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Jakub Vágner catches a huge Beluga
DAM teammate Jacub Vágner catches a huge Beluga with the EFFZETT Pro rod and the QUICK FZ FD reel.
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Amazing! Unbreakable fishing Rod
Testing the new D.A.M. Nanoflex rods. For more info check out: http://www.dam.de
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MADCAT Rattlin' Teaser Spinner
Ein einzigartiger Spinner zum Welsangeln, der mit seinem rasselnden Körper und den Geräuschperlen förmlich nach Aufmerksamkeit schreit. Er wird mit einem extrem scharfen 6x strong Drilling geliefert. Gewicht 85g. Ideal um extrem weite Würfe zu machen.
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EFFZETT Twin Spinnerbait
Max Miederer stellt euch den neuen Twin Spinnerbait vor und erklärt Euch dabei wie Ihr diesen Köder am besten einsetzt.
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MADCAT Inline Rattlers
Possibly the first ever hard lure especially designed for catfishing! The MADCAT Inline Rattler is dragging a lot of attention underwater thanks to its unique features. Jakub Vágner shows you how to use the Inline Rattler and how effective it can be. http://www.facebook.com/MADCATfishing http://madcat-fishing.de
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JAKUB VÁGNER - Big Fish Man - Trailer
D.A.M. Pro Staffer Jakub Vágner in einem Trailer seiner Sendung "Big Fish Man". www.dam.de www.facebook.com/DAMtackle
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MADCAT Clonkteaser
See how the awardwinning MADCAT Clonk Teaser works under water.
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MADCAT Belly Boat Fishing - with Jakub Vágner
Catfishing from a bellyboat is getting more and more popular, that´s why we from MADCAT designed equipment to suit the needs of bellyboat anglers - like the MADCAT Belly Boat Rod. Jakub Vágner talks us through the features and proofs what it´s capable of, catching a catfish live on camera! http://www.facebook.com/MADCATfishing http://madcat-fishing.de
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Jakub Vágner MADCAT experience
DAM & MADCAT teammate Jakub Vágner catches a catfish with the MADCAT Spin Rod and the QUICK® Neo spinning reel.
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MADCAT Clonk Tutorial
How to clonk - with Jakub Vagner and MADCAT
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Jakub Vágner MAD carp experience
DAM Teammate Jakub Vágner on a MAD carp trip. MAD - Advanced Carp Gear Promo Video. Enjoy it.
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Testing DAM tackle at the WALTERS SHOALS Fishing Hotspot
Byron Kane and his team went testing DAM products at the WALTERS SHOALS Fish Hotspot. They gave the STEELPOWER® RED SEA SHOT JIG, CROSSPOWER SEA JIG rod a really hard time. Also used the extremely tough QUICK™ MASTER 80 jigging reel. The Walters Shoals is a group of submerged mountains off the coast of South Africa.The Walters Shoals are home to many species of fish! More info at www.dam.de
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Winning the “Best New Metal Lure” award on EFTTEX 2016 with the EFFZETT Pike Rattlin’ Spinner was a great way to introduce our innovative “Rattlin’ Body Concept”. The huge success has led us to develop a Spinnerbait using the Rattlin’ Body Concept. But here it comes, we even managed to improve the intensity of sound attraction generated by the rattlin’ body by making it out of ABS and adding wings to it so it is turning under water. The EFFZETT Pike Spinnerbait comes 2 sizes in 7 catchy colors using mixed colored reflective material to generate visual attraction. The pressure waves are coming from a size 6 or 7 Colorado spinner blade in combination with a smaller Colorado blade. There is no metal lure on the market that attracts more attention underwater! - Unique Rattlin’ Body Concept - Visual, pressure and sound attraction - Highly visible tinsel skirt - Extremely strong 1.2mm stainless steel wire - Ultra-sharp EFFZETT 3X spinnerbait single hook
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DAM Quick 5   Product introduction
DAM Product manager, Robert Valkeneer, gives a short introduction on the new Quick 5 reels.
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MAD Brolly
Teamangler Christian Wolf stellt den neuen MAD Brolly vor.
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The EFFZETT Natural Perch is most likely the best and most detailed Perch imitating swimbait ever made. Using the latest scanning technology and software allowed us to create a soft lure swimbait that has all body features a real perch also has. But we didn’t stop there, we also looked at how a real perch is moving in the water and adjusted the swimming action to be as natural as could be – absolutely deadly for every predator. The incredibly stable swimming action and the slow sink rate allow a wide window of retrieve speeds and make this swimbait absolutely versatile and extremely easy to fish. To increase the hookup and landing rate the ultra-sharp FZ treble is moving freely below the belly of the lure and is equipped with a swivel that allows 360° rotation of the lure making it practically impossible for the fish to use the lure as lever to pull out the hook. This lure is not only triggering more strikes it will also land more fish! - Realistic body shape and features - Extremely natural swimming action - Hard ABS inner harness with soft outer body (mesh reinforced) - Slow sink rate - Ultra-sharp EFFZETT treble
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EFFZETT Jerkstar - nouveau coloris brochet
L'EFFZETT Jerkstar, notre plus célèbre jerkbait, reçoit cette année un nouveau coloris brochet qui devrait la fascination qu'exerce ce leurre sur les brochets... comme les pikers. A cette occasion, voici une nouvelle présentation de ce leurre légendaire de la gamme EFFZETT ! Plus d´information: http://effzett-fishing.de/fr http://www.facebook.com/EFFZETTFrance
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Fotos mit Selbstauslöser beim Karpfenangeln - so geht´s!
MAD Pro Staff Philipp Kretzschmar erklärt euch seine Vorgehensweise beim Fotografieren mit Selbstauslöser beim Karpfenangeln. http://mad-fishing.de http://www.facebook.com/MADDeutschland
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MADCAT Range 2017 Preview
Enjoy this overview of our MADCAT Range, including new products like revised rods, a bellyboat, innovative lures and much more! Visit us at: http://www.facebook.com/MADCATfishing http://madcat-fishing.de
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Jakub Vágner - Why I joined D.A.M.
In 2014 world-famous angler, television celebrity and specimen hunter Jakub Vágner has joined D.A.M. Jakub, who is also a leading photographer, author and holder of four International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records, is working exclusively for D.A.M. - mainly on the fast growing MADCAT brand. In this video Jakub tells you why he joined the Deutsche Angelgerate Manufaktur Int. GmbH.
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EFFZETT Pike Rattlin' Spinner
The innovative EFFZETT Pike Rattlin' Spinner is a true weapon for catching monster pike! The lure won the "Best Metal Lure" Award at EFTTEX 2016! http://www.facebook.com/EFFZETTfishing http://effzett-fishing.de
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Quick SLR
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MAD Carp Care
Teamangler Phillip Kretzschmar erklärt die Carp Care Produkte von MAD.
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Preview on the MADCAT program  2016 presented by Jakub Vágner.
Preview on the MADCAT program 2016 presented by Jakub Vágner.
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MAD Compact Stainless Pod : un 4x4 pour une configuration 2x2
De plus en plus de carpistes optent désormais pour une configuration en 2 fois 2 cannes pour mieux couvrir l’espace disponible et exploiter à fond leur spot. Le MAD Compact Stainless Pod est alors, et sans aucun doute le plus frenchy des rod pod d’inspiration anglaise, comme nous le montre le team France dans cette superbe vidéo. http://mad-fishing.de http://www.facebook.com/MADCarpFrance
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EFFZETT Perch Special
Die EFFZETT Perch Special ist die ideale Rute für das Kunstköder-Angeln auf Barsch! In diesem Clip zeigt euch unser Pro Staffer André Macher, dass die feinen Ruten aber durchaus auch mit Hecht & Co. fertig werden. Viel Spaß! www.facebook.com/EFFZETTDeutschland www.dam.de
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D.A.M. Effzett Jawbreaker Jerk - amazing jerkbait!
From now on available @ your fishing tackle shop! The amazing new D.A.M. Effzett Jawbreaker Jerk lure. In this video you will see 3 different, but equally efficient ways to fish this lure! Availible in the size: 130mm, 54gr. more info on: http://www.dam.de
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French MAD team on fire!
Join Hugo Mourocq from our French MAD team to his recent sessions on wild and overgrown waters in his home country. Featuring live takes, huge commons and a fully scaled carp of 115m! http://www.facebook.com/MADcarpfishing http://mad-fishing.de/en/
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Amazing lure! ( pikes love the new D.A.M. Hybrid swimbait )
The amazing underwater swimming action of the D.A.M. Power Skater Hybrid lure!
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DAM Quick 6   Product introduction
Robert Valkeneer introduces the new Quick 6 reels! www.dam.de www.facebook.com/DAMtackle
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EFFZETT Slide'N Roll Perch
See Jakub Vágner catching pike, zander and asp on our new Slide'n Roll Perch, which features an innovative concept: A detachable lip! Watch the video and let Jakub show you the advantages of the realistic looking lure. http://effzett-fishing.de http://www.facebook.com/EFFZETTfishing
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D.A.M. Effzett Power Striker Lures
The fantastic underwater action of the D.A.M. Power Striker Lures.
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New D.A.M. products!!
2 of the new D.A.M. products in action! The new D.A.M. Effzett Power Devil Stick; a fantastic softbait with an fantastic underwater action! And the new MAD Medusa net with build in light, to make landing a carp at night much easier!
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Mad Brolly + Interview mit Teamangler Christian Wolf
Interview mit Christian Wolf - Teamangler für MAD und eine Vorstellung des MAD Brolly.
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EFFZETT Eisvogel
The new "Must Have" lure for 2018 - EFFZETT Eisvogel! A hard lure with a somewhat erratic, slightly unpredictable action, just like a real kingfisher bird swims under water. More info: http://www.dam.de http://www.facebook.com/DAMtackle http://www.instagram.com/damfishingtackle
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EFFZETT - comment choisir sa canne bigbait ?
Beaucoup de pêcheurs au leurre hésitent encore à se mettre au bigbaiting, ou abandonnent rapidement, faute de n'avoir pas su choisir leur première canne typée bigbait. Voici un petit tutoriel pour comprendre très simplement quels sont les quatre modèles de canne à retenir, parmi lesquelles vous ferez votre choix, en fonction des leurres que vous ambitionnez d'utiliser et de vos préférences personnelles. Plus d´information: http://www.facebook.com/EFFZETTFrance http://effzett-fishing.de/fr
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EFFZETT Twin Spinnerbait
L'EFFZETT Twin Spinnerbait est l'un des meilleurs spinnerbaits du marché, et pourtant fort méconnu. Avec son système qui permet de le stocker facilement, avec ses bras en titane, son prix attractif et sa conception générale parfaite, il est pourtant un leurre que tout le monde devrait posséder. Disponible en trois coloris et trois tailles (9, 14 et 21g). Plus d´information: http://www.facebook.com/EFFZETTFrance http://effzett-fishing.de/fr
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MAD FSX Bite Indicator system
Fantastic video clip featuring the new MAD FSX bite indicator set and the MAD FSX intelligent tent light. The clip is made by the carp fishing experts from Media Carpe and Top Carpe Max, and explains how this great bite alarm set works and what features it has. Check out www.madcarp.com for more information
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MAD Carp Range 2016/17 Preview
We´ve been working hard on our range of innovative products for carp anglers. See this short insight on the upcoming MAD range, featuring new bivvies, brollies, black aluminium bankware, stylish hangers, M3 rods and much more... http://www.facebook.com/MADcarpfishing http://mad-fishing.de
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MAD N-BR: die elegante, stylische Rutenserie begeistert mit einer tollen Ausstattung zu einem unschlagbaren Preis! In diesem Clip erzählt euch Johannes Hafner ein wenig über die schlicht-schwarzen N-BR´s. Mehr Infos: http://mad-fishing.de http://facebook.com/MADDeutschland
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Rolling Dropshot Lead by Andre Macher
Andre Macher stellt das neue Rolling Dropshot Lead vor. Die Erfindung von Andre Macher wurde auf der EFTTEX 2014 als "Best New Terminal Tackle" ausgezeichnet.
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MAD HABITAT Range: Brolly System Plus & D-Fender Oval Brolly
A short introduction of our new Brollies for 2017: the MAD Brolly System Plus and MAD D-Fender Oval Brolly. Both offer plenty of space due to a clever mechanism replacing the standard umbrella system. Digital-Media-Coordinator Johannes Hafner explains the features in detail. More info: http://mad-fishing.de/en http://facebook.com/MADcarpfishing
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EFFZETT Eisvogel  (Deutsch)
Der neue EFFZETT Eisvogel ist ein Hardlure mit einer etwas unberechenbaren und unvorhersehbaren Aktion, genau wie ein echter Eisvogel unter Wasser schwimmt. Mehr Infos: https://www.dam.de https://www.facebook.com/DAMDeutschland/ https://www.instagram.com/damfishingtackle/
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MAD carpfishing on a big lake
Corentin Boucheix, French MAD pro staff, with a lovely video about his fishing season targeting carp in big lakes. http://mad-fishing.de http://www.facebook.com/MADcarpfishing
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D.A.M. promo English
Info: http://www.dam.de
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MAD HABITAT Range: Comfort Sleeping Bag
The MAD Comfort Sleeping Bag keeps you warm and comfortable. Maurice Willms shows the features of the sleeping bag in this video. More info: http://mad-fishing.de/en http://facebook.com/MADcarpfishing
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EFFZETT GRUB mit Jan Pusch
DAM/EFFZETT Teamangler Jan Pusch erklärt den EFFZETT GRUB. EFFZETT GRUB softlure introduction by DAM/EFFZETT teamangler Jan Pusch.
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Comment utiliser la tête MADCAT Broom ?
Voici une vidéo de présentation de la célèbre tête MADCAT Broom, qui vous permet de transformer n’importe quel poisson mort en monture pour le silure. Suite à une courte explication quant au mode d’emploi de la Broom Jighead, Franck Sosa du team MADCAT France vous démontre, images et silures à l’appui, qu’elle est redoutablement efficace ! http://madcat-fishing.de/fr http://www.facebook.com/MADCATFrance
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D.A.M. Quick Hybrid fishing reel
An insight movie about the amazing brandnew D.A.M. Quick Hybrid spinning reels. These reels are lightweight, but still extremely durable. The reels are available in 4 sizes. For more details have a look at http://www.dam.de
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Brouette MAD Transformer Car-go
Vous aimez barouder et rechercher la tranquillité des postes reculés ? La brouette Mad Transformer Cargo est faîte pour vous ! Pliable et modulable, elle trouvera sa place dans toutes les voitures et vous permettra d’emmener toute la logistique nécessaire. Un gain non négligeable en confort et en mobilité ! Plus d´information: http://mad-fishing.de/fr http://www.facebook.com/MADCarpFrance
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