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funny gags blind man
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Which of these is not a web browser?
Which of these is not a web browser? A: Firefox B:Opera C:Facebook D:Chrome
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What to Say ? crazy guys
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funny Gages Baby
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Fun gags Police Lottery
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MIracle Saudia   YouTube
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Funny gags Karate Kid
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OMG Only Happen in Malaysia
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WE WAnt PAK ARMy in Karachi
We are requesting to Army Chief Please Please take strong and justify action for the peace in Karachi. We don't need PPP, MQM, ANP or any other political forces. We trust only Pak Army, Sir Please don't ignore our request otherwise we understand that Pak Army also involve in this situation like political parties. We are waiting for your earliest and positive action... Please my friend; forward this message if you want lives in Karachi with peace and justice...! PRAY FOR KARACHI
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Makkah Clock Tower Inauguration Day. _HD
King Abdullah will also open the Makkah Royal Clock Tower that houses the world's tallest golden minaret as well as the largest clock face and man-made crescent. The gigantic clock project was constructed on top of tower number five of King Abdul Aziz Endowment project, which consists of seven towers. The Makkah Clock Tower Hotel, on which the clock is situated, is 601 meters high with 76 stories and 858 suites. It overlooks the Haram Mosque. The clock tower is set to break many records in the construction world, including the tallest hotel, constructed with the tallest clock tower displaying the world's largest clock face.
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