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The Judge (Open), 1991
Open to the syndicated series "The Judge" which starred Bob Shield as said judge. It aired on KPRC at various times during the late 80s and early 90s.
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20/20 Close, 1984
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World News This Morning Close & Credits, 7/1992
Featuring one of my favorite, unfortunately now departed, musical pieces from Score Productions...
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"Disney's Our Channel" Full Promo, 1987
-Late Night Lineup -LONG Promo (2:20) -Feature Presentation Intro
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Avery Brooks & Rene Auberjonois on Good Morning America, 1/1993
Here is an interview from the first week of January 1993 chronicling the start of the then new Star Trek series. Both Brooks and Auberjonois are on the Ops set and discuss their characters and the differences between DS9 and the other series with Joan Lunden.
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Shawn Michaels: Sports Reporter, 1999
For a while in the late 90s, wrestler Shawn Michaels was all over KENS 5. He had a weekend wrestling show from his wrestling academy and provided lighter reporting pieces on the Friday Night High School football show. In this clip, he profiles the tuba player of Winston Churchill High School marching band... and even attempts to conduct.
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The Pat Sajak Show: Pat Sajak Visits Wheel of Fortune, 1989
This clip is from a segment of the short-lived Pat Sajak Show which aired nightly on CBS. Here, Pat takes a break from hosting and visits one of the first taping sessions of the daytime version of Wheel of Fortune which had just then moved into CBS Television City after being based out of NBC's Burbank Studios for years. If you're curious: Pat's sidekick is none other than well known Nashville anchorman Dan Miller.
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Primetime Live Close & Credits, 1989
Close to the long-running newsmagazine Primetime Live, several months after it's debut, and well after it had dumped the live audience format. Featured is the fondly remembered Bill Conti theme which aired in various iterations for many years.
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CBS Evening News Long Close, 4/2/2016
Just happened to record this tonight. Credit sequences like these are all too rare on the local, much less the network level as of late. Always a pleasure to hear the resurrected CBS Evening News theme from Trivers Myers Music at length. Recorded from KMOV in St. Louis.
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KIII "Hello South Texas" Promos, 2009
Here are a couple of new station promos produced by the ABC affiliate in Corpus Christi. There was a relatively quick turnover on this specific version, as the parade occured about a week prior to when these were recorded! They air fairly frequently, popping up at least once during each newscast it seems. The music itself has been used on the station in the past, and is still used during the holiday season each year for overseas personnel who send their greetings back to family in the area. It is also part of a package that has been used around the country over the past several decades, composed by Gari Communications and sung by vocalist Florence Warner.
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KHOU Stands For Houston Promo - Lyle Lovett (HD)
This is another spot from the relatively new "KHOU Stands for Houston" promo campaign - this one featuring hometown star Lyle Lovett. Both versions of the promo campaign's primary spots can be seen regularly when the station briefly leaves regular programming (I can't call it a sign-off) on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
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KTRK Eyewitness News Tonight Friday Close, 1990
This close, using an alternate version of the NewsSeries 2000 music package which combined elements of the "Turn To" pacakage, was used primarily only on the 10 PM newscast Friday evenings.
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KBMT 12 Sign-off, 10/27/2001
A relatively early sign off, right around 12:05 AM or thereabouts on Saturday Morning during that time. Pardon the tape distortion with this one, the tape actually split not too long ago when I advanced it a bit further.
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WAGM-TV Sign On, 2005
The sign on to one of the smallest market network affiliates in the US. At the time this was recorded, this sequence hadn't been updated to reflect the fact they'd dropped all NBC programming and I'm not certain how many of the translators are still in service.
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KTRK 13 Eyewitness News Tonight Tease & Open, 8/31/1990
Here is the final version of this open, modified to fit the rest of the team after Ed Brandon returned in 1990. It lasted into 1992 when the station dumped the 1986 look altogether in favor of something that was somewhat more contemporary.
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KTRK (HD) 13 Eyewitness News Tonight, 2008
Tease, Open, Talent & Close to the 10 PM Newscast
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As The World Turns Closing Credits, 12/19/1990
Long closing credits for the long-running soap prior to Christmas 1990. Followed by the longer version of the PGP logo & the CBS network ID from the period.
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20/20 Closing Credits, 12/28/1990
Closing credits to the ABC News magazine program near the end of 1990.
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KTRK 13 Eyewitness News at 6:00 Long Close, 6/3/1988
Here's a better resolution version of the 6PM Friday Close that's already on here. The lead-in is a "final story" about a binturong that apparently managed to make it's way into the construction site of what appears to be Ben Taub Hospital in the Medical Center.
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KHTV 39 Gold II, 1984
Another collection of promos from KHTV during the mid 80s. See the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpSA5dCzF6k -Pardon the jumpiness on this clip, but the tape I pulled most of these from seemed to have that happening throughout.
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OETA/KETA Full Sign-off, 7/19/1999
Taped from OETA's Oklahoma City station, this generally aired around 12AM or later depending on what programing aired. The nightly sign-off was discontinued in 2006 when the network switched to a 24-hour format, relying on PBS' network feed.
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Marvin Zindler's Blue Ribbon Awards Blooper Reel, 11/13/2002
Marvin Zindler handed out the Blue Ribbon Awards each year to restaurants who had consistently kept their facilities clean. They became a weeklong feature during his reports and in later years, they featured Marvin with a bevy of beauty queens to add to the presentation. This clip takes a look at some of the outtakes from preparing the segments.
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TWC Local on the 8's HD - St. Louis, MO - 4/4/2016
Oh hey, I haven't uploaded a present-day version of this before, only this one from Lubbock, circa 1987: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtGEmk2-3Fk This was from a recent trip to the St. Louis area. Nice to have the HD actually feed through the line I'm recording on!
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ABC/KTRK Ad Break, 12/23/1983
Between 11:57A & 12:00P on 12/23/83 *Chef Boyardee *Sears *GMA Promo w/ Joan Lunden *Ryan's Hope Brief Close *FYI w/ Hal Linden *ABC Sunday Primetime Promo *Good Morning Houston Promo *Sabritas *7-Up w/ Geoffrey Holder *KTRK ID Card w/ Doug Brown Voiceover
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Kim Perrot Memorial Service Excerpt, 8/23/1999
Here is a brief look at the "Celebration of Life" service held at Houston's Second Baptist Church for Comets Point Guard Kim Perrot. Featuring remarks from Van Chancellor and Cynthia Cooper.
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KXAS NBC 5 News at 6 Open, Talent & Close, 2000
Here's a look at the NBC affiliate in DFW at the start of the decade, including one of the last Friday night credit-rolls out there.
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ABC - World News Sunday Close, 12/30/1990
Closing credits to World News Sunday with Forrest Sawyer, featuring the then relatively new theme for the program.
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Good Morning Houston Weather Segment, 12/22/89
A weather segment from the last Good Morning Houston before Christmas, 1989. This was the morning a number of freeways froze over and it snowed much of the day in Houston.
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KTRK Legalese Sequence +  SSB (HD), 2009
Newest version of the legalese sequence seen during the late night hours, each night. Not only has it been updated for HD, but they actually got someone to sponsor it. Even better, the sponsor's ads were produced in the 80s and weren't well preserved. Those will probably be uploaded in the future.
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One Life to Live Closing Credits, 12/19/1988
Closing credits to one afternoon's edition of One Life to Live, featuring the vocals sung by Peabo Bryson.
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Clutch Promotes "We Are Red Nation" on Local 2, 2009
Rockets mascot Clutch appears on Local 2 News to promote the new season and the new slogan, while having a little fun with the anchors.
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KSHB 41 Action News Open (HD), 2012
Here's the generic open used for all of KSHB's newscasts featuring the updated Scripps graphics and the music package "Inergy" from Stephen Arnold Music.
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KHOU coverage of Sylvan Rodriguez's death, 4/8/2000
Extended coverage the evening of the late KHOU anchor passed away, including an appearance and tribute from former anchor Steve Smith. Also included is a brief promo that was aired for several weeks after.
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KHOU 11 News at Ten Brief Montage, 1995
A brief look at the 10 PM newscast during the mid 90's.
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WBGH-CA Sign-Off, 2006
This station is actually a low-power NBC affiliate for Binghamton, New York that broadcasts on channel 20, but has an allotment on cable channel 5 hence "NBC 5". It is the sister station to WIVT, the ABC affiliate in the market and simulcasts several of its' newscasts. This is also the reason it uses Frank Gari's "News Station" as the music piece.
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KTRK 13 Eyewitness News This Morning Open & Blooper, 3/23/2001
In this clip from 2001, Don Nelson finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time between the end of the first half hour of the newscast and the start of the second half.
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USA Update w/ Jack Jones, 1989
News update aired during a USA Network airing of "Miracle on 34th Street". Featuring the late Jack Jones of KYW.
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KHTV 39 Gold, 1984
A sampling of promos, news and business briefs from the #1 independent station in the area during this time.
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KOCO 5 News In The Morning Open & Talent Rejoin (HD), 2013
Updated Hearst music & graphics now in use for the morning news on Oklahoma City's ABC affiliate.
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KTRK Eyewitness News Bloopers, 2/3/1993
In this clip from 1993, Anchor/Reporter Alan Hemberger (now at KIAH) takes a look at some of the flubs over the years on Eyewitness News.
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Entertainment This Week Open, 7/1985
Tease and Intro the the weekend edition of Entertainment Tonight called Entertainment This Week, hosted by Robb Weller and Leeza Gibbons.
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KPRC Channel Two News & Programming Promos, 1986
All of these were recorded between March and April 1986. Most appeared during and after News Updates during primetime. *Channel Two News Cover Story Promo *Channel Two News Today Spot - Dan O'Rourke/JoAnn Vallie Rush/Kathie Turner/Ted Shaw *Spring Food Drive Spot *Sports Sunday Spot *Christi Myers (KTRK) Healthcast Promo *Channel Two News Weekend Spot - Bob Nicholas/Kathie Turner/Craig Roberts *Spring Food Drive Thank You *Eyes of Texas & Video Majic Spots *Love Connection Promo *ID w/ Community Service Partner
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KRIS-TV Sign Off, 2008
At the time this was recorded, KRIS-TV was the only station in the Coastal Bend to sign off on weekend mornings. Later in 2008, the station switched to a 24-hour format, and fills the overnight hours with infomercials and syndicated programming.
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KFWD (Telemundo) ID + 10 PM News Open, 2000
Here is the station ID and news open to the former Telemundo affiliate (now an independent station) in the Metroplex. Both the ID and News open are derivatives of Telemundo's image at the time as versions of them were used on a number of other affiliates.
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KTRK 13 Eyewitness News at 6 Close, 11/16/1997
Final segment and close to the 6 PM edition of Eyewitness News with Shara Fryer, Alan Hemberger, Ed Brandon, Bob Allen and Marvin Zindler.
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KRIV FOX 26 City Under Siege Open & Close, 1999
This is actually one of the last episodes of KRIV's long-running crime and justice series. Fran Fawcett was one of the original hosts and remained so until the end, and mentions that the show had been brought under the "FOX 26 Investigates" brand. When CUS ended, the investigative unit did produce several weekend specials, but only on rare occasions.
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KTRK Houston Tornado Outbreak Coverage, 11/22/1992
Just a brief snippet of the 10PM newscast, a day after the outbreak of tornadoes that struck the area, the largest of which occurred in the Channelview area.
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CBS Morning News Open, 9/2015
Open and rundown of the morning's headlines from the recently revamped Morning News, which follows the new CBS Overnight News.
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KIII-TV 3 Sign Off, 1/5/1987
Taped in early 1987, this sequence occurred at around 12:45 AM - fairly early. It features the traditional Star-Spangled Banner but afterward a local treat featuring a unique glimpse of Corpus Christi nightlife through various scenes and neon signs - set to a popular Journey song.
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