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JMX and WebLogic MBean Objects
You many be comfortable with WebLogic essentials. But if you want to learn advanced WebLogic monitoring, you need learn about WebLogic MBeans. So says integration and infrastructure architect Fevzi Korkutata, founder of Admineer, Inc, and an Oracle ACE Associate.
Oracle ADF, MAF, and JET: What Framework Is Right for You?
If you want to build something, you need the right tools. If you want to develop software, you need the right development framework. In this OTN TechCast, Shay Shmeltzer, director of product management for mobile and development tools, discusses Oracle ADF, MAF, and JET, and reveals how he responds to people who ask, "What framework should I use?"
Extending Oracle Cloud Applications with PaaS4SaaS | Debra Lilley
What are your options for extending cloud applications Oracle ERP and HCM? Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley, Vice President of Cloud Services for Certus Solutions, explains the basics of PaaS4SaaS and the use of the Java Cloud Service to extend cloud apps.
When to Use Oracle SOA Cloud Service
Oracle ACE Robert van Mölken compares Oracle's SOA Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service to help you make the right choice for your requirements.
Oracle Function Result Cache | Steven Feuerstein
Returning for his seventh 2 Minute Tech Tip, Oracle architect and "Oracle PL/SQL Programming 6e" author Steven Feuerstein delivers the details on the Function Result Cache, a feature introduced in Oracle Database 11g that can add a performance boost to your applications.
Trace Your Code - All of It | Cary Millsap
Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap, founder and CEO of Method R Corporation and a software performance specialist with Enkitect, wastes no time in delivering his concise tip based on his three-step development process. Cary is presenting two sessions at ODTUG Kscope 2015: * Lessons Learned Version 2015.06 Jun 24, 2015, Session 14, 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm http://kscope15.com/presenters/presenterlist?last_id=112 * Developer's Toolkit and The Database THURSDAY DEEP DIVE How to Find and Fix Your (APEX, Java, .NET, OBIEE, etc.) Application Performance Problem Jun 25, 2014, 9:00 am - 11:00 am http://kscope15.com/content/10-main/312-thursday-deep-dives#Dev Visit the Method R Corporation homepage: http://method-r.com/
The Importance of Database Design | Heli Helskyaho
Oracle ACE Director Heli Helskyaho is the CEO of Miracle Finland and the author of "Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery" (2015, Oracle Press). Will those impressive credentials help her beat the 2 Minute Tech Tip clock? Watch and see. On When: Jun 22, 2015, Heli will present "What's New with SQL Developer Data Modeler" as part of ODTUG Kscope 2015. For more information see http://bit.ly/1FhqT9n
Programming Languages for the Raspberry Pi | Lonneke Dikmans
The Internet of Things is here, and the Raspberry Pi plays a significant role in the exploration and experimentation happening around IoT. Oracle ACE Director Lonnke Dikmans, an enterprise architect and managing partner at eProseed in the Netherlands, takes you on a two minute journey into the programming languages available for the Raspberry Pi so you can get in on the fun.
Oracle EBS integration with Identity and Access Management for SSO
Oracle ACE Atul Kumar strikes again with this 2 Minute Tech Tip focused on what's involved in integrating Oracle EBusiness Suite with Identity and Access Management in order to establish single sign-on.
Running WebLogic Applications on Docker using the Oracle Container Cloud Service
Rubicon Red software architect Craig Barr shows you how to run a Java WebLogic application within a Docker image, how to test that that locally using Docker Compose, and then push that image to a registry such as DockerHub and from there pull the image to the Oracle Container Cloud Service.
Ravello: A Quick Introduction
You may have heard about Oracle's acquisition of Ravello, but what do you know about the product? In this OTN CommunityCast recorded live at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Stouffer Egan from the Ravello team offers a quick introduction for developers.
Be a Hackathon Winner: 5 Tips
David Lundvall, principal cloud platform architect at Oracle, shares five tips that can help you win one of the Node.js and Java Microservices hackathons being held in the US and Canada. For information on the latest Node.js and Java Microservices Hackathon events: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/events/hackathons/index.html
eDB360 for Oracle Performance and SQL Tuning | Carlos Sierra
Oracle ACE Director Carlos Sierra makes a case for why you should use eDB360, his free Oracle Database performance and SQL tuning tool.
SOA and Integration On-Prem and in the Cloud
Vikas Anand (Senior Director, Product Management, SOA Suite/Integration Cloud Service, Oracle) and Ram Menon (Product Manager, Oracle Integration Cloud Service) join OTN TechCast host Bob Rhubart for a discussion about meeting SOA and integration challenges on-prem and in the cloud.
2MTT: The Cursor FOR Loop | Steven Feuerstein
Oracle Architect and "Oracle PL/SQL Programming" author Steven Feuerstein maxes out his time in this 2 Minute Tech Tip devoted to using the PL/SQL cursor FOR loop.
Creating a Custom SOA Suite Purging Strategy | Matt Brasier
Matt Brasier, head of consulting at C2B2, and co-author of the "Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook," packs a lot of information about creating a custom Oracle SOA Suite purging strategy into his 2 minutes.
Hardware Matters When You Encrypt Your Database | Erik Benner
If you don't want your boss to yell at you, take two minutes to watch this tech tip from Oracle ACE Erik Benner, in which he explains how to avoid database performance issues that can result from encryption.
Real Time Analytics with GoldenGate and Oracle BI Applications | Christian Screen
Oracle ACE Christian Screen sets the bar high with this excellent Business Intelligence tech tip delivered in record-setting time. Christian will present two sessions as part of ODTUG Kscope 2015, June 21-25, 2015 in Hollywood, FL: - Oracle BI Cloud Services: Simply Loading and Querying Data When: Jun 23, 2015, Session 8, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Real-Time BI for the Oracle BI Analytical Applications with ODI and GoldenGate When: Jun 24, 2015, Session 15, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm For more information please see: http://bit.ly/1Kgkdu2 For more Business Intelligence insight from Christian Screen, visit his blog: http://www.artofbi.com/ For information on Christian's book, "Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial," please visit http://bit.ly/1Kgknl3
Working with JSON and APEX | Dimitri Gielis
Oracle ACE Director Dimitri Gielis, an expert in Oracle Application Express, shares insight on working with JSON and APEX in this 2 Minute Tech Tip. Dimitri is presenting two sessions at ODTUG Kscope 2015, June 21-25, 2015 in Hollywood, FL. - A Primer on Web Components in APEX When: Jun 22, 2015, Session 4, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm - How to Make APEX Print Through Node.js When: Jun 23, 2015, Session 5, 8:30 am - 9:30 am For more information please visit: http://bit.ly/1Ab5fCz For a deeper dive into working with JSON and APEX, please visit Dimitri's blog: http://dgielis.blogspot.com
How to Win a Hackathon | Laurie Pattison
Laurie Pattison, Senior Director for User Experience with Oracle and one of the organizers of an ongoing series of Internet of Things hackathons, shares tips on how to win a hackathon. For up to date information on hackathons and design jams, make sure you visit the APPS UX Innovation Events blog: https://blogs.oracle.com/UXInnovationEvents/ For information on the IoT Hackathon being held September 15-16, 2015 in Utrecht, please visit: http://www.eproseed.com/iot/
Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data | Michael Rainey
Oracle ACE Director Michael Rainey gives you a full two minutes on Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data, including insight on its integration with Kafka.
Three Words about Oracle APEX | Joel Kallman
What to you need to know about developing database application with Oracle APEX? Three simple words, according to APEX product director Joel Kallman.
New Features in Oracle Database 12.2
SQL Developer Evangelist Chris Saxon devotes his fourth 2 Minute Tech Tip to an exploration of new features in Oracle Database 12.2.
How Does This Code Make You Feel? - Interview with PL/SQL Expert Steven Feuerstein
Steven Feuerstein is an architect with Oracle's Database tools team, the author of "Oracle PL/SQL Programming" (now in it's sixth edition from O'Reilly), and he's a keynote speaker at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference, coming up on May 13-14, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. In this interview Steven talks about his Great Lakes Oracle Conference keynote, "Coding Therapy for Software Developers, aka How does This Code Make You Feel?" and about why it's ok to say "I don't know." For more information on the Great Lakes Oracle Conference please see: https://www.neooug.org/gloc/
2MTT: Tools for SOA Governance and API Management
Oracle ACE Luis Weir attempts to deliver a tech tip listing 20 recommended tools for SOA governance, API management, and configuration management in two minutes. Can he do it? Will he need emergency oxygen? Luis's tip is based on a post from his blog: http://www.soa4u.co.uk/2014/09/soa-api-development-tools-tips.html Don't forget to cast your vote for this tip! You can view Luis's entire list of recommended SOA/API tools in this post on his blog: http://www.soa4u.co.uk/2014/09/soa-api-development-tools-tips.html
Building an Oracle Integration Cloud Service Integration in 2 Minutes
Oracle ACE Robert van Molken and ACE Associate Phil Wilkins, authors of "Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service," (2017, Packt Publishing) demonstrate how to create an OICS integration in just 2 minutes.
Four Questions on the Oracle Integration Cloud Service
Is the Oracle Integration Cloud Service right for you? The answer depends on how you respond to the three other questions posed in this 2 Minute Tech Tip from Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco and ACE Associate Arturo Viveros, otherwise known as the SOA Mythbusters. Check out the SOA Mythbusters Blog: https://soamythbusters.wordpress.com/ Listen to a podcast featuring Rolando and Arturo, along with Oracle ACE Director Luis Weir, in which they discuss Oracle API Management Implementation: http://bit.ly/1N7b33r
Oracle EBS Integration with OAM | Atul Kumar
In this 2 Minute Tech Tip Oracle ACE Atul Kumar, author of "Oracle Identity and Access Manager 11g for Administrators" and founder of K21 Technologies, shares his insight into the role Oracle Unified Directory plays in the integration of Oracle E Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager.
On Demand Rules in HFM | Erich Ranz
Erich Ranz, a financial IT consultant with Finit Solutions, packs a lot of information into his tip on working with the on demand rules in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.
Using Oracle Statspack | Kiran Tailor
Making his second appearance in a 2 Minute Tech Tip, Oracle ACE Associate Kiran Tailor, Senior DBA and Solutions Architect with CIMA, demonstrates how to use Statspack, the performance diagnostic tool included in Oracle Database.
Implementing a Case Management Solution with Oracle Technologies | Leon Smiers
Oracle ACE Leon Smiers, a solution architect with Capgemini and the author of "Oracle Case Management Solutions" (2015, CRC Press) delivers a brief overview of the various Oracle on-prem and cloud technologies that can be used in a case management solution.
Cardinal Sins in OBIEE Development
Confess! Are you commiting one of these cardinal sins in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition development projects? Heed the words of Oracle ACE Associate Christian Berg in this 2 Minute Tech Tip.
Error Handling and Recovery in Oracle BPM12c | Antonis Antoniou
Oracle ACE Director and eProseed Technical Director Antonis Antoniou puts the pedal to the metal with this tip on two new developer-centric error handling and recovery features in Oracle BPM12c. Antonis's tip is based on his OTN technical article, "Oracle BPM 12c Advanced Error Handling and Recovery - Part 1" https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-910406
Architecting APIs for the Enterprise
Oracle ACE Director Luis Weir devotes his two minutes to a tip on architecting APIs for the enterprise, and on three keys types of APIs. The group Luis mentions at 1:55 is Open Modern Enterprise Software Architecture (OMESA), a private discussion group within the Oracle Technology Network community. To request membership, please leave a comment. https://community.oracle.com/groups/omesa
Integrating Oracle Entitlements Server with ADF Security | Ganesh Kamble
Oracle Access Manager implementation specialist and senior technical consultant Ganesh Kamble presents a 2 Minute Tech Tip based on his recent article for the Oracle Technology Network: https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-909893
Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway: A Nuts-and-Bolts Introduction
You may have heard of Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway, but do you really know what it is? No worries! Product Manager Jan Hendrik Mangold use his two minutes and then some to deliver a detailed, nuts-and-bolts introduction in this video Tech Tip.
Tuning Use Cases for PaaS4SaaS Success | Julian Orr
Julian Orr, Senior Usability Engineer at Oracle, describes key steps you can take in your PaaS4SaaS project to insure that you're not just building the thing right, but that you're building the right thing.
Steve Daheb: Why Cloud? Why Oracle?
Minutes after delivering "Integrate, Accelerate and Lead with the Oracle Cloud Platform," his Oracle CloudWorld DC presentation, Steve Daheb, (SVP Oracle Cloud – IaaS, PaaS, Security, Mobile, Analytics) stopped by the OTN booth to talk about the key takeaway from his session and about how Oracle is helping customers who may be suffering from cloud anxiety.
Docker, Microservices, and the Cloud
Oracle ACE Director Frank Munz shares a great example of the scalability possible with Docker containers in this 2 Minute Tech Tip recorded at the Sangam 2016 conference in Bangalore, India.
REST API and Push Listener in Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
Oracle ACE Associate Phil Wilkins, enterprise integration architect with SpecSavers, shares bit of insight about key features he finds particularly useful in the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service.
Avoiding Datatype Selection Problems | Christian Antognini
Oracle ACE Director Christian Antognini, partner and senior principal consultant at Trivadis AG, has spent 20 years troubleshooting performance issues with applications using Oracle Database. Recently the most common problems he sees are a direct result of incorrect datatype selection. In this 2 Minute Tech Tip recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Christian discusses what can go wrong and how to avoid it.
Build, Test and Deploy with WebLogic 12 and Maven
The use of agile development methodologies, coupled with continuous integration services, is a growing trend in the IT industry, providing IT with the ability to confidently and reliably execute on development projects. Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 continues to extend its level of support with Apache Maven, enabling it to be easily and efficiently used within these modern development practices. In this video Steve Button demonstrates the new Maven-related capabilities in Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2, including the ability to push Oracle Database libraries into a Maven repository using a standardized set of project object models. You'll also learn to use enhancements in the Oracle WebLogic Server Maven plug-in to execute goals without a local installation, and we'll explore the new archetypes to help jump-start development projects.
2MTT: Using SYS_CONTEXT to Secure Your Database Environment | Rob Lockard
Database expert Rob Lockard put in a lot of practice to deliver his 2 Minute Tech Tip on using SYS_CONTEXT to help secure your database environment -- and the effort paid off. Rob crosses the finish line with time to spare. Rob will be presenting at ODTUG Kscope 2015: http://kscope15.com/component/seminar/seminarslist#A%20Holistic%20Approach%20to%20Database%20Security Rob is also speaking at the Oracle User Group Estonia's Harmony 15 conference in June: https://www.ouge.eu/wp/2015/01/harmony-2015-call-for-papers/
Improve Your Oracle ADF App Response Time by as Much as 70 Percent
Performance needs to be ingrained in your application -- it cannot be added in during the last stages of development. Oracle ADF applications are no exception to this rule. In this video Frank Houweling, senior Java, Oracle ADF, and SOA specialist at AMIS Technologies, discusses how you can optimize the performance of your Oracle ADF Fusion application, diagnose and solve typical performance problems, and build an efficient, responsive, scalable ADF application that circumvents common bad practices. This video was originally presented as part of the Oracle ACE Track during the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day event "Oracle ADF Development -- Web, Mobile and Beyond."
Large Datasets and R? Use the Features of Oracle R Enterprise!
2 Minute Tech Tip by Oracle ACE Associate Marteen Smeets, integration Consultant at AMIS Services.
2MTT: Properly Sizing Your AWR Warehouse | Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
Moments after one of her sessions at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference in Cleveland, OH, Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, a consulting member of the technical staff for Oracle Enterprise Manager, delivered this tip on properly sizing the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) in your Oracle Database. For more insight from Kellyn check out her blog: http://dbakevlar.com/
WebLogic Zero Downtime (ZDT)
Is an Australian beach the perfect location for a 2 Minute Tech Tip on updating/upgrading production environments and deploying applications using the Zero Downtime feature in Oracle WebLogic? You be the judge.
Flashback Data Archive | Chris Saxon
Oracle SQL developer advocate Chris Saxon returns for his third 2 Minute Tech Tip with a quick look at how the Flashback Data Archive in Oracle Database can make it easy to track and store changes to your data.
Simplicity of DBaaS with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c | Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
Cloning makes it easy to provision databases, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c makes cloning easy -- including snap clones. Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman explains in this tip recorded on May 19, 2016 at the Great Lake Oracle Conference.
2MTT: Accelerating Development and Testing Using Data Virtualization | Tim Gorman
Oracle ACE Director and Delphix technical consultant Tim Gorman uses up all of his time for this 2 Minute Tech Tip. Tim is presenting the following sessions at ODTUG Kscope 2015: - Hands-On Training: Oracle Database Security: Frustrating the Patient Intruder - Accelerating DevOps with Data Virtualization Click here for more information: http://bit.ly/1FCDu4j

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