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Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL unboxing (Blue Edition)
Here I unbox the Smash Bros themed 3DS XL. Bought it day one from Best Buy. Yes I know the "New" 3DS is coming out but come on, this is TOO sick.
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PlayStation TV WalMart Bundle Lego Movie + Sly Cooper Unboxing
I bought the PlayStation TV Special Walmart bundle that comes with Sly Cooper as well as all the extras the regular Lego Movie bundle comes with for the same price. I was pleasantly surprised after going through a hassle to get this you will see why in the video!
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"Special" Game Boy Advance cartridges + honorable mentions
Here I show you guys some GBA games that have special functions and thus, are produced in a special cartridge. I also throw in some honorable mentions of older gameboy games that have special looking cartridges as well.
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Am I crazy? PS4 vs. new 3DS
I cannot decide if I should get a PS4 or the the new 3DS (small version). I know it sounds like a no-brianer to get the PS4, but just hear me out in the video. I have been wanting the small version of the new 3DS since it was announced and was royally upset when only the XL model made it to the U.S. at first. I just want to know anyone's opinion on my points in the video. Thanks guys!
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Animal Crossing Happy Home Desugner New 3DS unboxing (Standard size edition)
This is an unboxing of the new 3DS bundle that comes with Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, and for the first time in the U.S., the standard size New 3DS, FINALLY!!!!!
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Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed PS Vita quick unboxing (US VERSION)
I wanted to unbox this game for anyone wanting to know, particularly collectors, if this game comes with a manual or any inserts before buying it as it is becoming more common that games don't include physical manuals anymore.
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Why the PS Vita is worth a purchase! My argument
Too many people hate on the vita and give the same lame arguments. Here is my argument as to why it is worth your time.
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Super Smash Bros. 3DS unboxing PLUS Smash Fest Coin
Here I unbox Smash Bros. 3DS and the commemorative coin you got when pre-ordering during the Smash Fest over the summer.
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Pokemon sprite Cover plate No. 072 for New Nintendo 3DS unboxing
Here I unbox cover plate number 072. This one has a bunch of old school pokemon sprites all over it. So Cool!!!!
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River City Tokyo Rumble Unboxing + Giveaway for Retro City Rampage
Unboxing of River City Tokyo Rumble. I also am giving away a digital copy of Retro City Rampage for 3DS. To enter, subscribe and leave a comment with #RetroCity3DS and how you would like to be contacted if you win. Winner chosen at random. Contest runs from October 8th, 2016 thru October 20th, 2016. The 20th is the last day you can enter. Winner will be contacted on the 21st.
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Sly Cooper 4 PS Vita code giveaway details
Be subscribed and comment on this video with the hashtag #SlyVita and you could win this code. The code only works on PS Vita or PS TV systems. Contest ends on March 27th. Winner will be contacted March 28th. BEWARE: code expires on March 31st 2016 so redeem it quickly if you win. Let me know in your comment how you would like to be contacted to receive you code, otherwise I will just message you here on YouTube. Good Luck.
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*Closed Contest* Minecraft Vita Edition
Twitter: @BurnTheBuddha Here I am giving away 2 codes for Minecraft PS Vita Edition Follow my Twitter to enter, send me a picture of your personal Vita Collection! Contest runs from March 17, 2017 - March 29, 2017 Read my reviews: latestvitagames.com
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Club Nintendo Rambling plus Unboxing of NES Remix Pack and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
This is sort of a random video where I unbox Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and NES Remix Pack and then I go on rambling about my thoughts on Club Nintendo ending.
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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Bonus Edition PlayStation Vita Unboxing
I have had my eye on this game for a while and finally picked up a copy.
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Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - Piranha Plant Slide Epic Banana Toss
I managed to no scope Baby Rosalina and bounce a banana peel off of a wall hitting her! lololololol
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Pokemon XY Evolutions booster pack openings
Nostalgia is afoot! I opened 4 packs of XY Evolutions cards. This set is a throwback to the original few sets of Pokemon cards that came out back in the day when they were printed by Wizards of the Coast.
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My time with the Turbografx 16
I tell my story of how I obtained my Turbografx 16 and what I think of it so far.
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Skull Girls  PS Vita import unboxing (STANDARD EDITION)
I unbox Skull Girls PlayStation Vita edition. The standard edition came with some extras so I figured I would show what it came with as I was not expecting it myself.
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WIndjammers PS Vita unboxing Limited Run #91
I unbox the Limited Run version of Windjammers for Playstation Vita. I know it's been a while but I'm back guys!
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Cover Plate No. 34 New Nintendo 3DS
Unboxing of No. 34 Cover Plate for New Nintendo 3DS. It's a "Caution Green" type of color. That's not it's official name, it just looks that way to me. I unboxed this on camera because I didn't see any videos unboxing this color and just thought I would document this for anyone who wants to see it.
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Thift store and pawn shop pick ups
I haven't been out to a flea market or swap meet in a while, but I have gone to a few second-hand stores over the past few days. Got some decent hauls.
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Trip to the flea market! NES games and more galore!
I went to this flea market near where I live. I went twice because the first day I went was a Friday and the people who sell there regularly told me that Fridays are really slow and dead compared to Saturday and Sunday. Knowing that I went on a busier day and found most of the better things in this haul.
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Media Store Pickups (Gamecube and 360)
Some great finds I got from a local media store. This video was done back in July and it wouldn't let me upload it before but here it is now.
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April 20, 2014 Denver, CO
It was dying down around this part.
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Denver April 20, 2014
Was crazy to be a part of this!
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Video game related Collectibles!
What's a video game collection without a few collectables? Here I show some of the game related merchandise I have. I hope to get more of this stuff as time goes on.
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Nintendo Entertainment System finds (along with other things)
I found a deal for 2 Nintendo consoles and some other items on craigslist. These systems are starting out my collection. Sorry about the thick borders on the sides of the video, I was using my phone and holding it upright instead of sideways. I didn't realize at the time I recorded it but the next video will be a wider display.
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Denver, CO April 20, 2014
Just wanted to document this.
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Various game finds (craigslist, Goodwill, eBay)
A lot of great stuff I found for cheap prices! My collection is growing pretty immensely. More Sega, super Nintendo, game boy, and NES finds along with some random accessories. I tried to make this video more organized and shorter in length but I ended up making it pretty long again. I always end up telling a story behind each thing I find so it adds to the time, but I feel half the fun is in the stories that accompany the find anyway. I'm always watching other pick up videos that are way longer in length too so I feel some people won't mind.
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Trip to the flea market #2! Lots of great stuff this time!
Trip to the flea market again! A lot of great stuff this time. I'll try to upload videos faster from now on. Enjoy the video.
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20th Anniversary Dual Shock 4 Unboxing PS4
Here I unbox the special 20th Anniversary Dual Shock 4. It's a controller I have wanted to own since I first heard about it. It has no charging cable though, is that common with the other regular editions?
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Mid Generation Consoles Problem
Are you upset over the new "upgraded" PS4 and Xbox One systems coming out? I would have felt betrayed if I had bought an original already.
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Club Nintendo Platinum reward 2012. Playing cards
I just got these in the mail and their awesome! Platinum status FTW! They leave gold dust on your hands after you handle them though :/ However, they're still legit as fuck.
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