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Dolphins detect pregnancy in humans
Moreton Island dolphins at Tangalooma
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Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb's Funeral In His Home Town Outside London
The Bee Gees were use to very large crowds, but as Robin Gibb was laid to rest outside London today his brother Barry remarked he'd never seen one with so much love. The 62 year old died last month after a battle with cancer. 09 June 2012 Ten News Australia
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Robin Gibb Bee Gees Dies From Cancer
National Nine News Queensland 21 May 2012
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Jackie Kennedy Body Guard Reveals Untold Facts of the Presidents Assassination
It was a moment that shocked the world and tonight more secrets are revealed about the assassination of John F Kennedy. For the first time, the agent who protected Jackie Kennedy has given a graphic insight into exactly what happened on that fateful day. 06 April 2012 Seven News Queensland
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Bee Sting Victim From Townsville Recovers After Attack While On Bushwalk
WIN News Queensland 15 May 2012
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Queensland's $400 million dollar Prison near Gatton
Queensland's newest $400 million dollar jail unveiled to Nine News.
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ACA Australia Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga performs live on ACA with Tracey Grimshaw
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Queensland Elections Flashback - Seven News Queensland
The fight for your vote - remarkable film from deep inside our archives reveals how campaigning and election night has dramatically changed over the past 40 years. Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen Bob Hawke ALP in Redlands 1972 Clem Jones campaigns in Ashgrove 18 March 2012 Seven News Queensland
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Mystery Craters Near Bundaberg, Queensland - Seven Local News Rewind
Peter Byrne takes a look at one of Queensland's most puzzling geological mysteries. Decades of digging by scientists all over the world has failed to shed light on the origins of the mystery craters neat Bundaberg. Seven Local News, Sunshine Coast 19 February 2013
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Australian Airline Industry Flashback
Bruce Paige revisits the past Australian Airlines that graced our skies. Nine News Queensland 19 November 2011
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Seven Flashback - Queensland Grand Opening History and Airport Link Opening
In this Seven News Flashback, walking into history, the race to be first. Next Sunday, 20,000 people are expected to walk through Brisbane's new Airport Link tunnel. Many more were first to concur the Gateway Bridge in 1986. Seven News Queensland 08 July 2012
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Sunshine Coast Persimmon Growers Bountiful 2012 Crops
Exotic fruit lovers can look forward to a bountiful supply of persimmons this season. Farmers say they have experienced the best growing conditions in years, but are struggling to sell the fruit locally. Grant Bignell - Agri-Science Queensland Stephen Jeffers - Pringle Road Farms Sarah Sinclair - WIN News Reporter WIN News, Sunshine Coast 27 March 2012
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Mount Tibrogargan Climber Falls 80 metres. Member for Glass House Andrew Powell comments
Community leaders have ruled out calls for tougher controls of recreational climbers on the Glass House Mountains, despite Sundays serious accident. A 30 year old man fell approximately 80 metres from the Eastern side of Mt Tibrogargan. Local councillor Anna Grosskruetz wants a permit system managed by Parks and Wildlife, however the Local Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell disagrees. "Unfortunately we can't legislate for idiots, the Government can only do so much, but at the end of the day people need to take responsibility for some of their own actions."
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Crocodile Sighting Confirmed in Mary River at Maryborough
A salt water crocodile has been spotted in the Mary River by a commercial fisherman and the sighting has been confirmed with photos released by authorities today. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers are now set to trap the 3.5m reptile. Queensland Environmental Minister, Andrew Powell says "our northern cousins are probably wondering what all the excitement is about, they live with crocs all the time but it's been many, many years since a confirmed croc sighting in the Mary River". The crocodile will be trapped and moved to a wild life park and live his life out in captivity. WIN News Sunshine Coast 02 May 2012
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Funny - Australian Police Pull Over Motorist For Amber Light
Police pull over a motorist for driving through a yellow traffic light. The exchange between police and the motorist became funny when the police refused to acknowledge the motorist had done nothing wrong.
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Anti US Protests By Muslims Turns Violent In Sydney Streets of Australia
The violent anti US protest that shut down Sydney turning the city streets into a bloody battle field have been condemned by leaders on all levels. Six police officers and 17 others were injured when the demonstrations spiraled into chaos. Six men were charged, one faced court today. Ten News, Australia 16 September 2012
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President Barack Obama Visit To Darwin Australia
17 November 2011 Ten News Queensland Australia
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Tony Abbotts Tries Bolting From Federal Parliament Chamber During Division Vote
There were incredible scenes in Federal Parliament as Tony Abbott bolted from the Chamber to avoid voting with Craig Thomson. Ten News Queensland 30 May 2012
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Organic Farm Share Kyogle - Alf Orpen
Nearly 140 families have invested in the Organic Farm Share land at Kyogle. Regional Flavours Festival in Brisbane will showcase the Organic Farm Share concept.
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USA President Barack Obama Visits Troops in Darwin Australia
Ten News Queensland 17 November 2011
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How Strawberries Are Planted, Grown, Picked and Packed Before Being Sent To The Supermarket
Strawberry Picking Farm on the Sunshine Coast at Gowinta Farms. Here's a snap shot of the strawberry picking season on the Sunshine Coast's largest strawberry farm. www.gowinta.com.au
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3 Killed Australian Troops Arrive Home At Amberly Airbase
The bodies of Lance Corporal Luke Gavin, Corporal Ashley Burt and Captain Bryce Duffey were flow into the Amberly Airbase. 06 November 2011
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Daniel Morcombe News - Rob Brough fights tears during Seven News August 15, 2011
Comments can not be left on this video so the case involving the accused man can not be jeopardised.
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Royal Yacht Britannia Sails into Brisbane in 1970 - Seven News Flashback
23.10.2011 Seven News Queensland Flashback
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Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee - Coronation Fountain Built, Then Scrapped in Brisbane Australia
How Queensland snubbed the Queen. We enjoy a Public Holiday on the 11th of June 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee, but a fountain in Brisbane to honour the Queens Silver Jubilee was scrapped and the Palace was not amused. Seven News Queensland 10 June 2012
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Julia Gillard Shows Polling on Kevin Rudd Weeks Before His Fall As Prime Minister
News from Canberra, Julia Gillard has been accused of showing people secret polling, damaging to Kevin Rudd before she moved to topple him for the Prime Ministership. The claim is part of the fallout from 4 Corners interview on the 13th of February 2012 Nine News Queensland 14 February 2012
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Queenslands New Prison Opens ini Gatton
Queenslands newest jail has opened its doors in Gatton ready to house hundreds of the states prisoners. But critics say the multi million dollar state of the art facility is a waste of money that could fail prisoners, staff and the community. ABC News Queensland 23 December 2011
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Ashley Birt & Luke Gavin Funerals
Funerals have been held at both ends of the State for two of three diggers shot dead by a rogue Afghan soldier in October 2011. A private service honoured Lance Corporal Luke Gavin in Townsville, while almost 2000 people turned out to farewell one of Gympie's favourite sons, Corporate Ashley Birt. Seven Queensland News 14 November 2011
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Scott Emerson Reveals Confronting Rail Crossing Campaign Across Queensland
Staggering figures in stupidity today. Almost 500 Queensland drivers took their chances against an oncoming train at a level crossing last year. The State Government is hoping revealing the shocking statistics will make drivers think twice. WIN News Queensland 22 June 2012
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Kawana Seafood - Bill Bannister Mutton Birds in brine
A Kawana seafood store stocking a New Zealand delicacy says that sales are soaring with the Mutton Birds (in brine) Bill Bannister, Kawana Seafood
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Ian Bruce Turpie Dies at 68 - Australian Game Show Icon from The Price Is Right
Australia's entertainment industry is coming to terms with the death of one of its most enduring and loved talents, Ian Turps Turpie. A singer and actor, the 68 year old was best known as host of Australia's The Price Is Right. Seven News Queensland 11 March 2012
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Queen Elizabeth II Visits Brisbane, Queensland 2011
Queen Elizabeth II takes a boat ride along the Brisbane River, viewing the bounce back the city has seen after the floods in January. 24.10.2011 Seven News Queensland
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Killer Whales Hunt Sharks Onto Beach in New Zealand
Beach goers have captured spectacular images of a killer whale hunting a pack of sharks off the Southern tip of New Zealand. One shark is so desperate to escape it swims onto the shore. Ten News Queensland 30 December 2011
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ACMA Investigation into Kyle Sandilands Comments on Radio
Shock jock Kyle Sandilands attack on a female journalist has come back to bite him. He's been found guilty of breaching the broadcasting code. The Communications watchdog says his tirade was derogitory and unacceptable and has threatened to pull his Sydney radio station 2Day FM off the air. Chris Chapman - ACMA Chairman NINE News, Queensland 27 March 2012
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Air Australia Collapse Costs Australian Cheerleading Squad $70,000 & Chance At Winning Glory
The plot continues to thicken in the Air Australia collapse with revelations the airline made a desperate plea 4 months ago for assistance. It's salt in the wound for customers fighting to get their money back. The MDC Superstar Cheerleaders spent $70,000 on flights in cash with Air Australia to make the 2012 Hawaiian Aloha Championships. Sadly their dreams have been dashed. Air Australian boss, Michael James denied the business was in trouble just 12 hrs before the collapse of the airline. Michelle Felsman Chloe Koina Emma Stewart Nine News, Queensland Reporter Simon Ward 23 February 2012
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Rodeo Star Ethan Francis Junior Cowboy in Queensland
A pint sized cowboy could be Australia's next rodeo star. The 9 year old have just been named North Queensland's Junior Cowboy Champion for the third year in a row. Ethan Francis from Edmonton, Cairns dominated in the calf riding and barrel racing. 29 December 2011
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Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Polite Dummy Spit Swearing
Kevin Rudd has the most polite dummy spit I've ever seen. Sunrise, Channel 7 19 February 2012
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Chenoa Trama Gives Birth To Triplets In Nambour Hospital On The Sunshine Coast
A Nambour women and her three new bouncing bundles of joy have made the history books, the first on the Sunshine Coast in almost two decades. The addition of triplets brings Chenoa Trama's brood to five and was all done the natural way. WIN News, Sunshine Coast 07 September 2012
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Fraser Coast Council in Australia Votes To Remove Fluoride From Town Water Supply
WIN News, Sunshine Coast 20 February 2013
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The Australian Nougat Company, Sunshine Coast - Regional Flavours
Australian Nougat Company will be at the 2011 Regional Flavours Festival this weekend 30th - 31st of July, 2011. www.regionalflavours.com.au www.gowinta.com.au
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Gowinta Farms Strawberry Picking Canteen Fundraiser
In 2010, Gowinta Farms donated its entire strawberry farm to CanTeen to raise money for young people diagnosed with cancer. 100% of profits from the pick your own strawberries went to the charity. Strawberry picking occurs between May to November each year at the farm. Gowinta Farms is just 4.5km from Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. www.gowinta.com.au
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