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my baby snapping turtle feeding time-2
Please read description before posting comments: this is not a new video of my turtle it was filmed a few days after this 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPzqZ6xsuXk just never got around to uploading it. so enjoy (please do not post comments about the tank he has not been in this tank for a long time anyone knows that if you put water in a glass containers it magnifies everything inside of it he is not as big as you think he so please stop fixating on the tank)
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Peanut the Turtles feeding time HD
My fat little peanut turtle loves to eat
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80s n up pop/cola  can collection
Just a few of the pop cans that I've collected over the years and a complete set of Star Wars Episode 1 cans
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Strange alien looking bug with a light on it
Strange bug with a light on its ass
Views: 394 danny davenport
fatal big rig crash caught  on couples dashcam
couple narrowly avoided fatal truck crash
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Hot Wheels Matchbox and Die Cast Car Collection
My entire metal diecast car collection dating from 60's to current
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Dog burying her food one piece at a time
brownie is very protective of her food even though she is in a pin by herself she will steal bark and growl at any animals that gets near while she is eating but I had no idea she was doing this
Views: 1113 danny davenport
MGS5 Quite Playing In The Rain
MGS5 Quite’s rain cutscene SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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The wrong way to use crutches (do not attempt)
My niece using crutches to pole vault cross the room failed
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GTA V Easy way to spawn a armored car after delivering one of Simeons spl. car's (AFTER PACH 1.20)
First of all you need to be in a invite only session so random people don't try to kill you blow up the cars or get to the armored cars before you. Now even though its not an extremely fast way to make $$$ its still really easy way to. An as a bonus you get 2 platinum award THE EXPORTER and FULL METAL JACKET in no time flat which earn you extra RP... n remember if this vid helped you tap a like and subscribe. It will be much appreciated thanks
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Big Rig trailer broke n half by love's n okemah Ok
Diesel truck load shifts when making a right hand turn snapping the trailer into
Views: 4389 danny davenport
out of control tractor crash caught on camera
tractor crashes into a bunch of cars
Views: 8879 danny davenport
Double jointed fingers
Views: 828 danny davenport
kids have no respect any more
I went outside and found the kids I was babysitting playing in the mud I asked them what they were doing they told me they got a sweatshirt out of the laundry and put it in the mud puddle so they wouldn't get there feet muddy and when I showed this video to the parents they just laughed about it
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Friendliest Bear Ever
Very unexpected reaction from a bear
Views: 823 danny davenport
Fallout 4 add-ons DLCs for free ? After patch 1.12
Even though every single one of the add-ons DLC to Fallout 4 list them for free on the PSN store it would not allow you to download them
Views: 771 danny davenport
college prank captures ghost on camera
some friends playing a prank on another friend unknowingly catch a ghost on camera watch after the 2 guys ran down the hallway
Views: 538 danny davenport
Little baby Chihuahua torturing the cats (without music)
little baby Chihuahua puppy chasing and tormenting some cats
Views: 825 danny davenport
Weird Al's Ebay Song Montage
This is my version of Weird Al Yankovic song eBay using over a. 100 pictures linked together in sync with the song hope u enjoy
Views: 125 danny davenport
Animated halloween pumpkins carved by me
frankenstein and mad scientist pumpkins
Views: 144 danny davenport
fatal crash caught on dashcam
high speed crash caught on police dashcam
Views: 418 danny davenport
The lost and Damned invisible biker glitch
Not sure how this happened but I called up Jim said let's go to the strip club on the way there I was doing top speed on my bike wrecked into a car 1 of the guys ran up and jump on the bike with me turned around to look at the other 2 and they were invisible
Views: 115 danny davenport
a black Snake playing in a puddle of water
I seen a snake not sure what kind in the water and it seems it was playing around until it picked up my scent Im guessing
Views: 319 danny davenport
Oh Sh!t You're On Camera
when your stuck on the side of the road and you can't get gas to go into your carburetor so you can move you got to think what would a redneck do
Views: 311 danny davenport
I'm not a lizard
My two nieces and me were walking through the woods when one spotted a lizard and the other caught it now they can't decide who's lizard it is (n yes I did have them release it before we left the w
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Torturing kids with a snapping turtle
For some reason everybody seem to be terrified of this red ear slider turtle
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Spider with alien head body/HD
Spider I found in the woods that looks like it has a alien head shaped body
Views: 376 danny davenport
Eyebrow plucking Fail
She begged to have her eyebrows plucked but couldn't take the pain
Views: 2986 danny davenport
Little Chihuahua Puppie just wants someone to play with
this was the first time this little kitten and little chihuahua puppie met each other
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Okc thunder vs Sacramento kings 2/15/11
Thunder beats king 126 to 96
Views: 73 danny davenport
Just some of my best Rainbow Six Siege gameplay
A collection of kills n team kills on T.C. Rainbow Six Siege on the Ps4 SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
Views: 52 danny davenport
Black kitten watching tv
little black kitten watching American heroes
Views: 37 danny davenport
surveillance video catches ghostly images on window
ghostly images in window
Views: 547 danny davenport
say hi bianca
Views: 321 danny davenport

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