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D'Sire Exhibition at TGB
Here's a walk through D'Sire Exhibitions at TGB that has converged over 100 designers across the country. From haute couture, designer jewellery, luxury bridal wear, wedding trousseau to lifestyle accessories, the exhibition space has been lighted up with various labels from Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Bikaner, Delhi and Gujarat.
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Shirali Shah - I Support Local
Shirali Shah, the owner of Dhaaga Saarang is a charming stylist and an ardent local shopper who loves to cherish her shopping memories as a child. Talking on how the culture of shopping has changed over the years, she urges people to go local and explore the charm of offline shopping. Also an avid user of Ciceroni application, Shirali loves buying from DOT by Daizy and Tapushi, NIRJARA, Aditi Bhatt- Accessories & more., Élan, DE'ANMA, 7th Avenue Jewellery, Hyperbole Accessories, Bandhej, Hues of Sidra and Mangalya Heritage Bandhani. Shirali supports #IsupportLocal. Do you?
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Stylist & Blogger Pulkita Sharma on #IsupportLocal
Delhi-based Pulkita Sharma is a stylist and fashion blogger who also runs her own YouTube channel Draped Brahmin. A NIFTian, she eventually developed a flair for local designers, Amdavadi culture and ethnicity. Being an avid user of Ciceroni, Pulkita loves browsing through various fashion exhibitions happening in the city. The Wardrobe Theorem, 7th Avenue and Button Masala being her three favourite local labels, Pulkita has lent her support for #IsupportLocal. What about you?
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Falguni Vasavada-Oza on #IsupportLocal
Falguni Vasavada-Oza, the charming professor at MICA and a style enthusiast loves to experiment with her wardrobes. Reminiscing her childhood days, she recalls how her family happily used to shop for clothes at local markets in Dhalgarwad and Ratanpole earlier. A social media influencer and a huge supporter of women empowerment, Falguni designs her outfits herself and buys her fabrics and other apparels from Sanskriti, Bhujodi and the popular flea market Weekend Window. Watch the entire video of Mrs. Oza strongly supporting Ciceroni’s #IsupportLocal campaign here.
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Bharatji | BeOne | Solitaire Engagement Ring | Ciceroni
Bharatji's BeOne engagement ring. #CommitToBeOne #BeOne #SolitaireRings #WeddingRings #EngagementRings #Wedding #engagement #Cieroni
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Fashion Talk with Heena Somani
Did you know that you could be both trendy and timeless ? Ironical right? Well, that's what Fashion Consultant Heena Somani - Image Management's personal style is like. She is open to exploring new styles, designers, and exhibitions to bring freshness in her and her personal shopping clients wardrobe. Listen to what makes this Fashion consultant explore new styles every day....
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Fashion Talk with Ranna Parikh
Festive season is about to begin and most people have made their shopping lists. But in the frenzy of all these exhibitions happening on the everyday basis in Ahmedabad, how does one decide where to go to? We asked a few regular shoppers and fashionistas in the city from different walks of life on how do they decide which exhibition to go to and what makes them a happy customer. Here’s a series of their responses. Listen to what this effervescent and charming lady, Ranna Parikh has to say about it. An Architect and Interior Designer by profession, Ranna loves everything colorful. She exudes joy in her interactions and has a quirky sense of style as she stays true to her love of colors.
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Jaina Lalbhai on her curated show Baby's Day Out
Jaina Lalbhai shares her thoughts on her pet project Baby's Day Out with Team Ciceroni.
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Falguni Patel  Head Strategy/Editor - Ciceroni
Falguni Patel heads the operations at Ciceroni and is also an established fashion and lifestyle editor. She introduced the concept of ‘I support local’ out of her keen desire to support local artists and ethical fashion. Right from buying handloom sarees from state development corporations like Rajasthan State Handloom Development Corporation and Co-optex, she has also been reviewing various independent and popular design labels across the country. Apart from sarees, her other favourite local labels include Eta Jewels, Kitsch by Nik, Karnam and Rituals. #IsupportLocal is a campaign with a purpose. If you want to join us, show your love by tagging us in your pictures or videos and we will be happy to share it on our page.
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Meera Ambasana supports Ciceroni #ISupportLocal campaign
Meera Ambasana Shah, the founder of Weekend Window has curated over 12 extravagant exhibitions in Ahmedabad and across. With an astute eye for detail and knack of introducing promising labels on her curated shows, she maintains the profile of a perfect shopper-cum-curator-cum-influencer. Here's what Meera has to say about her fascination for local shopping and her three favourite local labels Atrangi, Kitsch by Nik & Anonymous. Watch the video to know how flamboyantly she supports Ciceroni's #ISupportLocal campaign.
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Nakshatra Exhibition at Karnavati Club
Glimpses of Nakshatra Exhibition at Karnavati Club
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Fashion Talk with Rupa Shah | Thoughts about Shopping Experiences
Mark Your Calendars! Fashion & Works Ahmedabad, The festive edition by Black Taxi Creative Concepts in association with The Avakasa Multidesigner Fashion House is making its way to Ahmedabad on 31st August and 1st September at Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad. Be it Rakshabandhan or Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri or Diwali; well-curated shopping exhibitions and pop-ups come to the rescue. But with countless exhibitions happening across the city, how do you pick the best one from the lot? During a tête-à-tête with fashionistas in the city, we got insights on what made them happy about shopping. Here’s Rupajisal Shah sharing her thoughts with us. A visualizer and an interior designer, Rupa Shah is an avid shopper with an impeccable taste. She explores fashion and style with panache; not only has she an immaculate sense of dressing but she also is talented in creating creative spaces.
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Fashion Talk with Neha Sheth
Neha Sheth, Founder & CEO - Musikaar and Ciceroni, loves experimental fashion. Trust her to introduce you to interesting patterns and silhouettes through her daily eclectic sense of dressing. What makes her happy as a customer? Listen to her response and know where did she pick her statement neck piece...
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Ciceroni,your fashion guide
When you wear a piece of jewellery or carry a fancy top, it speaks volumes about your personality. Your outfit, accessories, shoes and jewellery define you as an individual. We, at Ciceroni empower you with the right guidance to rev up your wardrobe. From keeping you up-to-date about the hottest deals and fashion trends in the city, to recommending fashion stores and lifestyle exhibitions in your neighbourhood, we know-it-all! Download our app or visit https://ciceroni.in/ to never miss out on Ahmedabad’s fashion news!
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5/9 at Trupsel at Bougainvillea Gallery
It's time to celebrate unconventional and edgy fashion in the city. We're talking about 5/9 at Trupsel Women & 5/9 Girl that has marked its presence at Bougainvillea the creative veranda this time. The Mumbai-based label run by Trupti Bellad-Hermans and Preeti Mcconkey has displayed contemporary and Indo-western wear in women and kids category. One can find easy separates, fluid dresses, frilled tunics and bell-sleeved tops in cotton and neoprene on the display. Clamp dye silhouettes in asymmetric patterns and unconventional cuts are unique options for a soiree. The colour palette is dominated by olive green, lime green, powder blue, earthy shades, maroon, black and white. The label has also showcased interesting neoprene jewellery and stone earrings at the exhibit. And while you're here, do taste some freshly brewed organic teas by The Kettlery Tea Room.
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Nirjari Shah on #IsupportLocal
Nirjari Shah, the head designer of Kitsch by Nik has her own take on local shopping. She tries to infuse a lot of Indian and vintage elements which she buys from local craftsmen across the country. She derives inspiration from various local places including Ahmedabad's heritage shopping destination Dhalgarwad. Nirjari's favourite local labels include Bijouri's and AVADH BY AVANI DHARA. She supports #IsupportLocal campaign. Do you?
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Rasaam Designer Show at Y.M.C.A
Rasaam Designer Show at Y.MC.A is all about celebrating Navratri festival this time. With designers from various cities including Kolkata, Mumbai, Gujarat and Assam, the shopping mela has a lot of options in festive jewellery, haute couture, bridal wear, silver jewellery, footwear and handloom fabric.
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Dipna Kirpalani on #IsupportLocal campaign
Dipna Kirpalani, a lovely communicator and the co-owner of Dipashna, a women’s fashion store in Ahmedabad talks about her favourite local shops Sanskruti, Saurabh and her very own outlet with us. Watch the video to know her forever love for sarees and ethnic wear. Dipna supports #ISupportLocal campaign. Do you?
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Priyanka Patel on #IsupportLocal
Priyanka Patel, a young entrepreneur owns one of the popular galleries of Ahmedabad, Reflection- The Display Space. In the video, the lady shares her fabulous journey about how her love for supporting home-grown businesses transcended to scouting for local talents in various parts of the country over the time. Being a gallery owner, it must be really tough for Priyanka to name a few local brands. Nonetheless, she labelled Ahmedabad Haat, Msafiri, Anupraas and Aaree Accessories as her latest favourites. Priyanka strongly supports Ciceroni #IsupportLocal campaign. Do you?
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Button Masala founder Anuj Sharma on #IsupportLocal
Anuj Sharma, the founder of the creative clothing line Button Masala understands the in-and-outs of the fashion sphere accurately. His journeys across the world brought him to the creation of an innovative label which is known for its beautiful button and rubber banded details on the fabrics today. Shopping locally has always been his preference and he looks up to the local markets as a source of joy. Beautiful, isn’t it? Watch as his concern towards supporting local over global flows eloquently in the video. Anuj supports #IsupportLocal. You should too.
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Ciceroni Founder Neha Sheth on #IsupportLocal
Neha Sheth, Founder and CEO of Ciceroni, has always been an explorer and admirer whenever it comes to appreciating honest efforts in fashion sphere. Her love for supporting local art and her knack for spotting experimental fashion aesthetics led to India's one-of-its-kind mobile application Ciceroni that acts as a guide to fashion & lifestyle shopping, exhibitions and deals based on user reviews. From donning a sari dress to wearing handcrafted jewellery, Neha nails it all like true style boss. On Ciceroni’s first anniversary, the boss lady shares her journey with Ciceroni and picks Kalpana's Traditional Sarees, Atrangi, June and Weekend Window as her favourite local shopping destinations. #IsupportLocal is a campaign with a purpose. If you want to join us, show your love by tagging us in your pictures or videos and we will be happy to share it on our page.
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Neha Sheth - Founder & CEO Ciceroni
Our guiding force, our motivation and our style inspiration - Neha Sheth, Founder, and CEO, Ciceroni has a message for our loyal fashion community of 75000+ members on the occasion of Ciceroni's 2nd anniversary. Yes, today we turned two. 730 days of guiding Ahmedabadis and people of Gujarat to the right places of shopping, introducing new labels and designers, creating fresh and interesting content every single day! Thank you, everyone, for checking Ciceroni every time before you go for shopping!
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Surat Palash #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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Virja Shah on her curation The Unknown Quality
Fashion curator Virja Shah shares her thoughts on her curated show The Unknown Quality with Ciceroni at Travelers Home.
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Tanvi Godiawala Shah joins #IsupportLocal campaign
Being an established makeup artist, beautician and a hair stylist, Tanvi Godiawala Shah’s work commitments keep her busy round the clock. Nonetheless, her love for organic fabrics and simple minimalistic garments take her to explore the charm of offline shopping. Talking about her favourite three local stores Rang’ Creations, Keri and Asal, Tanvi shares how her style quotient is inclined towards local handicrafts. Tanvi has joined Ciceroni #IsupportLocal campaign. When are you joining?
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Bhavik Shah supports #IsupportLocal campaign
Bhavik Shah, the head textile designer of Studio Bhavik Shah has an in-depth understanding of nuances of the fashion industry. He has always been vocal about supporting the local economy and local artisans. Growing up in Ahmedabad, he loves exploring the beauty of local heritage sites like Rani no Hajiro, Tankshal and loves shopping at Sanskriti, Bandhej and Law Garden. Bhavik has joined #IsupportLocal campaign. When are you joining?
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Aditi Shishoo supports #IsupportLocal campaign
An AS Ideator and a forever bubbling soul, Aditi Shishoo talks effervescently about the design labels who support local craftsmanship on Ciceroni #IsupportLocal campaign. With Ahsiam, Foram's, Jadeblue, Saloni and Saurabh being her favourite local shopping destinations, here's more about her inclination towards local shopping. Aditi has joined us in the #IsupportLocal initiative. When are you joining?
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The Wedding Festival 2017 at Karnavati Club
Walk through The Wedding Festival 2017 by RC Events with Ciceroni, your city shopping guide. Discover fashion and lifestyle stores, exhibitions and discounts in your city with Ciceroni app – an organised shopping guide where you can also read and write reviews of your favourite labels and stores. App Store: http://bit.ly/2jb5176 Play Store: http://bit.ly/2jxUK8c
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Celebrity fashion designer Vikram Phadnis at Araaish
Celebrity fashion designer Vikram Phadnis exchanges a quick conversation with Team Ciceroni at Araaish Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad.
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Kinjal Shah Desai on #IsupportLocal campaign
A media professional and a communication coordinator, Kinjal Shah Desai has her own take (and in-depth, we must say) on local shopping. From raiding flea markets, various shops of Law Garden and Gurukul to observing nuances of online and offline shopping, she comes out as a very sweet, humourous and conscious buyer who always appreciates the efforts of local craftsmen. Her favourite stores and labels are Dipashna, Khadi Gramodyog, Gramshree Trust, AdiNari and SPAN that vouch for her comfortable sense of fashion. Don’t miss out on her lovely handmade accessories’ collection which she shares with us in the video. Kinjal supports #IsupportLocal campaign. Do you?
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Happy Women's day
Wish you to #bemore than what just is visible ! To the brains, intellect , ability to adapt, to multitasking, to the compassion, grit and perseverance , to the passion and zest - To the women of today.
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Team Ciceroni
Happy workspace is the new goal for any organization. We, at Ciceroni, take happiness rather seriously! We asked all our team members to describe Ciceroni Workspace in one line. Have a look at the video to see what kind of workspace is Ciceroni.
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"An Indian Summer" Concept by Ciceroni for Fashion & Works Black Taxi Events
An Indian Summer: Summers remind us of languid afternoons, blooming flowers and their fragrance wafting through the breezy evenings. It also means wedding season in sweltering sun and the innate dilemma of what to wear without feeling overwhelmed. Get these looks at the Summer Edition of Fashion & Works Suart, brought to you by Black Taxi in association with Theory The store. #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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Life at Ciceroni
#InternSpeaks - From writing features to fashion styling, Mily Kundalia shares her internship journey at Ciceroni. #Ciceroni #CityGuidetoFashion
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Write Reviews on Ciceroni
Learn how to write Exhibitions review on Ciceroni. Click on the video for more details.
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Parijaat Ahmedabad #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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How to Get Ciceroni Insider Pass? WATCH IT TO KNOW
Write five reviews on Ciceroni App to win the Ciceroni Insider Pass! Also get a chance to shop from some of the city's known labels at discounted rates!Limited Booklets ! Hurry!Review. Share. Shop. Style.
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The W Trunk
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Gulmahor Ahmedabad #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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The Ivory Carousel
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Amaltas Surat
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"An Indian Summer" Concept by Ciceroni - A Local Shopping Guide
An Indian Summer Summers remind us of languid afternoons, blooming flowers and their fragrance wafting through the breezy evenings. It also means wedding season in sweltering sun and the innate dilemma of what to wear without feeling overwhelmed. #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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Palash Ahmedabad #Ciceroni #BlackTaxi #WorksandFashion
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The Unknown Quality at Travelers Home
Glimpses of The Unknown Quality by Kit & Caboodle at Travelers Home. The exhibition featured sustainable and runway labels namely The Meraki Project, Doodlage, Buna, Anomaly, Pushpak Vimaan, Three, Untitled Co., The Third Floor, Runaway Bicycle, Bias and Rujuta Sheth.
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