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97D Rifle Tour III
A movie tour of the E. Arthur Brown Co. 97D Rifle showing the action opened, closed, cocked, fired, and ejected.
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EABCO Model 97D Rifle Function Test
Single shot falling block Brown 97D Rifle showing how the action is opened, loaded, fired, and ejected. The 97D is evolved from the IHMSA World Championship BF Falling Block Pistol.
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Aspirin Shoot 2009 - 97D Rifle in 17 HMR
Shooting baby aspirin at 50 yards with the 97D Rifle in 17 HMR. Exhibition shooting, or trick shooting to show the accuracy or the 97D single shot rifle and what superb marksmanship can do with it. Andrea "Andy" Giambi set up and performed this shooting demonstration.
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Hawke Riflescopes Ballistic Reticle Software
A movie showing how Hawke Riflescopes BRC software computes distances for Ballistic Plex style reticles.
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How To Apply Imperial Dry Neck Sizing Lube
A short demonstration of Redding Reloading's Imperial Application Media with Dry Neck Lube.
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97D Rifle Demonstration
The 97D is a custom made-to-order rifle from E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc. This video shows loading, firing, and ejection of 6.5mm BRM Bench Rest Magnum ammunition. The 97D is inherently accurate, natural pointing, and fun to shoot. The basic rifle doesn't cost much more than a mass production Ruger No. 1.
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Dancing Aspirin Shoot 2010
Shooting aspirin tablets at 100 yards with the 97D Single Shot Rifle. Andy Giambi shoots dancing aspirin with a 6.5mm BRM big game cartridge. Wind causes the aspirins to sway or dance and causes bullet wind deflection that adds difficulty. 6.5 mm ammo is popular and this is a neat demonstration of accuracy and the single shot Model 97D Rifle made by E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc.
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Bronco Floor Squeegee by Dean Brown
Video and story of the Bronco Industrial Floor Squeegee developed by Dean Brown ph. 612-963-9159. A heavy duty squeegee shown, explained, and demonstrated on wet and dry material. Ordering info is at http://www.eabco.com/Squeegee_Floor.htm
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Long Range Shooting with 97D Single Shot Rifle and Berger Bullets
Long range marksmanship shooting a milk jug at 700 yards with the Brown 97D Rifle and 6.5mm BRM cartridge shooting Berger Bullets. Demonstrating accuracy and power with mild recoil. Applicable to deer hunting, antelope hunters, elk hunting, and target shooters. The 97D is a single shot rifle of modern design.
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Fun With the 97D Rifle
A little movie showing the 97D Rifle on a Prairie Dog shooting trip. Staring Ricky Williams as the varmint hunter. Filmed and narrated by Eben Brown.
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Muzzle Brakes from E. Arthur Brown Company
A short movie showing several types of muzzle brakes on rifles and handguns in hunting and shooting scenes.
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Rix Compressor Back Pressure Regulators
Demonstration of back pressure regulators on a RIX SA-3E Scuba compressor. Using gauges to show pressure build up before each regulator releases air to the next stage. - This is a demonstration of how two back pressure regulators work on my RIX SA-3E Scuba compressor. Back pressure regulators and/or PMV valves are needed to settle and condense moisture so it can be drained from the system before filtration. - I have two black colored moisture collector towers that are standard for the RIX. I have installed a pressure gauge on the line after the 2nd moisture tower. After that is a gold colored over pressure valve. Then after that is the gold colored rectangular shaped RIX "Back Pressure Regulator" which has a pressure gauge on top. This device is factory set to block air flow until the pressure reaches 1800 psi. The gauge on top registers pressure in the line AFTER the Back Pressure Regulator so, you won't see the needle move until the first gauge reaches 1800 psi of pressure. - With the help of my compressor guru AntiqueDiver, I have added a filter array that has yet another Back Pressure Valve just before the gauge that registers the pressure in the tank I'm filling. The needle in this gauge does not move until the back pressure in the filter array reaches 1500 psi. - This crudely edited video gives an unscripted, unsophisticated oral explanation and then you can watch the needles as the compressor runs. Please excuse the background scenery... I have the compressor set up in our utility room for the winter.
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Hawke vs Leupold Rifle Scopes (Early Model Hawke Endurance Scope)
A comparison between an early model Hawke Endurance riflescope and the Leupold Vari-X II riflescopes. The early model Hawke Endurance riflescope was a reasonably priced scope with surprisingly nice features, especially when compared to the much more expensive Leupold Vari-X II riflescope. Both scopes are 3-9x40mm variable power.
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Reloading Ammunition for Accuracy and Reliability
A simplified reloading method on how to reload ammunition for the best accuracy, fit, and function in your gun. How to eliminate frame flex when resizing brass. Basic cleaning, trimming, and chamfering brass. Test fitting your brass. Priming. Setting up your bullet seater die. Test fitting with a seated bullet. How to use a powder measure and electronic scale. And finally, how to assemble complete cartridges.
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Adjusting the Gold Standard Trigger
How to adjust the Majestic Arms Gold Standard trigger for Ruger Mark II, Ruger Mark III, and Ruger Mark IV pistols. Explains why, how, and demonstrates adjusting the trigger on a Ruger MK IV 22/45 Lite. This trigger was the brainchild of the late Dino Longueira, RIP.
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Shooting a Deer Decoy at 400 Yds
A short video of our attempt to set off a "Reactive Target" inside a deer decoy from a distance of 400 yards. Unfortunately the exploding canister didn't go off. However, the repeated kill zone hits at 400 yards show what's possible with the 97D Rifle in the hands of an accurate shooter.
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Lightnin' 10/22 Magazine
The Lightnin' 10/22 Clip Loader by McFadden features adaptors to fit many specific aftermarket magazines (not just 10/22) but does NOT fit Ruger factory 10/22 mags.
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X-7 Bulls Bag Shooting Rest System
A short movie showing the X-7 Bulls Bag rifle rest system in several configurations. Its 7 shooting bags in one and configures up to 44 different way to rest your rifle or pistol for accurate shooting.
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Alexandria Gun Club in Alexandria, MN
The Nicest Little Shooting Range in Minnesota - A rifle and pistol shooting range located in Alexandria, MN. A place to shoot, sight in, and practice for gun owners.
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Vintage Lake Diving with an Angel
A modern diver with vintage double hose regulator and vintage 38 cf tank diving in a Minnesota lake and sees an Angel at 16 ft deep.
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X7 Bulls Bag Rifle Rest Video II
A high resolution movie about the X-7 Bulls Bag Rifle Rest or Shooting Rest system that features the squeeze rest Bulls Bag feature in a system of 7 shooting rest sand bags that can configure in over 40 different ways to suit every shooting situation.
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Sea Hunt Forever Cast Buddies 2017
Photos of Sea Hunt Forever 2017 cast members taken by Jill Brown Mar 4-5, 2017 at Silver Springs Florida, Springs Fest.
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Scuba Tank Tumbler
I used a reloading brass tumbler for tumbling rust from the inside of a Scuba tank. Set it at an angle to tumble the bottom. Used a board with grease to rest against the bottom. Pretty simple solution for something you will only use for tumbling tanks a few times in your life.
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Snark III with DA Aqua Master Exhaust Can
We converted a Snark III Fire fighter's regulator to underwater Scuba by replacing the front can with a DA Aqua Master exhaust can and Double Hose breathing loop.
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SwimJim's Divair Regulator
A restored vintage Divair double hose scuba regulator with Hope-Page mouthpiece diving down to 130 feet deep with perfect function.
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Fall Colors Scuba Trip to Fortune Pond 2018
A group of vintage double hose divers meets up with some tech divers at Fortune Pond. Sheriffdiver Ron unveals his RED Wetsuit to celebrate the red suit warn by James Bond in the Thunderball movie. The vintage divers do a Thunderball Theme Dive with Ron riding a scooter and wearing the red suit and Voit gear.
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Richie the Shark
Vintage double hose diver Rich celebrates his 60th birthday diving with a Shark Fin attached to his tank. He's also wearing a vintage "dog bone" backpack with vintage steel AquaLung tank and Phoenix Royal Aqua Master double hose regulator.
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Back Flow Test of a RIX SA3 Compressor.
Using a business card to test for excessive back flow from the intake filter. If the card sticks, its not too much back flow. There is a minute amount of backflow through the first stage of all RIX SA compressor units.
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We fitted a Fire fighters Snark III regulator with a DA Aqua Master exhaust can and double hose regulator hoses and mouthpiece.
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RIX SA3 Compressor
My RIX Sweet Air SA3 scuba compressor is filling Twin 50s at 3.2 cfm (actual FAD) at 2260 rpm. Video shows Olmeva 6000 filtration system and back pressure plumbing while the compressor is running.
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