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Oracle Desktop Virtualization at BriForum UK 2011
Andy Hall, Product Management Director at Oracle, demonstrates Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to the folks at BriForum UK in May 2011. See this video and others here: http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/morevideos/archive/2011/05/16/oracle-demo-lab-video-from-briforum-2011-london.aspx Also be sure to have a look at http://www.briforum.com, too. Thanks to http://www.brianmadden.com for allowing us to repost this video! More information on Oracle desktop virtualization can be found at: http://www.oracle.com/virtualization
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Infrastructure as a Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle VM
Oracle's Sudip Datta discusses Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle VM.
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Oracle VM Manager 3.3 managing Oracle VM Server for SPARC
This is a video produced by Jeff Savit - Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle. The new release of Oracle VM Manager 3.3 has significantly mproved SPARC virtualization management and availability: Additional storage types such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, ZFS volume, and local disk, in addition to NFS, can now be directly assigned to virtual machines running in a SPARC server pool managed by Oracle VM Manager, offering customers more choices when choosing storage with Oracle VM Server for SPARC. Furthermore, virtual machine high availability and support for configuration of redundant I/O service domains improve system availability for business-critical operations.
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Oracle VM Command Line Interface - How to Get Started with
Oracle's Greg King shows how to get started with the command line interface in Oracle VM.
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SN21004-01: Stepping through a switchover with Oracle VM Centric DR using Site Guard
This video shows a live demonstration of a switchover with Oracle VM Centric DR using Site Guard. We begin with an explanation of some basic concepts and then end with a demonstration of Site Guard stepping through the process of shutting down VMs at one site and then starting the same VMs at an alternate site.
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New VLAN Interfaces Feature in Oracle VM 3.3
Oracle's Greg King discusses how the new flexible VLAN interfaces feature replaces VLAN groups in Oracle VM 3.3.
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Application and Desktop Access with Oracle Secure Global Desktop - OpenWorld 2011
Oracle's Jeff Reilly demonstrates Oracle Secure Global Desktop and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.
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Campus Solutions with Oracle Desktop Virtualization at EDUCAUSE 2011
Campus Solutions and Oracle virtualization at EDUCAUSE 2011.
Oracle Applications on iPad - OpenWorld 2011
Brad Lackey of Oracle talks about accessing Oracle Applications on iPad.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Oracle Sun Ray Clients and VDI
John Renko from Oracle discusses Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Oracle Sun Ray Clients at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.
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Clinical Research with Oracle Applications and iPad
Dr. Matthew Lynes of Oracle discusses how Oracle Applications are used in clinical research, including how to access clinical trial applications on iPad using Oracle desktop virtualization.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Oracle Secure Global Desktop
Mohan Prabhala discusses secure applications access with Oracle Secure Global Desktop at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.
How to Upgrade to Latest Release of Oracle VM 3.2
In this video, Oracle's Greg King describes how to upgrade to the latest release of Oracle VM 3.2.
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Oracle Desktop Virtualization and VMware - VMworld 2012
Oracle's Adam Hawley discusses how Oracle desktop virtualization provides a complete solution, but also can integrate with VMware and other technologies.
PeopleSoft Human Resources on iPad at EDUCAUSE 2011
A demo of accessing PeopleSoft Human Resources using Oracle desktop virtualization and iPad at EDUCAUSE 2011.
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The Top Down Application-Driven Approach to HA with Oracle VM
Oracle's Adam Hawley discusses the top down approach to high availability and how it's implemented across the Oracle stack and Oracle VM.
New Features in Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 - VMworld 2012
Oracle's Mohan Prabhala discusses the new features in the latest release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
Oracle VM Manager 3.3 - New virtual machine console access
New virtual machine console: The virtual machine console has been redesigned to use JavaScript and HTML5 features. There is no longer any requirement to install or run software locally on the client computer. This change reduces complexity and provides a more reliable console tool.
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Oracle VM Command Line Interface - How to Configure SSH Keys
Oracle's Greg King discusses how to configure SSH keys for command line access to Oracle VM.
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Introduction to Sun Ray Clients
Oracle's John Renko does a quick overview of Sun Ray Clients.
Oracle VM Command Line Interface - Interactive Help
Oracle's Greg King describes the help features available from the Oracle VM command line interface.
Friday Tips - Controlling Copying with Oracle Secure Global Desktop
In this video, Mohan Prabhala describes how to enable or disable Copy capabilities in applications published with Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
Eco Features of Sun Ray Clients - Oracle OpenWorld 2011
Michael Dann from Oracle explains the eco features of the Sun Ray Client hardware.
Friday Tips - HTML5 over a Cellular Connection
Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0 allows you to access server-hosted applications and desktops ("workspaces") using the built-in mobile Safari web browser on iPad using HTML5. No apps are required, just login through the web browser. In this video, we show what performance is like over a cellular connection (provided by an iPhone 5 used as a mobile hotspot).
Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Oracle VM VirtualBox
Andy Hall discusses Oracle VM VirtualBox at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.
The Eco Friendly Packaging of Oracle Sun Ray Clients
In this short video, Oracle's Michael Dann shows the eco friendly packaging of Oracle Sun Ray Clients.
Oracle Desktop Virtualization at HIMSS12 - Caregiver Mobility
Oracle's Adam Workman describes "caregiver mobility".
Oracle VM VirtualBox for VDI - OpenWorld 2011
Andy Hall of Oracle talks about using Oracle VM VirtualBox in the enterprise at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.
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BriForum London 2012 - Location Awareness
Oracle's Andy Hall demonstrates the new location awareness capabilities in Oracle desktop virtualization.
Oracle VM Templates - VMworld 2012
Oracle's Ronen Kofman discusses how Oracle VM templates can dramatically decrease application deployment time.
BriForum Chicago 2012 - Keeping VDI Virtual Machines Secure
Brad Lackey discusses the unique default networking in Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that can help keep desktop virtual machines more secure.
Tech Tip - Admin and Roles
This short video describes the administration interface for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Partner - Amitego
Live from the show floor at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.
Oracle VM 3.2.1 Demonstration
This screencast demonstrates Oracle VM 3.2.1.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Oracle VM Templates and Assemblies
Oracle's Adam Hawley discusses Oracle VM Templates and Assemblies at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.
Avaya and Oracle Virtualization - OpenWorld 2011
Wesley Liu from Avaya talks about partnering with Oracle virtualization.
Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Linux Pavillion - Centrify
Shreyas Sadalgi discusses Centrify at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Linux Pavillion.
Q & A on Oracle Desktop Virtualization and Healthcare
Live from the HIMSS 13 show in New Orleans, LA.
Thinkquest.org and Oracle VM - OpenWorld 2011
Oracle's Dan Herrup describes Oracle virtualization in use at thinkquest.org.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Linux Pavillion - Micro Focus
Eric Pan discusses Micro Focus at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Linux Pavillion.
Tech Tip - Creating Desktop Providers
This short video shows how to create a "Desktop Provider" in Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Virtualization Wrapup - OpenWorld 2011
Oracle OpenWorld 2011
Oracle Healthcare at HIMSS12 - Wrapup
Oracle's Reid Oakes talks about Oracle's health management platform at HIMSS12.
Tech Tips - Setting up a "Company"
Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has a feature called "Companies" that allows for multi-tenancy in a VDI deployment. This short tutorial shows how setup a new Company in the software.
Desktop Virtualization at HIMSS12 - A Different Approach for Trade Show Demos
Oracle's Glenn Babbitt discusses a new approach to doing demo infrastructure for events using Oracle desktop virtualization.