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Busking - The Assumption Song by Petar Cirovic. (2014).
Perth, Western Australia. (This guy is amazing (y) People walking past would be pulled in by the magic of his voice; and would just stay there standing, or find a seat, until he finally finishes. Such a beautiful, tender, soothing voice... evoked many a tear I could observe.. through my own.. if you have the pleasure of seeing him, do take a moment, buy a CD, and help promote this humble performer (y) Bringing the heart and Soul back to music.)
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Central Park Chronicles 08 (CPC) - The White Stripes; Hardest Button to Button
A lousy excuse for a film.. don't waste your time going there, nor watching this film, or even reading the rest of this.
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Friday 13th 09 - Bush Doof Dance Floor
Cool cats be celebrating life in the best of ways!
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2 Girls Making Out - THIS Should Get Some Hits! ^_^
Aren't you Happy you Clicked this Video Folks! ;) OMG! 9_9
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The Art of Reciprocating in Dating.
If you give too much, you will push them away. If you give too little, they will pull away. Reciprocation is about knowing how much to give - and Not to give - by gauging the other persons level of investment, and interacting accordingly.
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'Bad Touch' by Phoenix @ Brass Monkey Karaoke. (half video).
The memory on my phone ran out before I finished the song, so you don't get to hear the ovation at the end - but I think it's safe to say that I nailed it! (the best one can in a drunken state :p ).
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NEW Coles Ice Cream! AMAZING! @_@
Coles finally produce an original product.. and oh my god, is it goooood! 9_9
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Understanding the Self through Abstract Art
Drunken Impro's on the PS3 EyeCamera for the Win =)
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You Only DeServe What You Choose to Serve..
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Advert #1 Everio: Helping You Shoot your Climax - Strange Shit!!
If you've ever wanted to see the effect of prolongued drug use; Here is your video. Spawned from Phoenix being high, and improvising; and his urge to ride that wave of awkwardness to breaking point, this video leaves little to the imagination. His Smoothness is Sharp! His Sharpness is Blunt!! His Bluntness is Insaaaaane!!! This video really showes you what happens, when material obssession goes to the next level.. and unfortunately, it didn't wind up getting tied the way in which was originally intended for it. (towards the end, instead of "Helping you FILM your climax", it was supposed to be "helping you SHOOT your climax, every time" - because we all know, that the worst of awkward situations, can sometimes only be justified with the most awful of puns). Either way, the target has been drawn on the pride and dignity of Phoenix - so Everybody! Go for your Life!!
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WZWA - The Ultra Violent Maniac
Witness the Carnage as Dished Out by Phoenix in the War Zone Wrestling Alliance in 2016/2017.
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Coalition Mentality: Why it Always Becomes a Matter of "Us" and "Them".
July 31st 2014 Whenever we enter a group in which we identify with to a significant degree, to we tend to alter our behaviour and ways of thinking so that we somewhat 'merge'; and become more aligned with the group we are part of (as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb). To to prove our loyalty to the group, we may begin opposing and criticising/judging those who are at odds with the group - even if we didn't care about about such differences of people before. This is what is known as Coalition Mentality; and what this video explains.
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How to Make "Battered Crabsticks" w/Phoenix and Jesus.
Learn how to make one of the most classic "Dude Foods" there ever was. Filmed back in 2006.
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Why the name Phoenix?
People often ask me why I chose my name. Here's the explanation for those who want to know.
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Phoenix's Video for TISM's "What Are Ya" (Yob or Wanker?)
In a world where 'masturbation', and hiding one's self is so common; I feel that the subject of 'Wankers' would be a good place to start in terms of exploring why society is so backwards in modern times. To me, the song is saying that everybody is either a 'Yob' or 'Wanker'; and that both of them are the same; but wanker's do a better job at hiding their true colours - whereas Yobs are more honest, and open with who they are; hence "A yob and wanker wanna girl; the wanker guy will get her. Both of them are equally ugly; the wanker hides it better". I feel that it is this wanky; misleading sort of Ignorance that is adopted by many people today; causing them to steer us further away from openly and honestly connecting with ourselves, and others. Fuck pretending to be something you are not. Fuck pretending full stop. Fuck all that one cascades themself with in order to hide what lies within. So having established that there is truly one type of person (a yob) - at least according to the song - I do believe that there is another alternative to being this. And that is; Being Yourself. Being Just. Being True. Living life as an open book; with integrity, reason, and good intent. Just Being. And if you are not being yourself, then the question is, What Are Ya?
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"I Don't Care Any More" by Axazyl @ Brass Monkey Karaoke.
Original artist: Phil Colins.
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The Invention of Satan to Overthrow The Matriarch.
Phoenix shares a compelling idea he found in Neale Donald Walsh's "Conversations with God: Book 2".
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"I Don't Know What to Do with Myself" 0_0
You get That 0_0 (2010)
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Brandon Cage Vs. Phoenix @ WZWA Great American Gash, Perth 2016
At the WZWA's Cap-stoning event Wrestlelution IV 6 Weeks ago, one of the largest, most ruthless men WZWA have to behold.. The man with a bite that halves your chances.. the one they call 3-Dawg.. made an 'Open Invitational Hardcore Challenge' to any opponent sitting in the back. Suddenly out from a 10 year hiatus from professional wrestling in a professional setting, and 14 years out from professional wrestling in a backyard setting, the "Ultra Violent Maniac" - and previously dubbed "New Age Sensation" in NSWAe - Phoenix returned to answer 3-Dawgs call... and the highlight video showing bits of the clash which followed, can be observed at the following link: watch?youtube.com forward slash v=H393DJf9TMI ################# So one could imagine, seeing the match aforementioned, at WZWA Great American Gash last week Phoenix came in eager to turn the tables, once again, and this time, in his favour too, against his next opponent, Brandon Cage. And Brandon Cage, wanting to earn back the respect of his peers, seeks to defeat "a legend", to cement his worth, and to prove in response to Phoenix's online message to him, that he can teach an "old dog new tricks." Phoenix delivered his video online to Brandon a few days before their match. He warned Brandon that "I'm the Alpha Male in this situation.. and you're a bitch.. and I don't mean that rudely, disrespectfully, or crudely, I mean to say, that just like a female dog, you will be forced to submit, to let me push you down, grind your face in the mat, and fuck you.. fuck you so long, and so hard, that will yelp, like a puppy dog being raped by a pitbull. . . until you either give up, cause you can't take it anymore... or until I pin your ass.'. In the end, did Brandon Cage really have a "big clitoris?" The video may Reveal. So the two set out to the ring to prove something to someone for some reason. Do the two live happily ever after? Well they both did Live, yes, to tell the story, at least.. as did everyone else in attendance that day woo wee :p f$#k me Enjoy the match. And please, do NOT try this kinda stupid heinous shit without properly thinking it out.. the ending to this match is a great example of what NOT to do and fortunately, no one was hurt, and it remains to be an iconic moment of sheer hardcore brutality without any taint of tragedy or trauma -_- *Should also be noted, the ending to this match does not reflect the nature of, or could reasonably be considered to be "common practice" of WZWA performers. War Zone Wrestling Alliance - to me - is about a bunch of fellas who are passionate about the art of pro wrestling enough to gather and participate in it, in a measured, safe, friendly, professional and controlled way. Some do it to socialise, others to live a milder version of a dream, or to even hone their craft for the future. Hardcore spots like this do occur, but generally in a more moderate, measured, and more controlled way than this spot is executed. Phoenix and Brandon are just mad [email protected]$ and they both since have without-prompt, recognised the brevity of the incident, and have paid dearest apologies to all who Could have been involved in a serious way. Luckily, it worked out perfectly enough. Do enjoy the carnage.. And Have a Nice Day xD
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Reading w/Phoenix - on 'Auric Development Throughout Life' from "Hands of Light" #1
From birth through life and until death our chakras activate and our auras evolve. That's what this part of this great book "Hands of Light, a Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field" by Barbara Ann Brennan explores.
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WZWA - No Pain No Gain
Witness the mayhem as Delivered to Phoenix.
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A Message to All the Vain Little Hussies Out There.
Stop Being Vain, Realize what's Going On Inside, and Claim Self-Empowerment! For Your Health! =D
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The Good the Bad and the Druggies
Another momentage of the good times :)
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How to Pick Up Chicks like a Boss!
Watch and Learn desperados!
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"Fairies on Amphetamines", Fucking Elitist Cyclists! / Walking with Pickle and Friends.
We stroll from Africa back to Perth Centre (2010).
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"Passion Dies once Love is Fulfilled", Forbidden Fruit, and Open Relationships.
What do you prefer: The Chase? or The Kill? Is it possible to obtain that which you desire if what you desire is what is not obtained? That's what this talk explores, as well as various ideas on keeping the passion alive in relationships, and on being open to making adjustments along the way.
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'Lately' by Fez @ Brass Monkey Karaoke.
Original Artist: Stevie Wonder.
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Alpha Male vs. Alpha Dick: a Question of Confidence vs. Competence.
What is an "Alpha Male?", or "Alpha Person?". Is it the biggest, strongest, most intimidating and commanding person in a group? Phoenix thinks otherwise.
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XScape At The City Obstacle Course
Challenging to do with a go pro in your hand, but here's my first attempt =) Needless to say, it was truly breath taking :p
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Super Slippery Slidey Adventures with Jacquie and Phoenix!
Jacquie and Phoenix lose their shit in the tube of Awesomeness! Do NOT Try this at Home kids!.. (not that you would have a slippery tunnel slide at home o_O ).
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Son of Dave at Big Day Out 09 in Perth W.A
Fantastic entertainment!
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WAT w/Phoenix -  New Captain America and 'Hydra' + "the Illuminati" Conspiracy.
Walking and Talking with Phoenix 15th of May 2014 Sitting out of Sight are those who maximize their vision, Standing Out of Reach are those who maximize control.. Lying there in sight are those with minimized privacy, and in reach are those who dare to fly; and pay the toll. *Don't Forget to'LIKE', SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for MORE SERVINGS OF FOOD FOR THOUGHT - SERVED DAILY (most of the time)* *POST YOUR IDEAS/TALKS, OR PROVIDE TOPICS for Phoenix to base a 'WAT' entry on; GET INTERACTIVE! =D* *CHECK OUT OTHER PLAYLISTS for All Sorts of Stuff NON-TALK-BASED/INTELLECTUAL-WANK! XP =D *Thumbs Up* KEEP BEING A COOL CAT, YO! B) And Thanks for the Support! Fair Tidings ;-D
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Central Park Shuffling with LOH
The All-Seeing Monkey gets in on some shuffling action down at Central Park, Perth, W.A.
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Momentage #3 - Charlie's - Pure Morning
Another walk down memory lane..
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Board Games Bush Doof Pt. 2
Board games is a 6 part piece about the 'Board Games' bush doof of 09 - two pieces of which are already finished-ish. This is the second part; starting from Sunrise, and moving onwards. I was in an.. 'intense state of mind' at the start of this one - as you'll see when I rant on about the trees being cut and stuff - and I just want to include here that I understand that my rant seems out of context slightly, and exaggerated slightly - as the stumps I filmed do not reflect the true gravity of the situation - when I polish up the piece in the future, I'll be including snapshots/films of the True situation - to better reflect the passion in my words. Now then. The film starts from the beginning of the journey and explores the night (part one) and day (from here onwards), each step of the way; revealing the essence of 'Doofs' for those foreign to it, and also a chance to reflect on certain issues. The issues this film focuses on include drug abuse/escapism, and how responsibility must be taken when substances are consumed at such events. It also explores a culture of which is built on Freedom; so it shall reveal how beautiful life is when it is unrestricted, unhindered, and without imposition - when free will can Actually be exercised - but also advocates balance with deep consideration of such realities where events are held outside the civilization; where anything is possible; and where the ability to respond, becomes even more significant, if not a necessity. In short, freedom is great, but with freedom comes power; and with power comes responsibility. For those who may experience ill feelings towards this film, or any of its content - if some things are better left unsaid/unshown, then perhaps they too are best left undone. Hear All, See All, Speak All - this is the way of the All Seeing Monkey.
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'Prisoner of Society' ASM Montage.
If Charlie's had an anthem, This would be it. Original Artist: 'The Living End'.
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