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How to blur an html element without blurring it's children elements
I walk you through a short and easy way to handle your html and css so that we use as little code as possible to create a blurred parent html container. Pleas subscribe for more easy and fun code hints and tips.
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How to code an HTML input to expand dynamically with the length of the label.
In this short tutorial I show you how to use HTML and CSS to make an HTML input text box grow and shrink dynamically to the width of the label that sits over the top of it. Subscribe! and check out techudad.com!
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How to code responsive HTML/CSS width and padding
Your HTML structure is just as important as good css when it comes to responsive or mobile website layouts. Check out this code crumb that gets you building clean html pages quickly! Be sure to subscribe for more hints and tips to come!
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How to change HTML with JavaScript - Simple JS function
In this tutorial I show you how to quickly change html using a javascript function. I write one function that replaces the text inside an element using innerHTML. Please feel free to comment or add questions below! I will be doing more of this!
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How to build a simple HTML/CSS horizontal menu bar
In this video I walk you through creating a simple HTML and CSS menu bar centered on a webpage. I start from scratch and show you how to tie it all together. Please subscribe and follow along for more code tutorials
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How Jennifer Lawrence's outfit breaks my office chair
Vlogging about the latest entertainment news and things get a little out of hand.
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15 minute family dinner ideas - Easy Orange Chicken
Us guys sometimes get a bad rap for our skills in the kitchen well let this be the beginning of the end for the "dad's can't cook" stereotype. This is an easy idea and I got it from Costco. Simple and quick Orange Chicken!
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Free Fun Kids Thanksgiving Game
My kids and I embark on a slow-mo turkey hunt with some of my latest free thanksgiving artwork. Free download of the artwork can be found on techudad.com
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Fun Free Halloween Bowling Game Project With The Kids
I spent some time drawing some fun halloween characters that you can download from my blog site, techudad.com. I have fun with my kids putting them together and showing you how to follow along. Please Subscribe! We are going to have so much fun.
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JavaScript Basics: 3 different ways to execute functions
I walk through 3 different ways to execute or invoke your javascript functions. Please be sure to like and subscribe!
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