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Me Drawing Emo/Anime Girl
Its my second one. Still got my hands shadow 3 I'll fix that! Lolz. Anywayy, Enjoy it for now ;) Thanks. Btw im not that great an artist! :D
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Drawing Emo/Scene Anime Girl
Im So Sorry! It is kinda crappy, I was trying to hold the webcam i meh mouth so i could hold the pad of paper and draw with the other hand, I tried my best ;) Enjoy guys! I will try to make more.. BETTER videos of me drawing soo. Yeah Enjoy Lolz
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Drawing An Anime Boy !
Haha my third one! Its better? I dont think there was a shadow? And no Im not left handed, I had the camera on flip vertically and it made it a bit easier to draw so... Yepp. Enjoy! Song is Free Again by Scary Kids Scaring Kids
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Drawing An Anime Boy 2 !
:D Wooohoo. Ive fixed my problems with the awkward feeling of the way i was drawing. Song - When I Get Home, Your So Dead by Mayday Parade
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My Secrets ;3
Pathetic,Yes c; Just Felt ike Making This For No Reason. I Hate My Smile Btw...
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Until The Day I Die Story of The Year
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My Drawings
My drawings. Please dont steal ;) Btw The song is Hey Baby, Heres That Song You Wanted by Bless The Fall. WMG OWNS. 3 Enjoy Lolz
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