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Street Fighting Mexican Dudes
In the depths of the Las Vegas desert anything can happen. Especially street fights, drunken brawls, and kids accidentally being made . The guy pistol gripping his belt was looking for a fight all night. He was obnoxious and violent so let’s see if someone can teach him a lesson .
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Metallica - Enter Sandman (Guitar Cover) but I know other riffs in Em
Many metal songs have similar power chords . I thought I would point that out. ***SPECIAL THANKS TO ARNAUD KRAKOWKA FOR THE DRUM TRACK!!!
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Being in a band (90s Edition)
This isn’t the whole song but we’re still working on it . This is a jam session we put together .
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Top Ten Metal Riffs Played on Trap Beats
I thought I would have some fun and play some of my favorite Top Ten guitar riffs over some of today’s type of music . Trap music. Hopefully you enjoy this trap metal instrumental .
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Jam Session with emojis ?
Riffs we’re working on
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Guitar and Drum Metal Session (GIFs Included)
Another day in the life of practicing.
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