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Moss Beach Cove
A moment at the Moss Beach Cove
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Waterfall Mount Shasta
Chiyori Filion taking a meditative break
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Crab Alone
And so on some days the beach just isn't as packed on the weekends. But for a crab its always another day at the beach
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Ebb and Flow
One should never underestimate the power and flow of water and the hypnotic effect it can have on the spirit.
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Sea Hunt Episode "Danger"
This is where I pretend I am with National Geographic
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Cypress Forest
The Cypress trees above the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve planted over 100 years ago. Located in the hamlet of Moss Beach, CA.
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Sea Glassica Collection
Designed by Chiyori Filion of Studio Chiyori
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Sea Glass Treasures
A brief and unscripted narration on what makes a sea glass bed
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Coastside San Mateo County
The ocean as it breaks around Montara State Beach and in front of private homes. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Also surf very high around Half Moon Bay and Mavericks
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The Beauty of Bee's
A brief clip of bees pollinating a flower at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA
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A Facebook Summertime Moment
Facebook had their traditional summer picnic held this year at the U.S.S. Hornet on the bay at Alameda Point in Alameda, CA. The Hornet is a historical ship that never tied up to pier in the later half of WWll leading the way in many campaigns in the Pacific Ocean. In most memory was her significance was to the NASA space missions specifically the Gemini and Apollo missions. She is now a floating museum.
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"Stay Strong and Stay Well Deanna."
This morning, I took a walk on the beach with my friend Deanna in mind. The beach/cove is apart of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Most of the time Nature is the primary occupant. But every now and then footprints appear. Today the seaweed was a dominant force. Blocking the waves as they tried so hard to pull the seaweed back out to sea.
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"My Lunch Date with Walter"
Little did I know that until meeting Walter, I never realized he was a Pigeon. We talked old Hollywood. My agent surprised me once again. She has failed to get me a gig in hand modeling and now this, so the joke continues..Ha Ha Sylvia.
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Santa Cruz and Redwood Beach State Park
There is a beach just north of Santa Cruz that has an incredible amount of wind surfers
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Montara Beach 11.03.11
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Dream Machines
Half Moon Bay airport.
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Farmer's Market
Located near San Jose and Mountain View, CA
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Sea Hunt
Growing up Sea Hunt was one of my favorite programs...yes I have an AARP card.
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Filoli Garden Shop
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"Studio Chiyori in the City"
Artist Chiyori Filion opened her shop on the Embaracdero in San Francisco yesterday Saturday the 19th as she does every Saturday. The weather was perfect and her jewelry designs were quite a hit as she hit a Personal Best for necklaces.
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Easter Memories
I remember in 1960 for easter our parents bought us two baby chicks. The chicks grew into two beautiful Rhode Island Reds and what personalities as I remember. These are ducks and chicks and are wonderful.
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Choppy Seas
The weather has been unseasonable warm and the rainy season has been delayed around most of Northern California. But today along the coast in Moss Beach a cool front is starting to move in and with that a fog bank is forming just as the sun is starting to set.
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Mount Shasta Southern View
Looking down toward the entrance of Panther Meadows
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"The City by the Bay"
The cable car turnaround at Ghiradelli Square with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. What a magnificant day.
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Copy of Farmer's Market
Located near San Jose and Mountain View, CA
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Copy of Panther Meadows, Mount Shasta
At Panther Meadows which is at about 7,400 ft above sea level. Mount Shasta is about 12,000 to 14,000 above sea level.
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San Francisco Harbor
A great renaissance is occuring around San Francisco Bay and the piers that grant access. In 2013 San Francisco will host America's Cup, so many rennovations are taking place.
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"The Sounds of Christmas from a Tree's Perspective."
As I stood next to the Tree, it captured the wind in such a way that it held a unique voice, different from the wind gusts that dominated the audio as heard in the video. I stood there for a number of minutes and reflected on the World and Christmas and what it means to so many.
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Blue Birds of Stewart Hot Springs
Beautiful and Friendly Blue Birds kept us company from late afternoon until Dusk.
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A Tidepool Moment
Today's outdoor classroom is entitled "Fun with Crabs." And please be aware that these crabs are not in the union and have signed talent release forms. So feel free to share.
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Copy of Mount Shasta California
Mt. Shasta from the park road heading toward Panther Meadows
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This is what we need.
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"Hello there, I am Mister Ed"
Early this morning in the pasture near the beach I stop to say hello
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Copy of The Beauty of Bee's
A brief clip of bees pollinating a flower at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA
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A Sunny Saturday in San Francisco
Ferry Plaza building with the sites and sounds of the saturday Farmers Market taking place. One of the more preeminent farmer's markets in the country.
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A Walk in Time at Filoli Gardens
A little shakey..due to technology issues, but a wonderful visit to Filoli Gardens
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BizTech Day Series Events 2011
Edith Yeung has an incredible knack for bringing people together, which is evident in her skill as a rising business woman who is making great strides in the entrepreneurial narrative that has been historically strong in San Francisco.
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"How to Recreate Ocean Waves"
You go to the beach and iPhone them home...duh
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"Gander" the Thanksgiving Day Goose
Gander has been seen around Pillar Point Harbor now for the last two months. Today he's looking for his favorite meal...stuffing. Hopefully he'll still be around well past the holidays, thus old adage.."What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander."
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Rain 3-30-14
Let it rain, let it rain. Bring on the rain.
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Oh Christmas Tree
Christmas week and a Christmas tree without the stress of being indoors. We celebrate the birth of a magnificent spirit and a continual celebration of nature.
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Ocean View
I will never bore of my trips to the ocean's edge.
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A Moment with Nature
Moss Beach Distillery
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"Here's looking at you Kid."
World Famous Harley Goat Farm in Pescadero, California
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Kathy's Visit
Long time friend comes to visit and we couldn't be happier
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Mount Shasta
Lenticular Clouds around Mount Shasta
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Monday's Adventures
Many memorable moments for us today..
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