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Don't let the cat out of the bag
Clementine loves plastic, and Xena loves harassing her.
Clementine in heat. The reckoning has begun.
This is the one time she really appreciates my company.
Water babies
Xena has started to show interest in water. She is a Maine Coone after all.
Clementine has a new friend.
I have a new baby. Her name is Xena. Shes a warrior princess. This is the second day we had her. Clementine seems to like her :)
Taking a bath with Clementine.
It seems that the spicy nugget and the sweet nugget have come together.
Clementine loves plastic. And Sunshine.
My fiancee has a sweet cat named Clementine and she loves to nuzzle plastic bags for some random yet endearing reason. There was no abuse dont worry I never leave her alone with it!
Penguin hunting. The Maine Coone way.
Unfortunately, Xena has a prejudice against penguins. It's ok, we're working through it. Interspecies relationships are complicated.