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+How to Wrap Your Locs In A Turban+
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How To Make  A Sea Moss Smoothie!!!
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How to Wash Locs with Raw Aloe Gel
Let the aloe sit your locs for a little while as you scrub it into your locs and scalp then rinse it out!Peace! www.mynaturalroots.com Twitter @Wiselockz
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+How To Heal The Body With Consciousness+
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::How To Create Raw Vegan Salad::
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How To Regenerate The Body (Black Seed Oil)
These ingredients of black seed oil enable it to act as a multipurpose natural remedy for just about anything and everything. Black Seed Oil is great for Acne, Diabetes (lowers blood sugar), receding hairline/hair loss (encourages hair growth), treats anxiety in the nervous system, promotes heart health, diarrhea, and overall helps to regenerate the human body! Anti-bacterial Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Anti-fungal Anti-cancer Anti-asthmatic Anti-histamine Anti-viral Anti-coagulant See what the Ancient Kings and Queens of Africa were so amazed by considering how the Black Seed Oil has been revered for thousands of years!!
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Visit My New Website!!!
Check it out!! http://mynaturalroots.com/
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dreadlock vid #1
im on my way to getting locs so yal please wish me luck and comments are appreciated.
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+How to Achieve More Inner Peace+
I will raise awareness of Self Sustainable Agriculture in Ghana, and this is how you can be of help! Read my story, and be a part of this journey! At gofund.me/mmwev4
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How To Begin A New Day (Capoeira)
I'm in preparation to move to Ghana, West Africa!Read and support my story here https://www.gofundme.com/AfricanGarveyite
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100% SURE Way to Remove Dirt/Build-Up from your Locs!
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----How Suffering Forces You Into Consciousness----
Peace be with you
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How To Grow Food  (Quick and EASY way)
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(7 years 2 Months) FREEform Loc UPdate!!!
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How to Achieve More Inner Peace
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Why I FREEform~Melanin
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*14yrs* Loc'd~Meet Natasha
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+5 Year Freeform Loc Anniversary!!!+
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How To Wash Locs With Okra Leaves
Great for bringing shine,nutrients,and moisture to locs.Adds cosmic energy that the plant has been taking in, and transfers to your hair. Powerful thing here Like my Youtube Page on Facebook for Quick Updates&Info! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zayloc23/167344903302123?ref=hl Follow Me! @Wiselockz
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Mastery Of Self
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Zayloc23 Jamaica Adventures!!! (Part 1)
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~Zayloc23 Travels to Jamaica! PT.2~
Heal Thyself.
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How To Wash Freeform Locs!!!!!
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Why I Eat Plants
"How To Create a Raw Vegan Salad" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuZpob8dgws www.shop.mynaturalroots.com
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How To Heighten Inner Peace In Human Relationships (My experience)
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How To Create A Spring Garden (Zay&Empress Keshayla)
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How To Grow Freeform Locs
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+Zayloc23's Travel to St. John Virgin Islands+
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+Transcending the Mind +
One Universal Heart of LOVE!
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..::~7month FREEform update~::..
Raw Black Soap from Ghana 20% off sale! www.shop.mynaturalroots.com Shoutout to brotha Jarwon 4 the intro!!Respeck!!!!
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+ How To Eliminate Anxiety Through Inner Awareness +
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~You and Your Body Have A Relationship~
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How the White Jesus is Enslaving the World
**CAUTION**:This video may be controversial. GOOD. Lets raise vibrations.Peace
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African Born In America Traveling In Ghana West Africa
Visit my website www.shop.mynaturalroots.com for Shea Butter, Black Soap, My Published Book, and More!!! My feet on the precious soils of the Motherland once again!!!!More videos to come!!! Peace!!!
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How To Heighten Inner Peace In Human Relationships (Session 2)
Click the Link Below To watch the first session of How To Experience Inner Peace in Human Relationships!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxebkpnybsQ&spfreload=10 Click the Link Below to watch my travels to Ghana, West Africa!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcJK9YzsQtk
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Dreadlock Tams&All Natural Black Soap
Support the Natural Movement!! www.mynaturalroots.com
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+How To Heal Your Body Faster (Afrikan Moringa Smoothie)+
Moringa Oleifera, A Miracle Tree Given From The Most High(Grown in Fertile African Soil) Moringa Oleifera is a highly valued plant, distributed in many countries of the tropics and subtropics. If you are not eating enough vegetables, just simply consume Moringa, and your body will be nourished by a multitude of healing nutrients. Because this particular Moringa was grown in African Soil, and African Soil being known for the some of the richest of nutrients in the world, Embracing Your Natural Roots Moringa possesses healing potential that is off the charts. It has an impressive range of medicinal uses with high nutritional value. Different parts of this plant contain a profile of important minerals, and are a good source of protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, amino acids and various phenolics. The Moringa plant provides a rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol. In addition to its compelling water purifying powers and high nutritional value, M. oleifera is very important for its medicinal value. Various parts of this plant such as the leaves, roots, seed, bark, fruit, flowers and immature pods act as cardiac and circulatory stimulants, possess antitumor, antipyretic, antiepileptic, antiinflammatory, antiulcer, antispasmodic, diuretic, antihypertensive, cholesterol lowering, antioxidant, antidiabetic, hepatoprotective, antibacterial and antifungal activities.
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ONE MILLION VIEWS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
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New Loc Tams!!!!!!
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~Don't You Hate When....~
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~How To Quiet Your Mind~
Remember to visit my website www.mynaturalroots.org for NEW Spiritual Kufi Hats, Documentary of my Travels to Africa, Indian Black Seed Oil, and MORE!!!! FOLLOW ME on Instagram!!!! @wiselockz
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+How To Create Raw Vegan Ital Soup (No Cooking)+
Zayloc23 Travelling to Ghana, West Africa for Agriculture! Look and Support my story here https://www.gofundme.com/AfricanGarveyite
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FREEform Locs In The Holy Bible!
Peace! The word Dread in "dreadlocks" were to describe just how intimidating one was to european colonizers who fully embraced their blackness/african skin and wore locs. Even on auctioning blocks during slavery times in America, Africans had to trim their hair before being sold to appear less intimidating. Hence we see men shaving their beards to go to work, and women being discriminated against when they wear their natural God/Source/Creator given hair. Peace be to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, as your stalls will be mercifully filled ! Remember to check out my FIRST published book and a Documentary of my travels to Ethiopia and Ghana West Africa ! on www.mynaturalroots.org!
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~2yr FREEform Anniversary~
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+ Zayloc23 Jamaica Adventures!!!! (((Part 2))) +
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Freeform Farmer Man!!!!
Give thanks for Life +
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How To Grow Watermelons!!!!
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~..::Real Talk Session #2::..~
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Visit www.mynaturalroots.org !! Visit www.empressdivine.org !!
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Ghana, West Africa Documentary Premier!!!!
GIVE THE VIDEO A LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED! It helps this channel considerably ;) "Experience the Journey of an Afrikan born in America who returs to the Ancient Land of his ancestors. He steps off American Land, where his fellow Africans have mercilessly endured racism, slavery, and the psychological eradication of their Knowledge of Self for hundereds of years. From Miseducation, to Self-Education, Azad returns through the Doors of No Return!!! COMING SOON, COMING SOON, COMING SOON!!!!!!
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