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How to tie a San Diego Jam knot | 94% strength of fishing line | Fishing Knots
Tutorial how to tie strong fishing knot for lures, San Diego Jam knot is essential for trolling and catching big fish, One of the most popular knots in America because is nearly perfect. Extremely strong if it is properly tie and is also very quick and easy to tie San Diego Jam knot. Website: http://awesomefishingknots.com
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#6 Palomar Fishing Knot - The Strongest Fishing Knot full HD
Palomar knot is awesome fishing knot, quick tutorial for beginners, quick and easy and the strongest fishing knot to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line. You can also use Palomar fishing knot to tie fishing lure for example for Bass fishing. Palomar fishing knot knot is one of the best braided line fishing knot. You can make fishing knots to tie swivel, you can tie hook, you can tie sinker... with this fishing knot. If you want to learn more about fishing knots look at my other videos or even better, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned with new videos every week. Don't forget The Strongest Fishing Knot of all Fishing Knots is Palomar fishing knot!!! visit www.awesomefishingknots.com
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Dropper Loop | How to tie a Dropper Loop Knot | Fishing Knots
Quick tutorial with instructions how to tie Dropper Loop Fishing Knot. You can use Dropper Loop Knot with deep sea fishing or bass fishing, it's really up to you but there are so many ways you can use Dropper Loop. This fishing knot is one of top 10 that every fisherman should know. Fish like pro and catch big Fish. Tight lines! How to Fish channel Website: http://awesomefishingknots.com
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How to Snell two Hooks quick and easy | Snell knot fast and strong
Step by step Snell knot, how to snell two hooks. Learn How to Snell a Fishing Hook, Snelling two hooks, three or more spade end hooks fast and easily with strong fishing snell knot. Snelling a circle fishing hooks, with a hook eye or without, with this strong and reliable snell fishing knot in double or triple hook rig. It is very easy to make a chain of hooks and increase your chance and techniques of catching a fish. Be cautious of fishing rules in your country. Two hooks rig. http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com
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#1 The Easiest and Reliable Fishing Knot Full HD
https://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com How to tie the easiest fishing knot and how to tie a hook on a fishing line, quick tutorial for beginners, the easiest knot and the quickest way to tie a fishing hook to fishing line. After you learn this knot go to next videos for advance techniques.
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Albright fishing knot | How to tie Braid to Mono Leader knot quick and easy join fishing lines
Braid fishing line to Mono fishing line. Connecting two fishing lines together in easy and strong fishing knot. Video demonstration How to join Braid to Leader knot or Braid to Fluorocarbon quick and easy tutorial. The Albright special or Albright knot is a knot (properly, a bend) used in angling. It is a strong knot and very smooth used to tie two different diameters of line together, for instance to tie monofilament to braid. http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com The Albright is relatively smooth and passes through guides when required. Some anglers coat the knot with a rubber based cement to make it even smoother and more secure. Website: http://awesomefishingknots.com
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Snell knot vs Palomar knot Test 2 fishing knots
Snell knot or Palomar knot ? How to tie the strongest fishing knot in the world? How to Fish channel tested strength of fishing knots for you. No more loosing fish or sinker only good catch! Find out which knot is the strongest fishing knot in the world ! Palomar knot or Snell knot or some other knot... Tell me what do you think! http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com/2015/01/fishing-knots-strength-test-palomar-vs.html
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Blood Knot - Joining similar fishing lines easily into the strong knot - How to Fish channel
Blood knot. Video tutorial shows a very easy and strong fishing knot for connecting, joining fishing lines with similar diameter. Blood knot (fishing knots) is strong line to line fishing knot, simple and fast to connect fishing lines. The Blood knot works very good with lines diameter 0.2 - 0.8mm. Maybe you can use under 0.2 mm but I didn't have a chance to use it. If you subscribe to channel "How to Fish" you will find many fishing tips and knots every fisherman must know! Stay with this channel and you will literally learn How to Fish! Any question, comment (good or not so good), suggestion are more then welcome! Can't wait to answer to your comments!
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How to hook worms! Fishing with live bait! How to Fish channel
Fast and easy tutorial for baiting hook with fishing worms. How to hook a worms.Thumbs up If you like fishing with worms! In this video you will learn easily how to fish with worms! Catching fish is easy, you just need to know this 2 ways how to fish with live bait on a hook, with a worm! You can fish with worms: surf fishing, rock, beach or river, lake fishing, catching a small and big fish with this fishing tips. If you need earthworm for fishing look my next video know how to catch worms in your backyard look my next video. Don't forget to like and SUBSCRIBE here http://bit.ly/18weJYP! Tight lines! Extension: In this fishing video you will learn how to properly hook worm depends of size of the fish and also place where you fish! Any suggestion, Like are more then welcome! SUBSCRIBE here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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Fishing Pole Knot - Attach Fishing Line to Pole - How to Fish
How to Fish channel teach you how to attach a fishing line to a fishing pole. This fishing knot is very handy and you can quickly and easily change the fishing line no matter what type of line you are using or what type of fish you are targeting and you can be serene that your fishing line is tight with reliable fishing knot. Thanks for watching How to Fish channel and don't forget to subscribe!
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Palomar knot The Best Fishing Knot - The Strongest Knot for Braided Line - How to Fish channel
How to Fish channel present: Learn how to tie Palomar knot the best fishing knot, a step by step explanation. The quickest and most popular method to tie a fishing hook knot. Video tutorial shows tying the strongest knot for braided line. Fishing Knots are very easy and simple. In this video you will see demonstration How to tie a Palomar Knot. (tie a hook to a fishing line) Palomar is essential for braid, not essential for mono and fluorocarbon. However, it does work for mono, but with heavier mono, this is the strongest knot for braid. Don't forget to subscribe to channel How to Fish, because you will find there awesome fishing tips and many different knots like: fishing knots for hooks, fishing knots for lures and knots for swivels and sinkers as well. The Palomar knot /ˈpæləmɑr/ is a knot that is used for securing a fishing line to a fishing lure, snap or swivel. Steps in tying a Palomar knot (free end is colored red). 1. Tie the loose overhand knot. 2. Pass the object through the remaining loop. 3. Start snug. 4. Finish snug (pull evenly on standing ends). 5. View of obverse side. To tie the knot first double 8-12" of line into a loop and pass it through the eye of the hook, lure or swivel. Tie a very loose overhand knot using the doubled loop and the doubled section of line leading back to the fishing rod. Pass the object to be tied through the remaining loop of the overhand knot and slide the loop up onto the line just above the eye of the hook. Moisten the knot to lessen the friction and pull on the tag and standing ends evenly to snug the knot down. Trim the free end of the line to a length of about 3mm. website: http://awesomefishingknots.com From Wikipedia : This knot is good for all kinds of light fishing lines, especially braided Dacron, and retains almost all of the original line strength, even with monofilaments. It also is nearly impossible (if tied correctly) to "pull out". It is equally effective with other fastening applications - such as a dog clip to a rope - provided the object being tied to can pass through the loop, and the line or rope is not too thick, and, with practice, it can be tied in the dark with cold hands. Source Wikipedia Fishing knots playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkAilp7JgDUv6AL4LCE4F50_oTDJA8Vzf
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#3 Learn how to tie ultra small eyeless fishing hook ! HOW to FISH channel
Can you do it? Fishscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP to How to Fish channel Learn how to tie Fishing knots with Fishing tips. How to Fish with a very small eyeless fishing hook if you don't know to tie fishing knots! My favorite fishing knot one more time proves that this fishing knot is universal and can be used on any type of hooks even really small!!! If you want to see this fishing knot with giant fishing hook go to my channel or click here http://youtu.be/2WrtJIot1yA . On my channel you can see many different fishing knots filmed in close up such as: Palomar fishing knot, Trilene fishing knot, Fishing knot for beginners, Carp fishing knot, Rapala fishing knot and other popular fishing knots. Don't forget to share, like and subscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP !
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How to Tie Fishing Knots using Matchman Hook Tyer -  Fishing Hook Tyer
http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com Fishing Hook Tyer, Hook Tying Tool - This video shows demonstration How to Tie Fishing Knots with Spade End Hook and with Matchman Hook Tyer. The main advantage of this Hook Tyer is that you can easily tie the smallest hook on the market. There is lot of different names and brands for this product: Matchman Hook Tyer, Match Master Hook Tyer, Pince Hook Tyer, Lega-Aami Hook Tyer , Hakenbinder... http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com/2015/01/fishing-knots-strength-test-palomar-vs.html
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Testing Fishing Knots Test 1: Clinch vs Improved Clinch Knot
Which fishing knot is the strongest in the world? We're going to find out soon, I will try to compare different types of fishing knots. Clinch knot, Improved Clinch knot, Palomar Knot, Snell knot, Trilene knot, Rapala knot, Carp knot.... This testing should be fair and equal to all knots and that's why I use the same fishing hooks, the same fishing line .3mm capacity 4.6kg. I will lubricate them and tie them the same way every time to try to lower any human influence to the final results. If you have any idea or suggestion please let me know. I'll give my best to answer your question or maybe to realize your advice. Thanks for watching How to Fish channel and see you soon with Test 2! howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com/
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#3 My favorite fishing knot | How to tie a fishing hook to a line
Fishing knot, quick tutorial for beginners, quick and easy and very strong knot to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line. This is my favorite knot but I don't know it's name. If you know some name or if you use this knot please tell me yours impressions. After you learn this knot, try to learn advanced techniques in another tutorials that comes after this one. This is good technique for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. I recommend for monofilament line from size 0.10 to 0.80 mm. Please rate, comment and subscribe!!!
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#2 How to Tie a Fishing Hook | Improved Clinch knot | How to Fish channel
http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/improved-clinch-knot-quick-and-easy-how.html How to Tie a Fishing Knot for Hook. Learn how to tie a Strong Fishing knot quickly. Channel How to Fish has dozens of demonstrations How to tie a hook on a fishing line. This fishing knot is improved knot #1 and is very easy, extremely fast and reliable for all types of fishing. After this fishing knot coming the best fishing knot ever #3 My favorite fishing knot. Aprenda como pescar e encastoar anzol! Esse vídeo foi criado, na intensão de ajudar pessoas que querem e buscam informações para iniciar na pesca esportiva de praia. Espero poder ajudar a todos os principiantes que acessarem este vídeo e outros que virão em sequência.
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How to tie Braid to Mono Leader Knot | How to tie Braid to Leader knot
How to Tie Braid to Mono leader knot quick and easy. Learn in this tutorial how to tie Braided fishing lines to Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leaders. The first time I saw this knot, I was a kid and one old man told me this is a braid to braid knot and 15 years later I went on fishing charters and they told us that is braid to leader knot. However you call this knot, it is very reliable and I'm sure you're going to use it after watching this video. Website: http://awesomefishingknots.com
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How to Catch more Fish | Fish with Live Worms | How to Fish channel
Fish with live worms. Quick and easy learn How to Catch more Fish using worms as a live fishing bait. Keep your Worms of the Bottom and increase the size of Skinny Crawlers. Insert Worm Blower into couple spots of worm and squeeze gently so as not to rupture the worm. This fishing technique will help you to increase your catch fish. For tip How to hook live worms! click here http://youtu.be/7rYBnwYbmUs Thanks for watching How to Fish channel and don't forget to share with your buddies!
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#9 Uni or Grinner Fishing Knot | How to Fish channel
Fishing Knots: How to tie a popper to a fishing line. Grinner not or Uni knot quick and easy tutorial. This fishing tips will help you to learn how to fish. You can tie swivels, you can tie hooks for catching bait or fish or you can tie sinkers... with this knot. Very strong and very simple ... If you want to learn more about fishing knots look at my other videos or even better, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned with new videos every week.
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#8 Trilene Fishing Knot | How to tie a fishing hook,lure or swivel to a line
Fishing knot: Trilene fishing knot, step by step, quick and easy tie lure for pelagic fishing, suitable for Salmon, Mackerel, Trevally, Tuna etc.. Very strong knot and very simple ... You can tie swivels, you can tie hooks, you can tie sinkers... with this knot. Other name is improved clinch knot. If you want to learn more about fishing knots look at my other videos or even better, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned with new videos every week.
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How to hook a maggot/maggots? | How to Fish channel
Detail tutorial How to hook maggot for a small fish and how to hook maggots for a bigger fish. Maggots are awesome fishing bait, great for freshwater and saltwater fishing. You can catch different types of fish like bass, trout, carp, perch, catfish, redfin, crappie etc. but also saltwater fish like mullet, bream, whiting, flathead and of course minnows etc.
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Catch Worms My Way!! without digging, dish soap, walnuts, electricity, etc.
WORMSCRIBE click here http://bit.ly/18weJYP In this video you will learn how to Catch Worms for Fish in 2 minutes completely free and safe without damaging environment in your backyard!! Catch earthworms fastest and easiest way without digging the ground. A quick tutorial on how to catch worms for fishing, bait, worm farm or food for your pet.... I accidentally found out this easy method. You don't need dish washing liquid or dish soap or walnuts or any liquid... You just need one garden fork and fine moisture soil. You can find worms anywhere after heavy rain, but you will not find them in dry soil and don't try! If you want to have one good source of worms, put a wet carpet on the ground and the moisture will attract them to live under carpet especially in dry months. Once you catch worms, put them in the bucket or whatever depends of the quantity. Put the lid on top and create few holes, inside the bucket put some wet carton ,look in your fridge, eggs , worms will be happy, eat carton and live for months in temperature between 5-25C... Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Happy fishing, tight lines! Cheers! Please Thumb Up, COMMENT and Subscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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Carp Fishing with Hair Rig use Corn  *My way without any tool!*
FISHSCRIBE here http://bit.ly/18weJYP Carp fishing tips and techniques: instruction in Full HD how to attach hair on a fish hook and bait *usually corn* for catching Carp, fast and easy without any tool! It is very simple and very efficient!! Be like a pro fishermen! Managing recreational carp Good carp fishing can be found in many different types of water. Many find rivers to provide some of the most challenging, but rewarding, fishing. For rivers that connect directly with the ocean, the largest carp often reside in the stretch between the beginning of the tidal influence and where the salinity becomes intolerable to the carp. For example, a carp of 42.03 pounds was caught from the tidal stretch of the lower Connecticut River in southern Connecticut. Bowfishing for carp is a fast growing sport. When properly used as part of an integrated management plan it may help limit the negative impact of carp. Dr. Sorenson U of Minnesota is completing the common carp management plan which will also advocate catch-and-keep carp sport fishing. Carp bowfishers often view themselves as ridding the water of undesirable fish. In the US, Texas is the only state with managed carp waters, (Lady Bird Lake). Eating habits Boilies: carp bait made from a boiled paste Popular baits include canned corn and homemade doughball concoctions in the USA. In the UK and Europe anglers commonly use a bait known as boilies, which are made from milk proteins, eggs and artificial flavors, these are then boiled in water hence the name boilies. Tiger nuts are also commonly used as a bait. In South Africa the most popular form of carp fishing is using a "mielie bomb", it is a spring shaped frame with crushed corn and maize pressed onto it. However, in some countries, due to their habit of grubbing through bottom sediments for food and consequential alteration of their environment, they destroy, uproot and disturb submerged vegetation causing serious damage to native duck and fish populations. In Australia there is anecdotal and mounting scientific evidence that introduced carp are the cause of permanent turbidity and loss of submerged vegetation in the Murray-Darling river system, with severe consequences for river ecosystems, water quality and native fish species. Carp are known to change their feeding habits dependent upon the climate at any given time, wind direction, temperate and phases of the moon are common factors which affect the feeding habits of carp.[2] Common carp Common carp in Lake Powell The common carp, or European carp, are native to Asia and Eastern Europe.[3] They have been introduced, sometimes illegally, into environments worldwide, and is often considered an invasive species. Common carp are very tolerant of most conditions, though they prefer large bodies of slow or standing water and soft, vegetative sediments. They can typically be found in small schools, although larger carp often lead a solitary existence.[4] They natively live in a temperate climate in fresh or brackish water with a 7.0 - 9.0 pH, and a temperature range of 35.0 - 85.0 °F. Common carp are extremely popular with anglers in many parts of Europe, and their popularity is slowly increasing among anglers in the United States (though destroyed as pests in many areas). American fly fishermen have begun to target carp, finding them similar to bonefish in their size and fight. Kirk Deeter, an editor at Field & Stream, goes fly-fishing for carp on the South Platte River in downtown Denver, Colorado, which he says testifies to their ability to adapt to almost any habitat. "I think carp are maligned here because they're not considered classic table fare—though they were brought to North America in the 1800s specifically for that purpose", he says. "If you want to sight cast to a tailing fish that might be 10 pounds (4 kg) or more, carp are it".[5] Carp are also popular with spear and bow fisherman. They can grow to a length of 1.2 metres (3.9 ft) and the oldest recorded age of a wild fish is 38 years.[6] The largest recorded carp, caught by British angler, Colin Smith, in 2013 at Etang La Saussaie Fishery, France, weighed 45.59 kilograms (100.5 lb). The wild, non-domesticated forms tend to be much less stocky at around 20% - 33% the maximum size. In captivity, Cyprinus carpio have lived as long as 47 years.[7] *Source Wikipedia Enjoy Carp fishing! Tight lines! Fishscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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DIY Fishing Bells - My Fishing Alarm Tip and Trick for Carp Fishing
Free fishing Alarm, tip and technique for Carp Fishing or any other type of fish. Fast, easy, simple and cheap way to make your own fishing bells that really works better then bells you can buy in fishing store. So many times it happened to me that my bells fall down in water or mess up in line while I have fish on the line. Because of that I made new system with fishing bells that works better and it's absolutely safe and plus is cheap so I can enjoy in BBQ while I'm waiting my bells to start ringing. Thanks for watching How to Fish channel and feel free to leave comment and subscribe!
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How to Catch Worms for fishing with dish soap in your backyard! How to Fish channel
WORMSCRIBE click here http://bit.ly/18weJYP How to fish channel present: Learn to Catch Worms for fishing quick and easy without walnuts or electricity... Catch worms for pet food or fishing without digging. You can find worms in your garden or backyard! Ratio 20:1 means 20 litres water and 1litre dish soap... Worms for fishing, the best bait. Happy hunting! "An earthworm is a tube-shaped, segmented animal commonly found living in soil, that feeds on live and dead organic matter. Its digestive system runs through the length of its body. It conducts respiration through its skin. An earthworm has a double transport system composed of coelomic fluid that moves within the fluid-filled coelom and a simple, closed blood circulatory system. It has a central and a peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of two ganglia above the mouth, one on either side, connected to a nerve cord running back along its length to motor neurons and sensory cells in each segment. Large numbers of chemoreceptors are concentrated near its mouth. Circumferential and longitudinal muscles on the periphery of each segment enable the worm to move. Similar sets of muscles line the gut, and their actions move the digesting food toward the worm's anus. Earthworms are hermaphrodites—each individual carries both male and female sex organs. As an invertebrate, it lacks a skeleton, but it maintains its structure with fluid-filled coelom chambers that function as a hydrostatic skeleton. "Earthworm" is the common name for the largest members of Oligochaeta (which is either a class or a subclass depending on the author) in the phylum Annelida. In classical systems, they were placed in the order Opisthopora, on the basis of the male pores opening posterior to the female pores, though the internal male segments are anterior to the female. Theoretical cladistic studies have placed them, instead, in the suborder Lumbricina of the order Haplotaxida, but this may again soon change. Folk names for the earthworm include "dew-worm", "rainworm", "night crawler", and "angleworm" (due to its use as fishing bait). Larger terrestrial earthworms are also called megadriles (or big worms), as opposed to the microdriles (or small worms) in the semiaquatic families Tubificidae, Lumbriculidae, and Enchytraeidae, among others. The megadriles are characterized by having a distinct clitellum (which is more extensive than that of microdriles) and a vascular system with true capillaries." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Subscribe to How to Fish channel here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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#11 Surgeon's Big Game Fishing Knot | How to Tie ANY two Fishing Lines | How to Fish
HOW to FISH channel http://bit.ly/18weJYP present: Surgeon's Big Game fishing knot for braided line to mono or braided to leader, fluorocarbon. How to fish and join braided fishing lines together! In this tutorial you will learn easy how to tie fishing knots braid to leader. This fishing knot is strong and quick to tie as you can see. Advantage of Surgeon's fishing knot is: *** that you can tie easier then other knots especially in low light or adverse condition, ***you can join 2 different fishing lines with different diameters and characteristics examples:( braid to braid, mono to braid, fluorocarbon to mono, mono to mono etc...) ***stronger knot then any other - used in big game fishing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The surgeon's knot is a simple modification to the reef knot. It adds an extra twist when tying the first throw, forming a double overhand knot. The additional turn provides more friction and can reduce loosening while the second half of the knot is tied. This knot is commonly used by surgeons in situations where it is important to maintain tension on a suture, giving it its name. Surgeon's knots are also used in fly fishing, in tying quilts, and for tying knots with twine; it is particularly useful in tying raw meat with butcher's twine, as the wet meat creates similar risks of loosening as surgery. Some sources categorize the surgeon's knot as a bend, since it can be effective as such. Like the reef knot, the surgeon's knot capsizes and fails if one of the working ends is pulled away from the standing end closest to it."
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#10 Tying Lure Fly Fishing | Easy and Strong knot | How to Fish
Tying fly fishing knot easy, and fast tutorial for fishermen. Tying strong and reliable fly knot for catching Bass fish. Fishing knot method you can tie fishing hooks for bait, lures, sinkers, swivels etc. If you like to fish for Bass you are at the right place. Bass knot is better then fisherman's knot!!! The fastest and the strongest fly fishing knot! The best fishing knot for trout fishing or bass fishing, this fly fishing lesson will help you to never loose a fish. Subscribe to How to Fish channel! "Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial "fly" is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Casting a nearly weightless fly or "lure" requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting. Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates or other food organisms, or "lures" to provoke the fish to strike. Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water. North Americans usually distinguish freshwater fishing between cold-water species (trout, salmon, steelhead) and warm-water species, notably bass. In Britain, where natural water temperatures vary less, the distinction is between game fishing for trout or salmon and coarse fishing for other species. Techniques for fly fishing also differ with habitat (lakes and ponds, small streams, large rivers, bays and estuarys, and open ocean.)" From Wikipedia
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#7 Rapala Fishing Knot for Bass fishing | How to tie a lure to a fishing line
Fishing knot: How to tie a lure to a fishing line. Rapala fishing knot, step by step, quick and easy tutorial how to tie lure for Bass fishing. Very strong knot and very simple ... You can tie swivel, you can tie hook, you can tie sinker... with this knot. If you want to learn more about fishing knots look at my other videos or even better, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned with new videos every week.
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#5 Snell Fishing Knot | How to Snell a Hook! |  How to Fish channel
How to Fish channel subscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP How to Snell a fishing hook, tip is Snell knot. Quick tutorial for beginners, quick and strong knot to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line. If you use this knot please tell me yours impressions. After you learn this knot, try to learn advanced techniques in another tutorials that comes after this one. This is good technique for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. I recommend for monofilament line from size 0.30 to 0.80 mm. Fishscribe here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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Electronic Fishing Hook Tier , Fishing Knot Tier, model KF 168 - $10 eBay price, Full HD
Electronic fishing hook tier. Instruction step by step for tying knot. Very easy and simple fishing hooks tier for just $10 on eBay. Empatador de anzuelos a pila. Catching fish was never easier especially for fishermen with disabilities. This video is help for them to enjoy fishing!
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Fishing Tips, Tie weight in 10 seconds!  How to Fish channel
Fishscribe How to Fish fishing tips channel here http://bit.ly/18weJYP for new fishing tips. How to tie a sinker on a fishing line in 10 seconds! Learn in this tutorial fast and easy fishing tip for tying a fishing rig. Everyone can simple and easy tie or attach sinker or weight on a fishing line. Everyone can attach sinker or weight to catch big fish with this fishing knot in 10 seconds. Tell me can you do it? MY CHANNEL HAS A DOZEN OF FISHING KNOTS. If you like share with your fishing buddies. Happy fishing. Tight lines!!! Click here http://bit.ly/18weJYP
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#4 Carp fishing knot | How to Snell a Hook | How to Fish
How to Fish channel present video tutorial: Carp fishing knot, Snell a Hook instructions for beginners, quick and very strong knot to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line. I call this Carp knot because is very popular within carp fishermen in Europe. If you know some name or if you use this knot please tell me yours impressions. After you learn this knot, try to learn advanced techniques in another tutorials that comes after this one. This is good technique for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. I recommend for monofilament line from size 0.30 to 0.80 mm.
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Fishing for Murray Cod, Gwidyr river in NSW, Australia 2013 howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com
Link How to Fish blog http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com Murray Cod fishing: The Murray cod is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in Australia, and one of the largest in the world. Murray Cod is now a listed threatened species.My first and the biggest Murray Cod caught in country NSW.Australia. Besides Murray Cod, I caught seven Golden Perch aka Yellow Belly and three Carp. Fishing in the river definitely can be as interesting as fishing in the sea. click to tweet this video http://clicktotweet.com/0cmAU http://howtotiefishingknots.blogspot.com
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Rock Fishing Sydney, Big Bream, NSW, Australia
Rock Fishing is the most deadliest sport in Australia. This was very close to being washed off the rocks! Big Bream caught in Sydney from the rocks.
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