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Funny Comedy - Blind Man School of Driving!
A hilarious commercial for a driving school that caters to the blind! Can the Blind drive? Should the blind Drive? Watch and answer the questions for yourself! You won't be sorry! Stunts along with a clever script, make for a funny ridiculous adventure! See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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Jesus Christ is an Illegal Immigrant - Funny Tales of Immigration!
Two United States Immigration Officers show up at a church to investigate if Jesus Christ is an Illegal Alien.
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Funny Comedy - Late Late Term Abortion
A man's mother is just not happy with how her 34 year old son has turned out, so she is having him aborted as doctors arrive at his door to perform the procedure! Are you even safe from a Late Late Term Abortion? See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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No-Pee - Unwanted Feline Urination Spray - Comedy Spoof!  Funny Spoof!
Funny spoof commercial about how to cure unwanted Feline urination with a new spray!!
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Shamwow's Vince sells super absorbant Tampon: Tampwow!  Funny Comedy Skit!
Hilarious sales job for Shamwow's Vince to sell a super absorbent Tampon called: Tampwow! Vince has his hooker friend with him on camera, who bites Vince's tongue and causes him to commit assault on television! Very funny as Keith Olbermann broke the story to producers, who created this video! "Thank you" to Keith just after the credits! See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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Funny Comedy - Terrorist Suicide Bomber's Training Mission / Those Wacky Terrorists!
Two Terrorists rehearse a suicide bombing mission and talk strategy. What do you do if a student terrorist doesn't do well in terrorist school? Graduate them early? See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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No Text! No Sex!  Funny Skit!
Spoof of the "No Text and Drive" commercials! We believe in the same message, only more! Very funny!
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Blue Collar Comedy - Meatloaf Chef - Redneck Workshop
A spoof of Chef Shows, using a gentleman that goes by the name of Redneck Louie as host. Louie has interesting and gross ideas about preparing and cooking his special meatloaf from his unknown "Meat Source." Enjoy! www.youtube.com/DustyBunsNelson
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Funny Don't Touch Comedy Video
Man takes in his dog to get neutered the same day he gets a vasectomy for himself and there are similarities, yet differences!
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Funny Comedy - DUDE WTF?.mov
A man has his penis pierced and shows off to his friends, but they believe he actually had a sex change! He / She then proceeds to a lesbian bar to pick up girls.
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Dura Out Of Your Cell  Duracell Battery Spoof - comedy skit  funny
Duracell Battery commercial spoof. See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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Funny Limbaugh on Michael Jackson's Death
Rush Limbaugh blames President Obama for Michael Jackson's death, all in Anime!
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Funny History - I'm Sorry I'm Joe Barton, and I Apologize for apologizing! Comedy Funny Ha Ha  Sad
Joe Barton will apologize to anyone, maybe even Hitler? Check out this spoof of Joe Barton speaking his mind then apologizing for apologizing. See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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The Red Plague (Republican Disease) - Political Comedy
A Medical Commercial spoof where a Doctor describes a horrible disease that claimed his own father, the terrible disease is being Republican.
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