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Quantium - Our Why
At Quantium we believe in the power of the elemental. In atoms we discovered the building blocks of all matter, exploding our understanding of the world around us as we peered through microscopes or looked up to the stars. In DNA we unearthed the being blocks of all life, determining the code of our makeup and our links to the world around us. In data points, we capture the behavioural blocks of humanity – and it’s only now that we are beginning to fully embrace their potential. These three breakthroughs of the modern age all deliver one simple lesson: we can neither make sense of the whole without knowledge of the parts, nor harness the elemental units without the power to combine them to create a bigger picture. That’s where we come in. Through data science and Artificial Intelligence, we make meaning from data like never before. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve. So, we believe in using data for progress, with great care and responsibility. We believe in better goods, better services, better experiences, and for the benefits of the data age to be fairly shared for a brighter future. We believe in data powering possibilities.
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Opportunities for Data Science and AI across industries
Rebecca Davis, Group Executive Australia & New Zealand Markets speaks to Andrew Ah Toy, Head of Strategy and Channel Partnerships about Data Science and AI across industries, and discusses examples of how Quantium are helping our clients use data to better serve their customers.
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Paul Polly from Wicked Sister leverages data to give his customers what they want
Coming from humble beginning to now leading the premium chilled dessert category, watch how Paul Polly, CEO and Founder of Wicked Sister leverages data to give his customers what they want...
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Personalisation with cards
Watch Stephen Ellison use his memory and card tricks to tell the story of how we use Woolworths data and technology to personalise customer communications.
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Meet Q. Our powerful platform
Meet Q. Integrating 15 years of Quantium’s data science and artificial intelligence IP into one powerful platform
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Q.Checkup is a self-serve insight portal for the medical device market
Q.Checkup is a self-serve insight portal for the medical device market, giving you access to market insights across your product portfolio. Its outputs help businesses drive strategies across products, regions, providers and treatment areas. Q.Checkup provides a 360 view of your market performance to help you understand how best to grow your business.
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Q.Shelf our retail and FMCG product puts the customer at the heart of range and space decisions
Q.Shelf harnesses data science to power better range and space decisions for retailers and suppliers. Q.Shelf currently comprises two key modules: Customer Decision Tree and Diagnose Range. https://www.quantium.com/q-shelf/
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Q.Checkout is a world-class insights tool for understanding your customers at an unparalleled level
Q.Checkout can perform in-depth analysis of brand and product performance. The tool explores trends and develops insights to gain a competitive advantage through understanding customer behaviour. https://www.quantium.com/q-checkout/
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Our media solutions can help solve a number of business challenges
Harnessing the power of our data science and artificial intelligence platform - Q - our media products help brands reach the right audience with unrivalled accuracy and predictability, 1:1 and at scale.
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Data is the behavioural footprint of humanity, it has to be treated with care and responsibility.
To work with it responsibly, sensitively, we set ourselves the highest data privacy protection and governance standards. We have spent 16 years perfecting privacy-by-design and secure-by-design principles. Central to this is not holding any personally identifiable information about people – we neither receive it, and we put the necessary protections in place to be unable to decipher it.
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Q.Promotions enables better pricing and promotion decisions
Q.Promotions enables retailers and suppliers to understand category sales and profit impact generated from each promotion. Q.Promotions uses world class predictive modelling techniques to provide understanding of demand transfer and cannibalisation. https://www.quantium.com/q-promotions/
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Q.Refinery - Ready your bank transaction data for action
Q.Refinery enables banks to harness their transaction data to enhance the customer experience, reduce risk and realise growth.
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Data privacy and security
Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses Quantium’s approach to data privacy and security
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The top five retail categories at Christmas
Leverage our Q.Segments to talk to your most important shoppers! Talk to us today https://www.quantium.com/media/
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Q.Centre – Quantium’s new shopping centre analytics product
Q.Centre puts customer data in the hands of decision makers to help retail property managers curate their centres to deliver better products, services and experiences to the communities they operate in. https://www.quantium.com/q-centre/
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Q.Refinery - the opportunity for banks
Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses turning transactional data into transformational opportunity with Q.Refinery
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Delivering simplicity through complex data
Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology speaks to Andrew Ah Toy, Head of Strategy and Channel Partnerships about how Quantium products have evolved over the years to help our clients use data to better serve their customers.
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Q.Centre for retail owners
Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses creating simple and intuitive products
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