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Our feed and my thoughts on Organic
I started this video the first day in March and am just finally getting it up. I just wanted to show you what we feed and a few of the reasons why I don't believe in organic farming. 1 in 8 Americans went to a food bank last year, and while you watch this video over 200 people will die of starvation. As farmers it is our job to use all technological advances as safely as possible to help feed more people. I am a terrible speaker and definitely a little rusty in this video, so my apologies for that. Hope I don't bore ya too much, just my take on things.
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Hauling beans/ farm girl
So Monday morning my first load of beans in I blew a tire, took out my airline to my brakes, we were hauling about a half hour from home (one way) was about a 4 hour trip for me.
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Year end review 2011, farm girl, family farm
I am so proud to work on our family dairy and crop operation. We work hard everyday to care for our land and animals. It's more than just a job, its our livelyhood and passion. I do not own any rights to this song. It's Jason Aldean, Fly Over Town.
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The Good life/ One republic/ farm girl
In honor of June being dairy month I wanted to throw together some clips of my Good life. The song is by One republic and it is certainly how I feel. Farming isn't just a busy job with long hours. It truely is a lifestyle, I own no rights to the music
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Oh for the love of tranistion barns/ the farm girl
I moved calves the other day. I just wanted to show what a great environment "transition barns" can be. These animals stay dry, clean, warm, and happy. They have unlimited water and feed supply and still have plenty room to run around. When they are in pens like these cattle are much easier to take care of. These type of facilities allow producers to take even better care of their animals.
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Dairy Farm/ Freestall barn/ Farm girl
Freestall barns are a great place for cattle. Ours stay cool, comfortable, clean, and happy. We strive to have healthy, well taken care of animals.
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Corn harvest 2011, farm girl, family farm,
I'm happy I got my grandpa in a video. He started our operation with horses and a plow. Its such a neat thing to still have him around and get to experience the many changes in agriculture he has got to see over 80+ years. We had a bountiful harvest this year and it almost went too fast! :) We got done on Oct 27th, (also Zachs bday) so it was a great bday for him as well
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CALF PULLING 101 / Farm girl
Had a chance to set my camera down while pulling a VERY big calf from a cow. While she is in pain, we have not induced any more than she would have had having the calf herself. She needed help, and If I wouldn't have pulled the calf, within a few hours, the calf would have died, and she could have had many complications from dirty uterus to nerve damage. The cow is doing well, and the calf is a spunky bugger (and always hungry). EVERY day we help cows that are in need of us. Their optimal health is a huge priority to us and we do everything we can to ensure maximum comfort and happiness. (After all, that's how we get a cow to milk her best)
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Drought of 2012 our corn harvest/the real farm girl
Merry Chirstmas Everyone!! I promise to have more videos coming for 2013. Hope the drought didnt affect you too much, we got hit hard. it has been a hard year with no rain.
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Corn Silage 2011, farm girl, farming, chopping corn silage
We had a fabulous corn silage crop this year. I am slightly behind on getting videos up. We have been very busy but I have quite a few I will be getting up in the up coming weeks!
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2009 A family farm year in review, the farm girl
the song is "The story" by Brandi Carlile-I don't own it. The song has a lot of meaning for me, not a typical song you would here with a farm video. I feel so blessed to do what I do, and feel I am made to care for animals. Producers please get out there and tell your story.
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Hauling corn stalk bales/ Happy Thanksgiving/farm girl/ family farm
Just a some clips of our annual corn stalk bale hauling and jumping. Hands down one of my favorite memories as a kids was jumping bales with my siblings and cousins. Now we just have 4 times as many to jump!! It's great bedding for our animals and then when we are "done" with it it gets hauled back out to the field with the manure and provides vital nutrients for the soil!
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My daily entertainment, moving fields, combining beans, farm girl
I have to find something to keep myself entertained when I'm sitting in a truck all day.
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Cornsilage 2010/ farm girl
We didn't get as much corn silage done as we would have hoped. It kept raining us out, and with excess heat the corn dried down too fast. If it's lower than 60% you start loosing the quality for corn silage. We finished with about 4,000 ton while normally we have 7,000 ton. We will end up rationing the corn silage and adding more haylage
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The "round-up"  :)
This is a great example why I always bring my horse to sort out of the pasture. I love Ange-she is the best video commentator I know :). Another great rainy day.
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Chopping haylage with Katy Perry :) 2011 1st Cutting/ Farm girl
Just a few quick clips of our first crop of hay. We will have 3 more this summer, and we were very blessed the first one got put up well
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Chores, winter 2011, life on the farm, feeding calves, family farm/ farm girl
Chores during the winter can be somewhat of a challenge, with temps well below zero, we have to make sure all our cattle have extra food to ensure proper amounts of energy to keep themselves warm. In the winter I increase the level of milk-replacer each calf gets to ensure proper nutrition. Chores during the winter usually take longer, things freeze up, snow makes it harder to get around, but it doesn't matter if it's 50 below, we will always be out there putting our animals needs ahead of our own, as it is our responsibility to make sure they are well fed and cared for, especially when the weather is like this.
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A Family Farm, A year in review 2008- farm girl
PLEASE READ!! I know 2009 is almost done but I wanted to get my 2008 pics on here. It's been raining for a week straight so I havn't had allot to video. Over 2 million farms in the U.S. are family owned compared to only 7,000 non-family owned corperations. America's farmers still have the same values. We have embraced technology and have gotten bigger to survive and run the best operations we can. Farms would not be better off if they were the same as back in the olden days, nor would you be because your supply of food would be so much more limited. Would your personal life be better off without the advantages of email, cell phones, and the auto start on your car? We are not trying to make a quick buck, we are changing with the times. Bigger is substainable when managed properly, and technology is helping us ensure better quality products and heathlier animals. Song: Travis Tritt, Where Corn Dont' Grow
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Corn harvest and snow/ combining corn/ the farm girl
clips of harvest for the week, we have 600 acres to go, and a foot of snow on the way today. We have gotten a few inches but nothing major yet.
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Moving calves/ the farm girl
I just moved a few calves from our transition barn over into bigger groups at my uncles. I only moved about 8 because our lots are so muddy, usually I'd take a trailer load over.
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TWO real farm girls vaccinating heifers :)
I got to steal my wonderful neighbor/sister for the day to help me move and vaccinate some heifers before they got turned out with our bull. Vaccination programs are very important in every cattle operation. They ensure proper health for all animals and protect against viruses and diseases. It was the most beautiful November day, as a year ago at this time there was snow on the ground. It's always a great feeling to have a very fun but productive day. :) Also the 5 hour energy shots REALLY do work and we happen to be in love with Katy Perry at the moment.
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The latest greatest technology on our dairy farm, farming 21st century, farm girl
I entered this video into a contest about the latest technology on farms, thats why there is a nice intro and everything :) We are very excited to have the opportunity to install this new system. I will be able to monitor SO many things without having to be in the parlor. I can be in the field, moving calves, or any other of the 20 different jobs I need to get done on a daily basis, and come back and look up reports on the computer that will tell me anything I missed. As farmers we are always striving to be better at our jobs. Using the latest tools availble not only keep us on our toes, they really do make us better stewards of our land and livestock.
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farm girl corn silage
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Why Cows need Farmers :)  Farm girl/ Milk Fever
A great example of daily care for our animals. Older cows occasionally get a sickness called "milk fever" Where after they calve they dont have enough calcium to stand up. If they are treated properly with calcium they will stand up right away, however if they are not they will not be able to stand up. Like I said in the video, this is something that has to be taken seriously as we IV directly into her blood stream and if it is given to fast it will kill her almost instantly. My Veterinarian has trained me over several years on how to do this.
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New Barn! Farm girl/ Dairy Farm/ Family Farm/ Dairy Cows
This is a new barn we put up for our dry cows. We had them outside in a pen before where they had to deal with mud, 100 degree temps, and 20 below temps in the winter. When it gets cold we will close up the barn so it will stay warmer, and then in the summer it will be open like this for proper ventilaion to keep things cool! Cow comfort is TOP priority and these girls are happy :)
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My last video of combining beans for the year!  farm girl
We finally finished up with beans on Tues Nov. 10th. It's a great feeling to be done, but now we are dealing with allot of wet corn and some mold.
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Soybean harvest recap 2011
Just a quick recap of soybean harvest for 2011. Went very fast this year with wonderful temps and no rain!
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Bringing cows home from the pasture, me getting to play beef farmer :)    the farm girl
Getting to help my boyfriend's family bring cows home to go on cornstalks. Thanks to Ashton who did half of the recording and great commentary :)
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Gopher Blasting
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5th cutting of hay, farm girl
We do still own a pull type chopper, and I thought It would be kind of neat to video a little so I can look back someday at how we use to chop. We are doing a 5th cutting this year, It has been very good hay for 5th crop. Mostly thanks to the above normal rainfall ALL summer and heat. We tried chopping corn silage yesterday, but it was still 72% moisture so we will be waiting another week
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High moisture corn/ farm girl
We decided to go back to high moisture corn so we could at least get something out of the ground. We loaded on the road all day Saturday, was a little to wet to load in the field.
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More gopher blasting
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Chopping hay/breaking down/ farm girl/ family farm
I'm so blessed with wonderful friends/neighbors to make my day to day challenges something to laugh about. When theres nothing you can do about situations in life, sometimes the best thing you can do is find some humor in it. Happy Friday :)
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Sunday Salebarn trip/ farm girl/ selling cows
Took a quick trip to the salebarn with my boyfriend Zach who is a beef farmer. He sold a cow who lost her calf. When beef cows loose a calf you need to find them a new one (if they will take it) and if not they need to get sold. If they dont have a calf they get fat and possilby wont breed back by the next year (beef cows all get bred within the same couple months). It is also too expensive to feed her the entire year with out having a calf to raise and sell off of her. You would end up loosing money on her. *On a side note, I will be trying to do a vidoe every monday!
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2010 corn harvest / farm girl
A quick recap of corn harvest for the year. We finished up on the 10th of November. Last year we hadn't even started corn harvest by the 10th so we are pretty happy to be done already. My two nephews rode with me, sorry the camera quality is not the greatest it was getting pretty dark.
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2009 harvest in spring 2010/farm girl
We finished 2009 corn crop in spring of 2010. We had record amounts of snow but surprisingly had an extremely dry spring. We got stuck a few times finishing up mainly because we deep ripped this field in spring, as it was CRP the year before. It was really soft but there wasn't a lot of mud. We had to stop a couple times as the combine was overheating- it was 80 degrees that day.
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Combining Beans, again, BUT it's GREEN this time!!  Farm Girl
Yes you do have the right page, I'm really not just a red equipment kinda girl. I made it over to my boyfriend's family with my camera finally. They run 22 inch rows and are some of the best farmers I know.
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Food day, My opinion on food day, October 24th, farm girl, real farming, substainable farming
I didn't have near the time I wanted to properly go over all the principles food day implies. Please feel free to message me if you have genuine conerns about food day. Support your local farmers and ranchers to make every day food day! I usually do not ask this but please share this in one form or another to help raise awareness about the importance of real food day and this sites real agenda.
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Quick Recap of Bean Harvest 2010/ farm girl
I only got a quick video of beans this year. Everything went very smooth other than getting stuck a few times. We had record yields and no rain during. My 5 year old niece came and rode with me. It is so fun to have family involved and around to come ride.
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Kapperman/Eichacker bull sale, a day off for me/farmgirl.wmv
Bull sales are a big deal for registered cattle business. There is a lot of work that goes into these sales. It was an honor to hang out for the day and see the pride that everyone takes in their cattle. The sale consisted of two family farms coming together with quality bulls for another successful sale.
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Another day on the farm/ farm girl
We brought a couple heifers home from the pasture that were lame. One was a footrot, this one must have found some wire, she had a pretty bad injury. We do our best to keep our animals as healthy as possible. This heifer has been on antibiotics for 3 days now and the swelling has already gone down quite a bit in her foot.
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summer update.wmv
Thank you for the many many messages I have received asking me to make more videos. Sorry I have been bad at this over the summer. I just gave a quick recap of what our summer has been like and I will be getting more videos out there.
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