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dbz dream match 4 Buu's inside story
I KNOW THEY SUCK MAJOR DONKEY BALLS!!! I made a vow to finnish posting this toilet upchuck of a seiries!!! anyway, this is my best idea but it still kind sucks! a spoof of maro and luigi BIS but with buu! NO INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!!
pokemon sprite contest 2012
this is my first pokemon sprite contest. ends april 6. winners anounced when I FEEL LIKE IT!!! I dont own any rights, blah,blah,blah. just to be safe: pokmon=nintendo mario=Nintendo music=IDK mater hand=nintendo um...i dont know any others, so i doclaim ANY RIGHTS!!!
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My entry to Miffism's First Pokemon Sprite Contest
yup, I entered and stuff... dont own the music.
my entry for bigG132016's pokemon sprite contest pt.1
yah...part one...cool. i dont own anying. pokemon belongs to nintendo. the music belongs to vonyco and nintendo. cool.
my entry to bigG132016's pokemon sprite contest pt. 2
pt. 2 dont own music dont own pokemon no copyright
DBZ dream match 3 "good vs. evil"
the third dragon ball dream match "duh" and goku must stop the evil entity janemba! its an all out fight with "fight the knight" from sonic and the black knight in the background. I DONT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS OK!?
DBZ dream match 2 royal battle
my second Dragon ball dream match, man im on a roll! deomon king picolo will battle against Saiyan King vageta! music:masked dedede battle "kirby superstar ultra" I DONT CLAIM RIGHTS TO ANYTHING!!!
DBZ dram match 1 "sibling rivalry"
this is the first of many dragon ball dream matches! here frieza and cooler will battle to the death to a minute long recording of the evil count bleck from super paper mario disclaimer:i dont anything used in blablabla! I DONT CLAIM RIGHTS BUTTHEADS!

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