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How To Change Default Search Engine In Internet Explorer?
1. Open internet explorer. 2.Click on tools. 3.Click on internet option. 4.Click on programs. 5.Click on manage add-ons. 6.Click on search provider. 7.Select google. 8.Click on set as default. 9.Clode internet explorer. 10. Open it. Default search engine in internet explorer is changed.
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How To Sign Up Or Register At Aol com
1.Open aol.com 2.Click on sign up. 3.Follow steps shown in the video.
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How To Change Wifi Password In Netgear Smart Wizard?
1.Open router configuration page. 2.Enter user name and password. 3.Click on login. 4.Click on wireless setting. 5.Make selection wpa2. 6.Change password. 7.Click on apply. 8.Open network and sharing center. 9.Click on manage wireless network. 10.Select the network and click on remove. 11.Connect to wireless network. 12.Enter security key. 13.Click on ok.
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How To Reset Facebook Password: Most Easy Way
1.Open facebook.com. 2.Click on cant login. 3.Enter email address. 4.Select I forget password. 5.Click on continue. 6.Select email me link to reset password. 7.Click on continue. 8.Open email. 9.Enter code on facebook. 10.Click on continue. 11.Write new password. 12.Select keep me login. 13.Click on continue.
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How To Install Adobe Flash Player Free.
1.Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Follow the steps shown in the video.
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How To Delete Blank Page In MIcrosoft Word 2007?
Open Microsoft Word 2007. 1.Click on view. 2.Click on draft. 3. Click on insert. 4.Click on page brack. 5.Select and Click on delete
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How To Search On Google In Particular Region?
1.Click on setting. 2.Click on advance search. 3. Change region. 4.Enter keyword. 5.Click on advance search.
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How To Edit Theme In Your tumblr com Website?
1. Login to tumblr.com 2.Click on Edit. 3.Click on edit theme. 4.Click on browse themes. 5.Click on search more themes. 6.Click on theme you like. 7.Click on preview. 8.Click on install if you like. 9.Again click on install.
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How To Change Design Of Slides In Microsoft Power Point.
1.Open Ms Power Point. 2. Click on design. You can see many designs. 3.Select the one you like.
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How To Change Age In Google Account?
1. Login to gmail. 2. Open google plus profile. 3.click on home. 4.click on profile. 5.Click on about. 6.Edit basic information. 7.Change the birth date and click on save.
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How To Create Portfolio In Google Finance?
1.Open Google Finance. 2.Search stock. 3.Click on add to portfolio to add it. 4. You can edit transaction details. 5.You can edit portfolio also.
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How To Uninstall Window Update Agent?
You can change settng of update installing or you can enable or disable update agent. To change update setting 1. Click on start. 2. Search window update. 3.Open window update program. 4.Click on change setting. 5. Select appropriate option in important update and click ok. You will need to restart computer to apply change. To Disable window update agent, 1. Click on start. 2.Search msconfig 3.Open msconfig file. 4.Click on service. 5.De select window update option. 6.Click Ok. 7.Restart system.
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How To Change Show Conversion Or Emails Per Page In Gmail?
1.Open Gmail. 2.Click on more. 3.Click on manage label. 4.Click on general. 5.Change show conversion. 6.Click on save.
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Best  Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Usa
1. Stanford Mechanical Engineering http://me.stanford.edu/ 2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology http://meche.mit.edu/ 3.Columbia Engineering http://me.columbia.edu/ 4.University Of Washington https://www.me.washington.edu/ 5.Georgia Tech http://www.me.gatech.edu/ 6.University Of Michigan http://me.engin.umich.edu/ 7.Carnegie Mellon University http://www.cmu.edu/me/ 8. UC Berkeley http://www.me.berkeley.edu/ 9.Rochester Institute of Technology http://www.rit.edu/kgcoe/mechanical/ 10.UMKC http://sce.umkc.edu/masters/mechanical-engineering.cfm
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How To Rename Multiple Items Or Files At Once In Windows?
1. Open folder. 2.Select all files. 3.Right click and click on rename 4. Enter new name. 5. All file names will be changes.
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How To Create New Email Address In Gmail?
1. Open gmail.com 2.Click on create account. 3.Fill all information. 4.Click on next step. 5.Click on next step. 6.Continue to gmail.
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How To Embed Youtube Video In Gmail?
1. Loging to gmail. 2.Click on compose. 3.add email. 4.write subject 5.In the body write message. 6. Copy youtube video link and paste in body. 7.Click on send
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Change Country Edition Easily In Google News?
Open https://news.google.com/ Change the country edition as shown in video.
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How To Delete Extra Users On Google chrome Browser?
1. Open google chrome. 2.Click on upper right side button. 3.Click on setting. 4.In the user click on cross. 5.Click on delete.
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How To Make Subscription And Like Public In Your Youtube Account?
1.Open youtube.com. 2.login to your account. 3.Click on upper right side and click on youtube setting. 4. Click on privacy. 5. Unselect to make like video public or select it to make it private. 6.save it.
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How To Change Theme Color In Twitter Account?
1.Login to twitter account. 2.Click on your profile. 3.Click on edit profile. 4.Click on theme color select color and click on save changes.
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How To Get Backlinks Free, Fast And Powerful?
How To Get Backlinks On Your Own. 1. Make Blogs. 2. Google Plus Profile. 3.Facebook Profile And Sharing. 4.Twitter Profile. 5.Forums Related to Your Websites. 6.Press Release. 7.Article Submission. 8. Wiki Commons. 9. Youtube.com Profile and videos.
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Tourist Places Near Udaipur Rajasthan India
1. City Palace. 2. Jag Mandir. 3. Sahelio Ki Bari. 4.Lake Palace. 5.Monson Palace. 6.Jagdish temple. 7.Shiv Nivas Palace. 8.Moti Magri 9.Gulab Bag Zoo
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How To Edit Font Style And Size In Notepad?
1. Open Notepad. 2.Click on format. 3.Click On Font. 4.Select font,font size and style. 5.Click On Ok.
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How To See Technical Graph In Google Finance?
1. Open google finance. 2. search any stock. 3.Click on technicals. 4.Add technical you want.
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How To Add Audio In Youtube video?
1. Open youtube. 2. Login to your account. 3.Click on video manager. 4.Click on edit video. 5.Click on audio. 6.Select audio and click on save.
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How To Change Language Preference In Your Youtube Account?
You can see language section as shown in video. You can change it as shown in video.
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how to solve sudoku Game.
Sudoku is very simple and interesting. Practice can help to solve it speedy.
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How To Turn Off Aeroplane Mode in Google Earth?
Simply Click on exit simulator button at the upper right corner.
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How To Install Firefox On Windows?
1.search how to install fireforx. 2.Open Firefox result. 3.Click on free downloads. 4.Follow steps shown in the video.
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How To Share On Google Plus Using Gmail Directly?
1. Login to gmail.com 2.Click on upper right corner plus button. 3.Write anything. 4.Select public or your circles 5.Click on share.
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